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1080 Khalif explains how many civilisations have been created on Earth

Khalif: Mmm. Now, there are many, many smaller religions, and many of those go to the extreme. They’re not really worth discussing, because if you come across them in later years, we can always discuss them, but let’s just look at the major ones, so you can understand the majority of what is going on out there.


So, you were discussing yesterday the Aborigines in Australia, and Geoff found out today that they were started over 15,000 years ago. Which was quite surprising.


S: Shew.


Khalif: Now, there has been influences from aliens, lol, you refer to them as aliens. There are many, so many different races that have come down, and in the last 2,000 years, basically 2-3-4,000 years, that have come down to try and set up a new group, to put it an easy way.


So, they would come down here and they would settle, and they would not mingle with the rest of the people around here. It was simply to experiment, to try to see if it was like an offshoot to a religion, the same it would be an offshoot to a planet, to come down here and actually start their way of life.


Now, what is fascinating is when they came down, you would assume that they would come down with spaceships, and in some cases, that was the case. In other cases, it was simply a matter of materialization. It was a matter of materialization. And the materialization, you haven’t discussed much, but it is pretty straightforward. When you think that the thought is creation,


S: Yes.


Khalif: it’s just a matter of it becomes material, and then it becomes stronger and stronger, and then they come up here. When they arrived, what would happen if we just take, for instance, the Mayans? They would come from one planet, and they would decide in their wisdom that they are evolving on their planet, and they want to try something different on a different planet. So, they would come down here, and they would, to simplify it, they would have a group over there, and that group would say, right, let’s go settle on Earth, and we’ll try and operate there, and just to see how we go and experiment, etc. And what they created there would suddenly appear on Earth. Now, it appears in the area where there’s nothing else, so it’s quite safe to do.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: But everything would appear at once, including the basic buildings, because thought is creation. And on that particular level, you can transport, if you like, teleport material as well as people.


S: I love that.


Khalif: Yeah. So, they would arrive here with the basic buildings, just the basic buildings, and then they would start to progress and learn. Now, as far as the memories went, it’s actually the same as when babies are born here, they’re born without, they choose what they come down with. So, when a Mayan was transported here, he would, in one day, suddenly carry on working in this new environment, with a mindset that he’d been born there, and lived there forever, and helped to build, and so on.


S: Mmm.


Khalif: Now, it’s easy for us, or an advanced technology, advanced society to do that. So, that’s what they would do.


S: Shew, that’s amazing.


Khalif: Yeah. So, again, if you think of the size of the universe, you think how far that you have evolved to, but you can understand how far, just with what you know now, other planets have evolved to.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: We’ve shown you so far up the ladder but there’s even further. So, you have planets where people can simply materialize in different planets. They can travel from one side of the galaxy to the other, simply through thought.


S: Oh, anything’s possible now. Lol.


Khalif: Yes. 


S: Absolutely.


Khalif: So, this is a proving ground for a lot of different alien species.


S: Okay.


Khalif: The pyramids, you know, there’s quite a story behind that.


S: Yes.


Khalif: With the aliens and the spaceships and so on. And going back thousands of years, there was a lot that came and went, and there were so many that came and went, and there is no trace of them at all. Because, when they decided to go, they decided simply to erase the information that was there that was not needed.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: Not needed for the Earth, and they had the information they wanted, so they could simply erase it and carry on.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: So. And then you think of the time that the Earth has been around, billions and billions of your years, and in the majority, the first 99% of that period, there was virtually nothing on this planet at all. And life has only evolved in the last 100-200 million years.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: And when you take an evolvement, a change of, for instance, walking on all fours to  walking on two legs, that could take in 20, 30 million years. Because it has to evolve slowly.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: Now, of course, everything is accelerating because you know about technology, and you’re able to make and create, and the brain has now grown, improved. And if you take the caveman brain that had such little experience, it also had very little, you would call it RAM, computers, lol, very little to operate it. And now, of course, with all the information that has been achieved over those literally millions of years, there’s a lot more information. But there’s still a lot more to go. And as you’ve been told many times, you only use 5% of your brain.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: Which people don’t really understand how true that is.




Khalif: It’s just because you will continue to develop and add more and more to your higher selves above.


S:Yeah. If you think of just the generations that I know of, my grandparents, what their life was like is completely different to what my parents’ life was like to what my life was like to what my child’s life is like.


Khalif: Yes.


S: That’s just four generations.


Khalif: Yes. Speeding up so fast.


S: It’s incredible.


Khalif: And when you think 100 years ago, your lifespan was not even 40.


S: No, that’s right.


Khalif: You go back to caveman days; your lifespan is not even 20.


S: Oh my gosh.


Khalif: So, it will continue, life will become longer. Until you decide otherwise.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: And then of course as you develop, you don’t need physical bodies anymore. Then you get your mental bodies, your thought is creation, you become your colors. And then, do you want to carry on? Do you want to keep developing as colors or do you want to become physical once more? There are so many different choices, so many different ways to go.


S: Yeah. It depends what you thrive on hey.


Khalif: Yeah. So, as you were saying today or yesterday, that you just be as you are, just live for the day.


S: Yeah. And when you get to our levels and above, you’re just the same thing, you live for the day, but you understand it so much better.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: Well, now that you’ve understood, or seen now your way forward, we’re going to leave it like that for this evening, because you have a lot to digest and a lot to think about.


S: Yeah.


Khalif: And we’ll continue tomorrow with different religions and different backgrounds. Just the main ones, and we’ll take you to your starting place, if you like.


S: Okay. That would be super.


Khalif: Good.


S: Thank you.


Khalif: Thank you, and good night. Lol.


S: Good night.

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