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12th Feb 2022 How the World developed

12th February 2022 A lesson on energies, nature, diva groups, eco-systems nature, earth and animals

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense in Astral, A guide channels the lesson through Geoff after he starts.

G: What we are talking about tonight is energies and nature, and how nature works with humans. I started off by seeing your little garden out there. You’ve got all the different plants, and as in everything, there is good and bad. In a different way. You’ve got plants that don’t grow well together, they have to be planted apart. So what nature spirits do, is they control that, to a degree, but in general they let it happen, so the plants can ‘develop’, for want of a better word. There is somebody looking over all these nature Divas. Divas are in groups, it’s a group mind, so all divas connect up with one another. Literally, right around the world, because they all do a similar sort of thing. So you’ve got all these little groups of  plants and flowers etc. Insects that only go to certain plants. Bees for example pollenate.  Birds move seeds around so do animals. And that is one huge ecosystem.

Then we move along to a forest. It’s very peaceful in the forest. The areas where there is a lot of forest, which man rarely goes, are areas which generate a lot of peaceful energy. A calming energy. So, this is being created, which spirit can use. And although it’s made by diva’s and it’s their domain, they create this energy which spirit can use through people, to correct or influence the way a country or an aera develops. Imagine an area, where you have the edge of a forest, lots of greenery around, there’s a nice waterfall there, a nice small river, and lots of small animals. These small animals, as you know, things develop from tiny tadpoles up to animals, dogs, horses and humans. So, the smaller animals experience total peace and harmony on a particular level. But they also experience having predators, defending territories, and the same thing that humans do, on a lower level. They develop in a different way. Their abilities are not like human abilities. As you know, dogs can sense far more than we can. They can smell more. Bats use radar. Squirrels and other small animals sense people or other animals coming from different directions. They also work with nature, they know where to go to get food from different plants and trees. And they know seasons as well. When berries become ripe, they go to a specific area. So you have this entire ecosystem working there. Now, they generate these different forms of energies, and the most commonly used energy is total peace. So when you need to calm something down, as you would at the moment with Russia and Ukraine, you would use that sort of energy, if that what was what needed. Unless they are learning specific lessons, and so on. Everything again, is lessons within lessons. Now, if you take an area the size of Russia, which is absolutely huge, people don’t realise that there are thousands of miles of just empty territory. And besides the beautiful forests, you have the opposite, winter and snow. And what sort of energy would snow create?

S: Clean energy to clear out negative energy.

G: yes, so imagine an area that was completely war torn, or whatever and it’s completely blanketed with snow. It sort of wipes out the energy which is left there. Then what happens to the snow? It melts, turns to water, goes to rivers, goes down to the sea.. and the whole thing gets regenerated, it’s the whole ecosystem.

Now, let’s look at the sea itself, the ocean has not been researched much as yet. Scientists have looked at 5% of the ocean. What is in the rest of the ocean is a whole lot of developing animals; fish, organisms, whatever you want to call them. In a way it’s got the same structure, which is basically a  food chain, from the very small to the very large. So where do all these organisms and animals come from? They are not re-incarnated, as we would be. So, what happens with your very small organisms, your corals and seaweed and so on. They split and when they split, the new spores move on and the old dies. So it is a matter of continual growth, no incarnation, just continual growth. Now, if you have a look at something bigger, like a fish or a turtle. What would happen to that? They gather basic information. To evolve to a stage where you are at the moment, to a human level, you need all sorts of basic instincts. And, because there is a variety of souls born at different levels, that experience different things; starting at the bottom… let’s go back to a pond full of tadpoles, that is like say one person’s brain cells, lots of little tadpoles and that is your starting point. And then they become insects and then birds etc. The same happens in the ocean. You’ve got this mind group energy. So, when you have a shoal of fish for example, they would all experience a lot of small things. And what happens is the memories of what they experience, go back to a much lower level. As the fish die, all the memories of what they experienced, goes to the next level up. And then they will be larger fish, or turtles or bigger. And that is the way the information is gathered. So, when you get up to a higher level, only then do you start the re-incarnation process. So where you get something like a turtle, they die, but they lay a thousand eggs, and all those eggs have the memories of that particular turtle. And then they go off and experience. And then they die and what we as humans, that haven’t yet evolved, are getting, is information about how all these different species live. And all the different things they experience. It’s not just a matter of predators and prey and food. There’s lots of other emotions and energies and experiences that are there which make up the basis of a soul when it starts to be reincarnated as a single soul. So all your small insects, your small animals, your fish and so on, are all basically to gather information in groups, to bring that information back, and the information will eventually become a soul.

So, all these different types of information will be gathered together. So, how is a soul made. So, you have all these different emotions, experiences; let’s say it’s gone through the shoal of fish stage, now it needs to learn more, so it needs to become land animals.

So, let’s go right back to the beginning, how the earth was made, you started off with gases, then you had these little organisms in the ocean, they started to develop and then they came onto land. So, now you can see the progression. From right at the beginning, how they come onto land and then they start to experience all sorts of things on land. So, the first creatures that came onto the land were very small. And they developed into the insects and birds and so on and so on. That is  how the whole species develops. Then of course you get onto the human stage. And it carries on from there.

Now, in the majority of cases, in the ocean, and out in the wilds, in the forests, there is no contact with humans. Because they don’t need that contact at this stage of developing. There will be small amounts of contacts with humans. Especially on earth now. People wandering into forests etc. and that is so you have a little bit of the ‘bad’ if you like, to go with the good. So, you’ve got all the good energy which is being created, all the experiences, and so on, and you need some which are opposite. They won’t all be bad, some will be good humans, tree huggers; some will be bad humans with deforestation and all the different variations. So, you’ve got the majority, growing nicely and a little bit of the negativity, if you like.

So, now let’s look at flowers again. Do flowers have emotion? They have senses, which is not emotion, but it’s the basis of emotion. So, a flower can sense when it is going to rain, when it’s spring time, time to grow, when snow comes along.  There are all sorts of things they react to. And experiments have been done where you shout at flowers and play music to others, and they react in different ways. So, flowers don’t have emotions, they experience the basis of emotions. And you also have to add into the mixture: air, wind, snow, all the different forms of weather. And then you have the different areas. Very cold areas, very hot areas, dry, wet and so on. So you have a whole variety there. So, all these memories are put together, into the first larger animals. And that is why birds can fly  huge distances, to migrate from South Africa to Siberia, for example. They automatically know where to go, it’s built into their system and their memories. Now, when they become larger animals and horses and dogs, they don’t need all of those memories, the same as you don’t need the memories of when you were 4,5,6,7,8 years old. Those memories form the basis of who you are now. Although those memories have been forgotten, they did help create and mould you, to where and who you are today. And the same works with the animals.

Now I’ve got a big pair of eyes in front of me, it’s a bit like a lemur, that’s what it looks like. One of the main instincts they have, is maternal and they look after their young. At that level, your family is the most important, they are showing me a group of them now. You have rifts in the family, where the families will separate; where a new male will take over so many females. That is for development. But what the families are learning is togetherness and group energy. The group energy and closeness are what is important. They are going to have things which divide them, like we have money and so on. So, it’s one of the basic things that they learn.

Now they are showing me very big trees. Trees of course, are a form of a memory rod, and the animals in the area, sense the area around them. The information is mainly kept in trees, because a rock can only do so much, it’s really solid. And the grasses and flowers and so on, come and go all the time; but trees live for hundreds of years. So the information is kept there, and as new trees grow, they will grow with the information that the older trees had. So the seeds fall off the tree and start to grow, and those seeds contain the memory and information of that particular tree.  But, like humans going through generations, things develop and change; so this is how nature changes. And it can change in a specific area, so if you take an area that has deforestation, like the amazon, where trees can be a thousand years old, and suddenly there is deforestation, then new trees grow, and they grow with that particular knowledge and information.

Plants and trees will adapt in specific areas. If you go back 100 000 years, trees and plants weren’t the same then. They develop as the earth moves forward, progresses and develops. So does the vegetation, and nature and all the animals with it.  So, it’s not just humans which are advancing the society, it is the entire eco structure. Everything from your smallest insect upwards.

Bears know when it is time to hibernate, because they can sense the season changing. How do they sense it? It’s not a matter of feeling the weather change. They know it’s going to happen around a certain time, because they can pick up the senses from the area around them, by literally tapping into the memory rods. They do that naturally, they don’t have to stop and tap into them. It’s a  matter of course. They sense that automatically because that has been in their DNA as they have progressed through their generations.  

Now, let’s look at some extremes, Let’s take a monsoon, for example. Monsoons come around every year, and the flora and fauna the monsoons hit, are used to monsoons. They come around, they regenerate, they regrow and where there are bushfires, they regrow afterwards. Where you get a tragedy, floods for example, it’s simply a cleansing process of what the earth needs to do to regenerate that particular area. Nature works with weather and it is an entire eco structure. So, everything works together there. So, when it is needed, you will get floods and tragedies. A lot of them are made worse, because of what humans have done, building, mining etc. in that area. But in general, that is simply how it works. And that is why, over the generations you’ve had ice-age, for example, and then you had meteorites hitting the earth and the dinosaurs got wiped out; and it can take thousands of years to regenerate but it regrows to suit the way the earth is at that particular stage. So the memories in everything is brought forward to this new developing generation of plants and animals.

Now, what is not affected too much of course, is the sea. Because not much can change in the sea, because it is so vast. It is very stable. Don’t forget that everything down there is developing to come on land, and so on. So you have this ongoing development. And where you get 50-100 000 or a million years since the dinosaurs, that is plenty of time to develop and progress. We don’t know what actually happened in that particular era. Scientists can dig up bones and they can make assumptions, but they can’t really understand what went on all those years ago. But we can now understand how things are continually developing on every level, apart from a human level.

I’ve just asked how earthquakes fit into this. And the plates that move. That seems to be a separate issue. If you down into the earth it’s going to take many miles before you actually reach the core of the earth. So, what you have is a living earth, the top, if you start going down, you find the insects, then worms and bugs and so on. As you go lower, you find smaller parasites and microbes. As you get lower still, there are still lots of smaller organisms and micro-organisms. So, from the core of the earth going outwards, you have this super-heated area, where nothing can survive, that we can talk about at the moment. And as it goes up, everything is dead, until life starts, several miles below the earth. And again, that is another eco system, that starts to develop. And it will literally develop into insects and worms below the ground, things in caves and when different types of earth get together, they mix to product a different earth with a different energy. It’s like you get 2 or 3 types of earth, they mix together and they make a different type of earth. …. Because….On the top level you get very dry areas, very wet areas, very good areas with a lot of nutrients. So, what you have growing, the roots go downwards, those roots are alive, they suck up nutrients from the earth itself, the earth moves, where close to the surface. Something has to generate all these nutrients, so bacteria and micro-organisms grow. They feed the roots. And you have sunlight and energy that comes through the earth, which also sends types of energies down into the earth, to start creating different nutrients. So, here you have another entire eco-system, of which very little is understood. You have rivers flowing below the earth, a couple of miles down, below that there are huge caverns, you know that there are caverns full of oil for example. Oil is made from trees, that over the years have turned into oil. Trees are living organisms, they have memories, so the oil will have memories as well. So it’s all down there, and it’s still creating, growing, progressing, in different directions. Now what would happen to all the oil, if we didn’t drill it and tap it out? There are huge reservoirs of oil down there, where they have been earthquakes, which is where this question started, where the whole earth has been turned upside down. Trees end up below the ground. There has been strikes by meteors. Volcanos have erupted. All sorts of different things over the years, to keep ‘tilling the soil’, below the earth’s crust.

The last thing, which is much easier, is wind. Wind is created all the time, in different ways, strong, weak, hot, cold, etc. It travels around the world and it also moves energy around. We know all negative energy goes down rivers. It gets dispersed into the sea, becomes clouds, etc. but it also gets moved around by wind. The wind is also controlled by wind diva’s, who can change things to correct the balance that is needed. What they try and do, is let each area develop itself, but when there are serious problems, such as the amazon for example, they can generate winds, which can move rain, dryness or whatever is needed, over a specific area, to do what needs to be done in that particular area.

Later on as you learn more, I will tell you about stars, and how their energy effects the earth. There are lots of different energies there that you haven’t heard of as yet.  But that is for another night.           

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