Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1072 Christianity in Schools and Government

S: Mmm, like what’s happening in schools now, because you can’t really go to a school without being a Christian. There’s no spiritual school. So, your schools are Christian. That’s it. Luckily, now, you are having the very aware children going to school, like my child and Andrew and certain kids. They’re going to school that have been brought up with their own belief system and to know, with the understanding, to what they’ll accept. And then they will go, but they come back. They don’t take it in and buy it and own it and claim it. They come back with the knowingness and the awareness of what is being said. But it’s actually pushing them further away, in a way, because they are aware of that.


Spirit: It’s not something they are comfortable with.


S: No.


Spirit: And they know there are options, but as they become older, that will develop more and more. But it’s not just a matter of there are Christian schools. If you take your black community, they don’t teach so much Christianity. They teach what each particular area believes in, if you like. So, in your more primitive, outlying areas, they’re not so much teaching Christianity. They’re teaching so much Christianity from when the missionaries were there, etc. But on the other hand, there’s still a lot of their primitive witchcraft, if you like. Their old-fashioned way of belief in different types of spirits and different types of rituals, which have also been passed down for generations.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You see, in most cases, people don’t stop and think. They go through life, and the most important thing in their life is careers, marriage, etc. And religion is just something that you’re taught, but they’re not taught in general about the overall understanding of spiritual life and how you develop and evolve and reincarnation and so on. And If you just take the world as it is at the moment, probably less than, or just over 20% at the moment, can think a spiritual way, whether it is our way or a similar spiritual  way, and that is a very small percentage, but that is fine.


And what you understood from yesterday is that all religions now are part of, you understand that they’re all part of the evolving process. They have to be there. So, on this particular planet, they’ve decided to create all of these different religions or allow them to develop, put it  that way. Whereas on another planet, you may be only have two or three, or maybe no religions at all. There’s a whole lot of variations. So, it’s for the good of everybody, to get this spiritual development on this particular planet.


S: Yeah. Absolutely.


Spirit: The one thing which will join everybody together is something which is uniform across all the religions. And the uniformity can be something like climate control, nature. Everybody believes in climate control, to a degree. A few countries don’t. But you see, your governments of your countries, your leaders, aren’t really concerned with the religion of the country, or the well-being of the people. They look at how to control the country to best create a strong economy, which is beneficial for the people. And in a lot of cases, they will lie to the people for the benefit of the people. And they will go to all sorts of extremes to create what they believe is right at the time.


So, in some cases, as you know, you’ve had Hitler and how he believed, etc. You’ve got Iran and Iraq and how they believe. You’ve got the dictators; you’ve got the African people. You have a huge variety of governments running various countries, and they’re all running them different ways.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, whether it’s something that comes along which is uniformity, which will bind them all together, that is a very big step forward. Because now they have something they can all agree upon. So, even somewhere like North and South Korea, who are sworn enemies, they will agree on climate control. And when they agree on something like that right across the world, it’s a huge step forward for everybody.


S: It opens the energy, yeah.


Spirit: It does indeed, yeah. And all these small changes take place in each different area. If you could imagine the picture, I know you’ve seen so much of colours and energy over the last few months. But if you can imagine the whole of the Earth and just the bubbling energy, all these different countries and different energies just changing in all the countries and so on. And as it bubbles, as it changes, they start to meld and connect and just grow uniformly. Not uniformly but you know what I mean. More and more get together and grow together, think the same way, and progress and evolve.

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