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1079 Jesus explains why Religions are not all that bad

G: Mmm. What I’ve got is I seem to have Jesus here. Lol.


S: Shew.


G: Okay. Well, it’s a prophet. And around his head, he’s got a crown, with round do da’s on. It looks like a gold king’s crown. So, that’s why it’s some form of prophet.


S: Yeah.


G: And he’s next to a field full of corn. What he’s saying is, as the wind blows, you see all the corn move to one side or the other. And it doesn’t take too much to do that. The individual corn standing on its own doesn’t really have a mind of its own. It just goes with the wind and it gets swayed and so on. That is the majority. But where you get surrounding the corn, the in and out of the corn, the individual flowers, with the individual trees, shrubs and so on,… they all grow with a mind of their own.


Spirit: So, whatever happens over the next period of whatever time, you’ll always have the corn just going with the flow. And whether it’s a religion or a war or whatever, they will always be there, because they make up the majority of the life on this planet, or on any planet, the majority.


And it’s up to the remainder to decide what is right and what is wrong, and basically to sway the others. So, it’s up to them to create the wind that will sway the corn .


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, it’s been like that throughout time. And we have learned that this is the best way for societies to evolve. We understand that they are there. And we understand that there are these individuals like yourselves who will help to become the wind and generate the change that is needed.


Now, there are many of us in a position, such as mine, and I’m going to discuss religious leaders. And as you were discussing a couple of weeks ago, when Geoff was talking to the Ayatollah Khomeini, and he was saying how difficult it is when you understand what needs to be done, but you have 50 million followers out there, which are the corn just moving backwards and forwards.

If it is something simple to change which is in the remit of their religion, that can be done. But a change into a different religion is very, very difficult, and it has to be done slowly.


S: Yeah.


Spirit; So, all the changes that are being made over the next few years on this Earth. You will have various religious leaders or people in charge of groups, such as myself, and we will all work together to make this change, and to interact with each other, so that we can understand how each other’s religion and following works. So we will interact and we will assist each other to make the small changes which others can agree upon. So instead of just one change to one religion, we can make that single change which is accepted by several religions, and this makes it more possible to change.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Religions are not a bad thing at all. Don’t think of religion as being not the way to go. Understanding how we work is just an understanding of life in general. But all these religions have their own idiosyncrasies, qualities, and ways of living, and beliefs, and they believe in it very strongly, and there’s nothing wrong with coming down and becoming a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Christian, or whatever religion you choose. Because the growth of what you will learn through that religion benefits you in your next life. But when you think of it, what is the main difference between, say, a Muslim and a Christian? And all it is, is the Christian has the Bible to refer to, and the Muslim has the Koran.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: They both believe strongly enough in their religions, and although you will see some as being right and wrong, they will see exactly the same right and wrong in the Christian era.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: So there’s nothing wrong with being in whatever religion. Now, as the world progresses, and all these religions continue to change, everybody learns. They learn to everybody’s benefit, not just their own, because their learning is now shared in the next life that they come down to. And it’s also shared with the changes in religion as the Earth, or as they evolve and go from one to another.


If you look at, I’ll take the biggest religion, the Catholic Church, the biggest Christian religion, how they’ve changed in decades. They will change their minds, they will see a better, what they believe is a better road to go down, and they will lead their congregation down that road. Many others think exactly the same way. So, there’s nothing wrong with any religion.


Now, your task is simply not to change all of those religions to a spiritual way of life, but simply to put the information out there, that we are all part of one. We all believe in one creator, we are all going in the same direction, but just taking different paths to get there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, when we all get there, we can then all see which was the best path to take.


S: Yeah. That I can do. Lol. That’s actually an easier job than trying to change someone’s religion, which you really don’t want to do.


Spirit: It is indeed. And this has been the main reason why you’ve been hoping you would find out for yourself, because it would be no good for you to keep going into one direction to try to open one door, which is not for you to open.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So now that you know the direction you must go in, your thinking will change completely.


S: Yeah, it’s so much easier.


Spirit: Yes. That is why..


S:And I’ve got all the tools, everything.


Spirit: You have indeed. Yes, you both have exactly what you need to start making these changes, and it will be a fascinating change. Because who else is doing something along these lines? Who else understands it at this particular level? There are many out there of course, but.. Mmm. I doubt that you’ll meet too many over the next few years.


Right, that is all I have to say, so I will leave you now and I will leave you with Khalif, who will come and tell you a little more about religions.


S: Thank you so much. And good night.

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