Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1070 Updating religions (Africa)

G: Right, I’ve got a hut. A hut in in the middle of some sort of forest. It’s a very poor area where it is. And this, it’s one room. The hut is made out of wood. People have obviously lived there, but the front door is missing. The big, double front door is missing. And that’s probably half the width of the hut. And the inside is empty. And I need to find out why it’s empty.


These are, again, this is symbolic. These are people who have been basically persecuted. They’re from very primitive areas. Very primitive. And they’ve been persecuted by the Christian missionaries. They’ve been coming along and forcing change on them. Now, this is not so much recently. This is going back a long, long, long time. And what’s happened is they’ve moved into this particular village, let’s just say it’s a very primitive African village somewhere in South America.


They’ve moved in and they’ve said, we’re bringing the word of God, Christianity, and it’s the way it should be, this that and the other. And they’ve sort of forced the people to change. And the people that have changed don’t really enjoy the change. And then it’s been passed on to the next generation and the next generation. And what has been passed on is a lot of bad feelings.

S: Mmm, negativity.


Spirit: They can’t really justify, but it just doesn’t sit right with them. And that is whole tribes, if you like. Now, we can’t stop this happening. It just goes on from one to the next and the next. Until there is some major event where all this can be changed, we can’t change them. So, again, it’s very symbolic, it’s not just tribes in Africa, it’s tribes which have spread all over the world, but on a very low level. The Middle East, for example, just above Australia, South America, lots of places, the center of Africa, where the people themselves haven’t developed too much.


So, they’ve had this religion forced upon them. So, passed on through generations, it doesn’t feel comfortable, it doesn’t sit right with them. And they are open to change. Now, the change here is going to be quite dramatic, because what’s going to happen is, they’re going to see the world changing, they’re going to see the change which is coming up. And because you now have the internet, you have new forms of communication, etc., they’re able to see what is going on, they’re able to think for themselves. Well, we haven’t seen this before, this looks so much better. And then, it’s going to be a matter of talking amongst themselves, and they’ll be saying, well, that’s so much better than what we’re doing here. Who said this in the first place? Why are we doing this? And you suddenly start to get this change, but the change is huge compared to the change in the rest of the world. It’s a very, very strong change, and has quite an impact. And suddenly, this tribe of people suddenly start to think the right way, and they bring with them, first of all, the way they’re living, which is very comfortable, but they’re now thinking a different way, which puts them on a progressive path.


So, your very primitive people are suddenly sort of upgraded to the next level up, if you like, where they can think and understand more, and things feel more.


S: Because they open up more.


Spirit: They open up more, and the energy feels so much better. And now they’re sort of joining in the rest of the world, and so on, so they progress. Now, Zimbabwe is a very good example of that. The people in Zimbabwe have been suppressed for a long, long, long time. What’s been passed on to them is not so much religion, but there’s been a dictatorship there, which has suppressed them, they have to do whatever the dictator says.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And that’s passed on from one generation to the next, and they don’t know any better. Now, that’s simply going to open up very nicely, in a similar sort of way. Not so much religion suppression, but with a dictatorship.

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