Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense in Astral and a Guide takes over and chats through Geoff.

G: I started off getting lots of planes and missiles flying around and lots of damaged buildings and lots of people fleeing.  I am pretty certain it’s Ukraine.

They showing me bombs falling in very poor places and also very expensive places, like boardrooms and palaces. What we are going to look at is how nature works, how spirits that are controlling the war, work with nature.  And don’t try and diffuse the war as you have to see both sides of the coin. And negativity can have benefits.  For example if the West will rise up against Russia, they will all join together and create this powerful, positive group energy.  The war, although it’s very negative and there is a lot of deaths, it can have a positive outcome. 

The advanced spirit that are “controlling” this, in a way, there is of course free will, what they do is they put thoughts into people’s minds and give them intuition, ideas, and which way to attack and defend. They need massive amounts of energy to make this happen. If for example you are going to put a thought into a General’s mind, about how he is going to attack, to defend against that attack, you are going to need an enormous amount of energy to be used. And this comes from nature.

With wars, the passive, tranquil energy comes from nature; and in nature you have got huge areas, forests, mountains, etc, where all this energy is created. So, what spirit can do, is utilize that energy.

Nature itself is a natural, ongoing progression. It is automated. When you walk on grass it grows again, it doesn’t need thought to create that, it is all programmed into nature.  So, when nature comes across a conflict which is very negative, it automatically tries to suppress that negativity. And as we know, negativity is taken off and it goes down the rivers, to the sea and so on.  So, where there are huge volumes of peaceful, tranquil nature, that can be used as one huge group energy when you look at the size of the Ukrainian forest, it can be absolutely massive.  Therefore a lot of energy can be used at once.  That energy is also stored in the ground, because it builds up in an area, and is stored below as well.

In the mountains you’ve got a much stronger, but slower energy.  It’s solid and it’s long term. It’s basically a foundation.  So, the forest, green will continue to change, where the mountains are much stronger, they will stay there for much longer.  So therefor they are more like memory rods, for nature. A foundation starting point. Something that can always be relied upon. It’s like a backup battery.

S: Interesting how nature steps in to help in these situations.

Yes, the humans also do it, as they are learning as well. But nature will cover up the damage. Where there is a damaged building for example, and then goes derelict, nature will take it over. And in time that building will disappear and nature carries on.   So nature is an automated factor.

The people that are fleeing; if you had a group of people where they had very little understanding of war and if for instance, they didn’t have communication with other cities, they wouldn’t know what was going on.  They would all be running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

Where you get something like, these corridors for people to escape, you’ve got masses of people going in one direction.  All these people have similar thoughts, and as we know thoughts forms join up with other similar thought forms, so what you have is all these people creating a thought form of “we’ve got to get out of here” and that creates one big overall thought form. That then becomes a negative, which nature can now help. It helps by putting hope, understanding, calmness etc. into the people. So nature will combat this huge negative force with its huge tranquil force.  Again, the light overpowers the dark.

S: What happens to insects, birds, cattle and animals during a war?

G: In most cases, it doesn’t worry them at all as they just move out the way. A few of them get damaged, which is all a part of learning and that’s not too serious. Because they are in groups, a group of cattle for example, they basically work with a group mind, not as much as flocks of birds, insects etc, because they have now become individual, but they will all stampede at once, go in for milking at once. So, they’ve got this connection, so where there is one cow that gets damaged or hurt, the other cows can pick up that experience. They don’t have to be damaged themselves in order to experience it and progress.  So, through the group mind and thoughts, they all pick up that experience. And that is a good experience for them to continue to evolve.

For the plants, trees and insect it doesn’t make too much difference because they have got an automatic growing process. They just continue regardless.

Animals must have some form of memory rod somewhere, when animals migrate they migrate in herds, and flocks of birds go to different countries. So there you have your group energy working together. But what makes them migrate to different places? What makes the swallows migrate to Siberia every winter?  It is something that is passed down, like a gene pool.  You’ve got all these swallows being born every year and the first thing they do, is pick up from the adults that they have to migrate to Siberia. It’s something that has been going on for millions of years. How did this start in the first place?  Right in the beginning, which is not really relevant today, it’s just interesting. They would start to move North, where the climate was warmer, once the winter came, for example. Then they would learn more and move further North.

If you take the centre of the earth, so above is winter and below is summer, as an example.  The centre becomes warmer, So the birds from the South would fly North towards the centre of the Earth to a warmer climate.  Millions of years ago, when insects and birds first started, the Earth was a totally different place. It has moved and changed and we have  had ice ages and different experiences, so the birds have moved in different directions.  So, that is all built into their DNA and passed down from one generation to the next.  (They also adapt to this day. The swallows moved from Mt. Edgecombe due to the airport being developed there). All the minor changes get passed down as well. So now  it becomes quite normal and all the swallows will have that information in their DNA and they will fly in the correct direction instinctively. It’s the same with butterflies, fish and many animals. The instinct is built into their DNA.

That will be nature guiding them. Nature is an Earth energy and birds can communicate with nature.  The birds will go where there is warmth and space.

What you do as humans, is you learn, make mistakes, evolve, progress and so on.  Nature is an awful lot slower. Nature is basically the foundation where you experience all these different things. Nature itself has a lot of different energies. Many of which you are yet to understand. These energies are one complete structure. If you look at the human body, it has millions of little sections inside, which you don’t really understand so far, you can understand the basics, and more will be revealed as science develops etc., but it all works as one unit.  Nature is exactly the same thing.  If you can imagine nature, the whole world as being once complete ‘body’ or ‘soul’ with all these different organs and structures. All the different energies in it, work together in conjunction with one another to keep the planet whole and complete as a unit, exactly the same as you, as a human. Your body looks after you from A to Z and you don’t yet understand it fully. So, built into Earth and built into nature are all these different energies and information. So the animals, the insects, the birds, fish and so on, all tap into this and they are guided by the energies which is created by the Earth, to move to these different places, to keep the balance of the structure correct. When the balance is correct, then it is much easier for you to evolve and learn, without your planet becoming unstable.

The Earth is one living organism.  One living being.

It is a foundation for all forms of nature.

Last week we looked at how the Earth generated the energy, how nature generated all these different energies, and how the whole structure grew. Now you can see, it is all one body, which is alive and automated, if you like.  One area can be damaged, it grows, it changes, adapts, exactly the same as the human body will do.     

Thinking about the Carbon Dioxide crisis, ice age and meteors and that type of thing.  It adjusts all the time.  As with your human body, when you are ill, your temperature will rise, to get rid of the problem and it will subside.  The same thing happens, in general, with the Earth. At the moment, the temperature is rising, but the Earth will change and adapt, to control that rise. So, it will take a few years or decades, for it to be controlled and reversed. The same has happened when you have had ice ages in the past, which were created by meteors and so on. It created damage and a huge cloud over the Earth, which created the ice age. It lasted for over 20 000 years. It gradually gets corrected and the ice age goes back to normal. So, what we have at the moment, where we have opposites in everything, if you have the top and the bottom of the Earth, the arctics, where it’s ice cold, and the centre is the hottest part. Those are the 2 extremes. Then you have the weather which goes around and round. It changes, stirs and corrects things. It keeps the balance.  So, it’s a little bit out of balance at the moment.  That is what is creating these tsunamis, volcanic activity, and major disruptions. But it will correct itself and get back to it’s normal, automated, looking after itself.     

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