Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1071 – Taliban and Religion

Now, where else in the world do you have dictators? There’s quite a lot of countries. It doesn’t matter what the religion is. Where there are dictators, they will suppress the people, either using their power or using religion. Now, also a prime example of that is the Taliban. What is the Taliban doing? They’re using their religion.


Now, they have very strict rules and regulations, as far as their religion goes. And, as you’ve seen, they see women as being second-rate and not important, etc., and the ownership of the males, of the men. Now, how is that going to change?


As the rest of the world changes fast, dramatically compared to the Taliban, they’re suddenly seen as being very primitive. And, again, opening up to the internet, and the women themselves will become more empowered, will become much stronger, and the men will then start to suffer. They’ll then start to realize that maybe what they’re doing isn’t quite right, isn’t as it should be. It’s like if they could, for instance, watch American TV for ten years, their mindset would change completely. It’s just that they’re in such a primitive scenario. That’s all they know. There’s nobody to teach them any better.


S: Their eyes aren’t opened, that’s it.


Spirit: Yes, quite something. So, that is going to be a massive change as well. Now, it’s not just the Taliban. There are many in the Middle East. You’ve got India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. All these Second World countries are all going to change in a variety of different ways. Now, maybe we should look at your Christian religion or Catholic religion.

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