Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1074 Uniting people with the availability of food

The other thing which will unite a lot of people is the availability of food. There is more than enough food to go around, but of course it’s been… Far more is sold and been captured to create profits for shareholders, the affluents and so on. There is more to that for me to go around and there are many ways in which people can generate their own food.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Generate their own electricity, their own water supply.  All that sort of thing. That’s all quite possible. It’s just that it has developed in a particular way. And again, you were brought up to see that, for instance, flushing toilets, electricity, tarred roads, they were all added. So as you’re brought up and you see these, the next generation sees them as the norm. You see them as new; the new generation sees them as the norm. And for them to go back and to say to them now, go and grow your own vegetables, there’s no more super markets, it’s just, it doesn’t fit in, it’s not there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But when you think about it, what is better for the people? To have your own grown food or to have super markets. So again, the working side, commercial side, industrial side, that all has to change as well. What we’re looking for overall is to get back to having a very comfortable life where everybody can live in harmony. And you’ve got a nice existence where you can enjoy every day. And when you enjoy every day, of course your weather is so much better, nature is so much better, your enjoyment is so much better. And you learn more because you have more time to connect to the universe, more time to learn, more time for other people and so on.


S: Yeah, the energy is balanced.


1075 People are stressed


Spirit: So you can see now how everybody is so suppressed because of the work they have to do, what they have to do at home.


S: They’re disconnected.


Spirit: Stressed all the time, disconnected is a very good word. Yes. So that’s how they are and that’s how they shouldn’t be. So, if you had the ability to change right now, you would basically say, I’m here, just be who you are. It’s impossible now because of the pressures that you have, especially your financial pressures over the younger generation, the careers and so on.


So it’s comfortable enough to be able to change over to that, but that is the ultimate goal. But there will be people along the way who will start to do that.  I mean, you have them now, but very, very few. And they’re finding it very possible, they’re finding ways to get it done. And over a long period you will change and you will get back to that. But just think what a comfortable life that will be. And as we said to you a couple of months ago, if you could have 100% faith that we would look after you right until you cross back over, you would be so content, you’d be so able to absorb far more information, to produce and share far more information than others. And others would see you, and your temperament and your ideal situation and would follow suit. So there’s a little bit more to think about.


S: Yep.



1076 – The opposite of evolving


G: Okay. Now I’m in a… It’s a town but all the houses are empty. And everything is dark, it’s like dusk. And all the houses are empty. Everything’s sort of died. Nobody’s been there for a long time. I’m going to wander through this town. And, the trees are still there. The roads are still there. But it’s like overcast, dark, there’s no people anywhere. There are mountains in the background.


Now this is an area. This is symbolic. It’s an area where a lot of negative people end up. So, people are learning. Let’s say you take one bad apple in Umdloti, and that bad apple would end up in this town, in wherever it might be. So all the bad apples they place in that one particular town, they all end up there. So that they can all learn from one another, but they’re learning the negative from one another. This is the opposite of evolving. So all the guys who aren’t going to make it, who made too many mistakes or whatever, are all put in this sort of village. And they all complain to one another, and become miserable.


Now, again, it’s symbolic. What its meaning is that collections of people, not everybody’s going to be happy afterwards. You’ve got to have the opposite, and these are the people who will be seen to come to places like this, where everything they get is negativity, and eventually they will pass over. They will pass over, and only then will they understand, and they will choose to go back and start again, or whatever they might be. So this is for the purpose of separating the good from the bad.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So as the groups grow, as you for example start to infiltrate a group, and the information goes out and starts to spread, all the good things and nice things, etc., in amongst that group there’s going to be a few negative people. And those negative people automatically be weeded out and put on one side, so they no longer affect the people that you’re working with. So we will look after that aspect of it. And they’ll be put on one side, and although they’re actually still living in the community, it’ll be seen as they’ll only connect up with others, like-minded people. So that is the separation that you’re going to get. A big separation of the majority by far will be the good guys, as you’ve said before, and then you get the poor ones there.


Now, there is something to do with these, we’ll call them negative people. It’s not a matter of, you know, when you see somebody negative, what you want to do is simply correct them. But in this case, they cannot be corrected, and it’s not good for them to be corrected at this particular stage. They need to go downhill a little bit more to make a few more mistakes, before we can change them around so they do see the bigger picture, the correct way to go, and so on. Otherwise, it’s not really enough to change their minds.


S: It’s not beneficial yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So. I just want to point out, that those sorts of people are there. So, when you come across groups of people, individuals, or whatever, that give you any form of hard time, or don’t believe, or whatever, no problem. They will simply be sorted out. You just carry on going.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that is not a problem.


S: Yeah. okay.

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