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1384  How to increase your sensing  – and join up with others

G: Mmm, a very close visitor. It’s nice. Right, I have an old lady here. What she’s wearing is about the 1950s, I reckon, and she’s standing outside of a white gate, and we go through the gate, into this big garden in the back and there’s this big white house, and it’s an oldie worldly house, not a modern one.


Now she wants to take me and show me, she’s sort of linked arms, and taking me towards the front door, to show me the house, and from here it looks like it’s full of darkness, like a dark maroon colour, as if we opened the doors it would all pour out. But she says no, it’s just something, it’s a type of illusion, so we go inside and walk into this stuff, and just sort of suspend there, it’s like being in jelly. It’s like being in a jelly that’s set, and I can just sort of hang there and see what’s happening. Right, what is this stuff I’m in?


It’s a method of recall. It’s something they use. Now, they can’t show me what they do because it’s something that I’ve never seen, and cannot imagine, because it’s all done through thought and colours etc. So, this is a nearest sort of, something which I can relate to, which is near enough the feel that they get.


So, the building itself is old, it’s full of this jelly, so that’s just why there would have to be this one huge room full of this jelly stuff. I’m inside the jelly. And all it is, everything is linked to my mind, so all the experiences that I’m, I’m looking after a certain area, country, whatever it is I’m looking after, and everything is linked to my mind, so I can think of the whole thing at once.


Now, this enormous house full of jelly doesn’t actually exist, the whole thing is in my mind, but they are trying to show me how much you can take control of. And if you just take what we visualize as being the human mind, and then expand that to the size of a house, and then show that it is all connected, and it’s all connected with my complete body, not just my mind, my complete body, because you sense with different things as well.


Spirit: Your senses on your hands, toes, etc, your chakras, your solar plexus, all these sorts of things are exaggerated where you are on this earth, and what we have to do with up here is simply the understanding of that, the feeling, the sensing of that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, when we have to look after something, it’s like, it’s just like this enormous amount to look after, but it’s very comfortable to look after, it’s like you’re running a super computer I suppose. All the information is there, you just have to know how to handle it, and it’s very comfortable for us to do, because we can automatically think, understand, visualize, see, recall all this information, every little scrap of it.


So there’s no need to train to do this, it’s just your mind expands, it’s like you loading more brains into your head, it automatically picks up more information, and there’s more you can do.


S: Yeah, well, it’s like when we meditate, we’re on that, we’re in that, and we sense, and we feel, but on the physical plane, we use all our chakras, our hands, we’re in a physical energy level.


Spirit: Quite right, yeah.


S: Yeah, so it makes sense, yeah.


Spirit: So we have the memories of that, which are exactly the same memories that you have, except yours relates to the physical, ours relates to something created to be physical, we know it as being physical. So it’s very nice energy.


S: The energy of the physical.


Spirit: Very much indeed. Yeah, so when we see things, it’s very, you can just look after so much at once, and it’s something you can’t really understand until you experience it at this level, because your mind can’t comprehend thinking that much.


S: No.


Spirit: But if you just indulge me for a minute and think back to your life, and see if you can see your life, so it would just go back to your childhood, if you like, and you get lots of flashes or different times going back to your childhood, but see if you can just focus everything at once and see an overall picture of your life. And you’ll get a pretty good indication, and you’ve never done this before, but just simply through thought, you’ll be able to get a picture of your past. Can you do that?


S: Yes. Yeah.


Spirit: Okay. So when you meet somebody, eventually, it takes a bit of practice, but you will meet somebody, and you’ll be able to see that in them.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And it’s not a matter of understanding all their deep dark secrets, etc., the rights and wrongs, just an overall picture.


S: Just a general, overall…


Spirit: Yes, so you can know at what level they’re at. And we’ve discussed before the different levels, like everybody going through the change, as we know, is working on a different level, but you have to have all those levels in play. So you’re going out, and you’re actually looking after a certain group of levels, but this just enables you to see more levels, very quickly.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Nice feeling.


S: Beautiful.


Spirit: Now, if we take the same scenario, and we link together a whole lot of us, that is how we look after a complete planet. So imagine, let’s just say a hundred of us, all doing exactly the same, and we all move shoulder to shoulder, and we all link up. Now, all that information is going backwards and forwards, controlled by our minds.


Now, what is my mind, the difference between my mind and the person next to me? So we’re going to be sharing information, and our mind will then be identical, won’t it? Because we’re sharing each other’s information. So, you take the hundred of us, we all are sharing all the minds, then just go upwards in the pyramid, and make that into one mind, above.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: That’s how you can understand how it’s done.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, one person looks after a massive amount.


S: Yeah. Now, we need USBs, you don’t. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. That’s quite something.


S: Yeah, that is amazing. And then you can all feel and sense when energy changes or shifts, or there’s a change or a shift or an imbalance.


Spirit: Yes, very much so. Now, you can do the small things, like when you can sense somebody who’s not happy with you, or they aren’t happy, or different senses, they’re natural to you. So, and hence, senses at this level are natural to us.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So, you’re talking just now about the heartbeat of the Earth and so on. We can see that all the time. It resonates with us all the time. And with nature, exactly the same, all the different energies all together, then you add in all the humans and their energy, their memories, and then you add in all the dimensions, and it’s just more and more and more and more. You feel the whole thing as one.


Now, if I can give you another scenario here. Your physical body is really a work of art. It works on its own, it looks after itself, all the organs are carrying on by themselves, and you’ve got your brain, which really controls the whole thing. And you don’t even have to think about it, it’s just an automatic process. So, it’s the same thing, in a way, with us. We’ve got all this feeling, all this whatever we’re looking after, and a lot of it just carries on on a natural basis, just looks after itself and so on.


A very simple example there is nature. Nature is designed to look after itself. And all we do is we just note that it’s changed a little bit, with the same ease that you would note it’s time to cut your fingernails. Very simple. So, everything is relevant. Multiply your level by a million, and you’ll be right there.


S: Absolutely, we’ll be right there. lol. It’s amazing.


Spirit: Also, one of the advantages of working at this level is you can separate your body into many, many smaller bodies. So, for example, I’m talking to you now from a higher level. What I’ve done is I’ve separated just one part of my body to come down here to talk to you at this particular level, to tune in at this level, to be able to converse with you.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And then, when I’m finished, I simply pop back and connect.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So, looking after different people, different thoughts, different emotions, different languages, different stages of development and so on. You can use all these different parts of your body, or different parts of your, what you would term, your higher self.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Ah, a simple exercise.


S: Bring it on.


Spirit: Ah, just another few thousand years. Not a problem. Lol. The other thing, the advantage is, Geoff was saying the other day, the speaker, that he finds it fascinating that he can talk and we can talk at the same time, and like hold a conversation.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And, at this level, it’s much simpler to be able to communicate and also communicate on a level more conducive to your conversation. You know, in the beginning, when you work for the lower levels, if you take, right at the beginning, when you first learn to channel and so on, it’s like a schoolboy learning from grade six.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And, you could talk on that level. You don’t go to a professor to talk. But, when you get to this level, you can do it. It’s far easier. It’s very easy for us to hold a conversation knowing exactly what’s in Geoff’s mind and what his understanding of everything is.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s why we can just chat away.


S: And, how much fun it is, rather than so serious.


Spirit: Yes, very much so. Very much so. And, the reason in the beginning we have this seriousness is because the race on earth at the moment is at a stage where they believe in a higher self. They believe in God and Gods and so on.


S: And, it’s external.


Spirit: Yeah. And, that, to them, what their belief is, is it’s got to be solemn and churchified, that sort of thing.


S: That’s right.


Spirit: And, they don’t consider us to be fooling around and playing on the same level as you would normally do.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, we can relate to all of that.


S: You’re not normal. Define normal.


Spirit: Oh, we can relate to shooters and hangovers and all that. Because, it’s all in the experience.


S: Well, you wouldn’t have accepted my mother if you didn’t. Lol.


Spirit: I can tell you a lot of stories there. Lol. Now, you see, all this has already been in the experience. You’ve experienced it at your particular level, which to us was many, many lifetimes ago. But, it’s there. So, it’s very easy for us to come down and relate to that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But, we could go into a different, let’s say we went back to the 5th century and relate it to peasants drinking mead. A totally different story. But, we can relate that because it is there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, it’s just a matter of recalling. That’s very nice to be able to do. So, that’s why the conversation is very simple and the higher you get, the more ease things become.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And, it’s just a matter of getting there, as you know, step by step. You are getting there very nicely, so that’s not a problem. So, that is about all I can tell you, I think, on this one this evening. So, I will take my little part back up to my bigger part and I will come down.


S: Well, send our love to you and send our love to you.


Spirit: Lol. Thank you and thank you. Lol. And, of course, good night.


S: Good night.


G: Ah, now there is a bit of a carry on from that. I’m just trying to get it clearly. It’s like I’ve got what we see as an alien on one side. You know, with the bigger head and the pointy chin, the slanty eyes and so on, the greys, as they so call them.


And, what he’s saying is he is in, it’s simply a memory. The guy I was talking to just now sort of left this memory to say, you know, part of what I can see overall is obviously people from different planets, people evolve different ways and so on, aliens on Earth and all sorts. And so, somebody like that can also come through and communicate exactly the same way. They don’t come and communicate in their alien form because everything is shared together.


S: Yeah, it’s all one. 


G: That’s all he wanted to say.

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