Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1370 How visitors talk through you. (Channeling)

Channeling takes practice from both sides.  Our verbalizing is the slowest form of communication. The majority of visitors are forms of energy and converse by thought. On arrival they have to get used to talking through a physical body in a language they are not used to. They “see” your language and experience, and use just that. They will rarely use words that we don’t know. They must also understand just how far we have developed and what they can, and cannot say.

As they normally converse through thought/telepathy very fast; if they want to speak to someone they simply think of that person, who picks up the signal and tunes in. The message can be passed on in a milli-second.  As an example if you had to spend 6 months telling me your life story, I would have a pretty good idea of what happened. But all that info is in say 1 brain cell, and if you “copied” it into my brain, I would understand exactly the same as you. This is called “Instant understanding” in our World, and that’s how I start channeling.

They don’t need names either, the same as they don’t need to say Hello, Goodbye, or who are you?.

So when they start to talk through me as an example, I would feel them come in, spend a few seconds adjusting, and then I would get the instant understanding of who they are.  I would start describing things and they would simply continue the conversation.

I would listen to them talking through me to whoever, and understand far far more through instant understanding than was being verbalized.

Sharon and I channel every evening and normally get 3 types of visitor. Aliens (for want of a better word) like to visit and see how the Earth has evolved. They do this by downloading information from the thousands of memory rods on the planet, and the also ask our permission to download all info that we have experienced. They then tell us how they live and evolve and everything in-between.

You must realise that these types of visitors are highly evolved – far more than us. They are mostly just energy with 100’s if not thousands of years/lifetimes of experience. They work at a speed similar to our best computer. When they come down to an Earthly vibration they have to lower their own vibration to match ours.  That’s a bit like Einstein talking to a 3-year-old.

Visitors are fascinating as they all evolve different ways. Some have no negativity, some no procreation, no love, no sex, no humor, no happiness, no genders – the list is endless. Simply put, the Spirits who create new civilisations try all methods to find out what works best.  (See Inca’s, Mayans, Sumerians etc)

There is so much more to tell but already I am sure you are finding some things hard to believe – you need to experience them your self to be able to really believe them.

The second type of visitors are people that have crossed over.  Quite easy for them to come back and chat.  When they do they will always pick up the problems that had when they died. A stutterer will begin by stuttering until they get comfortable (2-3 minutes)  One of the funniest was a dumb person…………. Our meditation circle was rolling on the floor laughing.  The other side have a great sense of humor.

The 3rd type of visitors are the Guides and teachers. They become regulars so starting to channel is almost instant. There are many subjects and most have a spedialised teacher.

Our main Guide we have we have called No-name. He brings the lessons if there is no specialised teacher. He collects the lesson from the teacher (who is on a much higher level – like Einstein) and channels them through me. 

To service common questions there is AUTOMATION. It’s a bit like AI and it can respond.  Let’s say we ask “What happens when we pass over?”  To save a teacher taking time out for such a simple question they just send an automated answer. It can answer relevant questions to the topic too.

Let me finish with this scenario that happened recently.  A visitor is talking through me to Sharon, when a 2nd visitor who knows the 1st, pops in and comments. Visitor 1 replies and I comment to both……….. Visitor 1, visitor 2 and me, all talking verbally through me at the same time.  

That’s a hard act to follow…………………..

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