Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1388   G and S Getting people to feel peace, serenity and oneness

G: Mmm, okay, symbolic I think on where we are going and what we are doing. I’ve got the side of a hill; two thirds of the way up is a wheat field. And it’s huge, absolutely huge, the top third is a forest. And we’re going through this wheat field with one of these threshing machines that disturbs all the wheat, just chucks it up and down, that sort of thing. And I think that’s us sorting through all the different religions and God knows what up there.


S: Yeah, sorting people.


G: So we eventually get to the trees, which is a bit more solid. So I think what they’re saying is, it’s going to take a bit of time to find all the right sort of people. But we will get there. Now they’re showing me a cave on the side of a mountain, and you can’t sort of access the cave, unless you are a mountain climber, and it’s in a nice gorge with water below. And I’m just going to pop in the cave, and it’s an extreme.


So what they’re saying is don’t assume what we’re going to do when we are going to help, etc. And don’t sort of discard all the really way-out things, because if we think of what we’ve experienced the last few months, that’s going to be considered well and truly way out by a lot of people.


S: Yeah.


G: So the same thing is going to happen, we’ll be finding more and more people. But they say just go with the flow, it’ll be fine. They say they know it’s frustrating, not getting where we want to go, as quick as you want to go, but that’s just the way it is. It’s best to build sort of slow and steady and so on.


S: Stable, yeah.


G: And as we said a few weeks ago, just don’t worry about it, it’s all going to work out fine. So, don’t worry. Now as I go farther up, I come across a dam. Now I’m facing a dam, and the water in front of me is pouring over the rim of the dam. And behind it is this huge, massive lake.


And I’m trying to figure out what this dam represents. You know, if the forest is all the different religions and the people we are going to help, etc. What is this huge dam of water, this huge area of water? And I think it’s peace and serenity.


So what we’re going to bring to the people that we are going to teach is not way out and wonderful…


S: Lessons and learning.


G: So it’s just peace and serenity.


S: Exactly.


G: So they just need to learn and start.


S: They need to feel what we can give them, and they will trust us, and then they will ask for more.


G: Yeah, so they can all grow at their own speed, and depending on what they want to do.


S: Exactly. Some of them might not even be interested in learning lessons, but just for feeling that peace. When people feel peace, that’s what they give to the earth. And it’s the energy they give out, and it’s what they be, and it spreads consciousness, and spreads peace.


G: Mmm. Now, behind the lake, behind all the trees, the next thing that comes up is one huge purple, tanzanite crystal. And it’s absolutely massive in the middle, so it’s a lot of energy shining out some type of energy. Everyone is aiming towards.. to get that type of energy in the end.


Because it’s past the lake and past the trees, it’s the next level, the next evolution even. So I’m going to go right up to it, and I’ll go into it.


S: It’s just the oneness.


G: Mmm, I think that’s right. Because there’s only two people in there. One adult, and one small child. And that represents oneness, you are quite right.


S: That’s all I can sense is oneness.


G: Your next generation that’s coming along, is a child. Ok, so we’re on the same page there. Now, we needn’t go any further than that. Either side of this oneness is just very interesting. There are groups of people, and they are showing me these people like the old red Indians. And they are sort of camped either side of this oneness. They’re just guiding people towards it, because they understand it. And they’ve been through everything and they are quite happy just to help create and point people in the right direction.


But what is fascinating, is it’s the most beautiful energy. It’s energy, we felt peace and serenity before, but feeling this energy of oneness, and that’s exactly what it is, is feeling that you belong.


S: You are drawn to it. Yeah.


G: Yeah, you feel that you belong, you’re part of it. And when each individual goes through life, they always have these reservations about what they can and cannot do, and their good and bad sides, or whatever they’re good at, bad at, etc. inadequacies, all that sort of thing.


S: Mmm. And here they just are. It’s beingness.


G: That’s right. And that’s a feeling, that’s a sensation. Very warm, very comfortable, just being accepted for being exactly who you are. No judgement, no nothing, that’s really nice, I’ve never felt like that before.


S: So much peace.


G: Now, I have one person here. The one person is above this blue crystal, and he’s dressed like a God of some sorts, a huge strong God-like figure. Seems to be he’s like the group, the group of gardeners that lives after the Earth, etc. that we’ve been talking to and dealing with etc. So they all work together as we found out last time, and so we see them as one God-like figure right at the end. Okay.


S: Mmm.





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