Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

949 March 2022 Ocean storing energy

G: I have got some bush. Looking down sort of part way up a very green, leafy tree. very deep green leaves. Inside is a big forest. And there is something in there which we have to see.

Half of it is going around a mountain,  it’s steep on one side. it’s deep into the forest. I get to the bottom of this road, and the bottom of the road looks like it used to be a mine. it is the shape of something that looks like it has been hit by a meteor, a bowl type shape. it’s dry and, it’s all grey.  being deep in the forest,  it represents where nobody goes.

Now. they were showing me yesterday, of how the Earth works, Remember I said it was like a space station beaming a light down to the Earth. This is where this beam of light lands, Or maybe one of them. Something is going in there,  into the Earth. some form of energy. Going into it, this is something we will see and use in future. we have been talking about all the energies being connected up on Earth and all the energies connected with the divas and earths the creator of all this nature energy, if you like. but they are connected up to other planets as well because different energy comes from different planets. So this is just a portal where energy comes into planet Earth. So they are showing us symbolically,  it’s not a matter of there being a hole in the middle of the forest. but energy does come down into the Earth in various ways. Ok it’s not a single portal, you’ve seen pictures of the sun and the sun takes so long to hit the Earth and there are so many things in the sun, which go down into the Earth. We see pictures of the waves and the Solar winds coming and hitting Earth, going above and below and going around it. Creating a vortex on the other side. and so you get energies from different planets going down into the Earth. so they are all connected different ways and they all develop different ways, exactly the same as the structure we have been showing you, (Guide must have taken over here) about the divas and the humans and how it fits together with energies, and so all the planets fit together in exactly the same way. and if we take one step beyond that, it’s not just the energy from the planets,  it’s when you go into different dimensions. But that is for another night. I just want to finish discussing about the energies and how they are used. But that is as far as we need to get for now.

G: I am getting a lot of devastation, first of all on land and secondly in the ocean. I am underwater at the moment, it’s all very turbulent and there are a lot of stone Idols down there, a bit like Easter Island. The water keeps getting stirred up so there is a lot of energy there. It’s sort of a negative energy but it seems to be compulsory negative energy. There is so much of it.

S: Is that not where the energy goes out, cleansed?

G: Yes because the negativity has to go somewhere

S: And the ocean would be the best place to cleanse it, because the energy is constantly moving It’s the energy of creation.

G: You are quite right. So the Earth lives and breathes and gets energy from different stars and planets and so on that goes into the Earth. The Earth uses what it needs but there must be negativity created in the Earth for some reason, to get rid of negativity. We know on the surface It goes down to the rivers to the sea etc and the whole thing circulates. And now we are looking at what happens to the Earth itself. If it can bring in all the positive Energy, negative energy must be created for a reason. So how is it created and it makes sense to get rid of it in the ocean. Volcanoes and the eruptions etc. That is simply your negative energy being released into the atmosphere. So what happens when a volcano erupts? You get the molten lava, which comes out and turns to rock and becomes part of Earth. You get the extreme heat as molten rock, and then you get the energy of ash going up and it can spread around the World. So, as Earth cleanses itself, it is the same process as going down to the sea and getting dissipated around the sea. So, volcanoes all around the world will erupt every now and again; and part of it turns to solid rock; and that rock will contain the memories of what has happened there and it becomes a compulsory negative energy. So the negativity comes out, it has to come out, that is why it is compulsory. Now, the clouds that go up in the sky and then dissipate over hundreds of square miles, that simply spreads the energy and dissipates it to next to nothing. So you’ve got tiny amounts of compulsory negative energy spreading around the world.

Now going back under water, because there are a lot of underwater volcanoes, as we know. Where you get these hot springs, thermal springs underwater, they are basically volcanic eruptions underwater. And that dissipates into the sea. So there is half dissipation on land and half dissipation underwater. That is how it is all connected.

S: It’s like the Earth having little boils

G: Quite right

Now the next thing we are looking at, is shoals of fish. We will see how they play along. they are showing me fish on the sandy bottom of the ocean, squeezing between rocks and there is a strong current. They are moving in one direction.

Fish connect to another just like birds connect to each other and fly in a flock. They pick up each other’s senses. So they all turn in the same direction at the same time. So, what role are the fish playing here? They are swimming in the ocean, which has dissipated energy in it. We know that currents move things around, from positive to negative, from one area to another, from hot to cold. We know that fish migrate huge distances.

S: Do they not bring life energy. Life force.

G: Ok, negative energy in the ocean is moved around by currents and rivers. Fish do play a part in that. Do they play a part in moving around the negative energy? the compulsory negative energy comes through thermal vents and volcanoes. The answer is no.

S: So after everything has erupted and done its thing, do they not bring the life force back?

G: We were talking about being in the middle of the Pacific, in the middle of nowhere. let’s go back there, and we will go to the middle, and see what we sense there. There are a lot of fish under the surface. It’s communication for balance. Ok, so when fish swim in shoals they will pick up the senses and they will swim in the right direction and they will turn at the same time and so on, so they are good conductors of some form of energy. We know sound can be transmitted through water and so can energy. So, they are like the nature Divas, the nature spirits on earth. They are in the sea, they pick up the energy from various places and they don’t move to another place to deposit the energy there, they communicate between each other and it’s like an internet, they pick up energy from somewhere and if there is too much energy, they can disperse it; and if they are short of something they can pull for energy to be sent in. So, they all communicate together for balance. They balance things out.

Now, let’s go to the bottom of the Pacific in the same particular area. And what we’ve got is an enormous amount of energy. So, you’ve got the whole of the Pacific and you’ve got the surface and then going all the way right down to the bottom. If you’re talking about size of it, when you are in the middle you can see 3000 miles in each direction, that means there is just billions of square miles of water, where information can be stored, gathered, shared etc. The fish communicate it around the planet.

G: Now I know in the Arctic, there is a huge storage facility. for all information that has happened on the Earth. it’s a place where nothing ever happens, because it’s all enclosed in ice etc and information can be stored there. We will look at that later. But it’s the same thing here, the Pacific, and it must be the same in other areas. If you take the Atlantic, it has the same thing. The Pacific is the biggest, then you have the Atlantic, and all the other oceans. And if you can visualize, even the Mediterranean, as an example, you’ve got all the ships floating backwards and forwards across the surface of the ocean, you have fish below that, and then you have this huge depth down to the bottom, which is all full of very little, because we have seen, when bathe scopes go down, there is very little life down there, but what there is a lot of, is energy. And it is in a very stable environment, because of the size, the volume of the whole thing, so therefore it can work very slowly and create what is needed without any major disruptions.


S: And what a great place to store energy because the Earth is right beneath it.

G: Yes, you have two-thirds of the Earth is covered in water. You have this big energy Centre there. And then below that you have the Earth.

S: And water is an energy conductor. So, it’s a great place to store it.

G: Of course yes, water is a good conductor

S: So it will store it as well as send it out

G: Yes, and they must be memory rods or similar things in the ocean as well.

Ok, let’s go down to the bottom of one of these oceans. We will stay at the Pacific and right down to the bottom. There is pretty much nothingness there. It is incredible, peaceful, comforting energy.

S: It is so beautiful, so peaceful. I could just stay there.

G: So, here again you have the two opposites, on Earth you have the buzz and excitement and movements of energy and activity; Where is down here you have extreme opposite, peace, quietness, stillness. There is an opposite to everything.

S: For something that is so full of life and movement all the time, to store such peace and stillness at the same time.

G: Yes, if you think of what happens in an ocean, you’ve got perfect beautiful evenings, what we do on an evening like that, is we absorb the energy, but we all also give it an energy, we create an energy. When you are out there on a boat, it’s nice and peaceful, you are fishing, you are receiving and creating a beautiful energy. Then you have the opposite energy, where you get storms out there, massive storms, boats sinking, dramas and all sorts of things. So again, you’ve got from one end of the scale to the other. So there are all different sizes and shapes of energy out there.

Now, they are also showing me bubbles coming up from the bottom, which is oxygen. Now I know the sea creates a lot of oxygen, it takes carbon dioxide and changes it. Bubbles coming from the bottom, must come from the heating up of whatever it is in the Centre of the Earth. so when things heat up, it creates air. (?) You have this huge mass of energy that creates oxygen on a huge level. It’s not just oxygen, you’ve got nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins. All these different things that come from the Earth and go into the sea water.

S: That is why the ocean is so healing

G: Yes

Ok, so this energy is created all over the place, so it doesn’t have to be sent from one place to another. What the ocean can do, is mimic the energy in a different place. So, if more energy is needed in a swamp, for example, the water can mimic what is needed to correct the balance of nature in the swamp area..

They say that tomorrow, they will show us a clearer picture.

Coming back, out of the ocean, and a little red man is here. And there is a little man with him here, a bit like a witch doctor. He has a very funny amusing face.  And he is changing into all sorts of different characters. They want to show you, Sharon, the warthogs with the Golden tusks. So, spend some time tapping into that energy. While I spend some time with this other funny character. (From yesterday’s meditation)

S: I have asked them if the golden warthogs are just for fun, beauty or if they have a use.

G: I think tonight, is about not being taken into meditation to be shown everything all the time, we get senses and we pick up things throughout the day, we get instant understandings from different things, and that is what Will be happening to us in the future.  What we have been looking at tonight, has been all over the place, very bitty. We are getting there, but it’s not a very clear picture. let that sink into your mind, and during the day tomorrow, more information will come into your mind, to clarify things.  that is to show you, that things can come to you during the day, while you are not thinking about it, because all they need to do, is to let your mind relax, so they can put these pictures, thoughts and information into your mind. so, during the day tomorrow, you will be absorbing a lot more information, and you will get a lot of clarity on different things. and tomorrow night, we will go through exactly the same thing, and we will see a much clearer picture, and we can both see the same picture of how it all fits together.

The funny little People next to the little red man, they are all brightly colored, and they all change, and so on. He is saying that they are simply another race or species of little people. There have been lots of races of little people and that is simply how life has evolved, On different planets, in different ways, over the years, etc. Because there are so many possibilities of how races can evolve and we are just some of them. so he is just showing us that there is a huge variation.

They say goodnight, and tomorrow you will get all the clarity and you will be able to move forward with more confidence and clarity.

And a big kiss from Verna. 





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