Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1392 – Spirit quizzes Sharon on sensing things that are not always what they seem.

S: I’ve got energy, it’s black and green. (???)


G: Mm, that’s interesting. That’s to stop the stress and the worry that you’ve got at the moment. The green does that and the black just wipes out the thought.


G: I can see a nice wooden house. Pretty much on top of a cliff, or close to the top of a cliff, overlooking a fjord. It’s a very peaceful house with a very peaceful view, and all around the energy is very balanced, very comfortable. I haven’t even gone in the house yet, I’m just above it, looking down over the house, and behind that is a fjord, and behind that, mountains. Away to the left is the sea, blue sky up above. All very nice.


And for some reason I’m going to sit down on the right-hand side of the house, looking at the water. The house is on my left. It seems to be, they’re sort of showing some kind of creature inside. On occasion it pushes against the window, sort of comes half way out. It doesn’t fit in. That’s the reason I was sitting outside.


This is something to do with, although it looks peaceful and tranquil, it’s not. Now they’ve lifted the house off, and exposed the creature. So they’ve moved that away, and now they’ve moved the creature away. It’s gone.


And now I’m sitting on this beautiful place on my own, and just seeing this beautiful view of this beautiful energy.


S: Is that not an area where they get rid of any negative energy. Because it’s extremely peaceful, the fjords, you can’t explain it. It’s just, it’s just pure peace. It’s just beautiful.


So let me just go back and sit and look at this beautiful scenery. I don’t see anything else there. I think the whole point of that is don’t just assume when you see something as perfect, that it is perfect, because it could be, whatever. So, always check, always be careful.



Okay, let’s just leave that. I’m going to just start again and see what else there is. Now I’ve got a huge mechanical man, a bit like a Terminator. Not a Terminator, these machines that change shape in the movies at the moment…. Transformers


S: Yeah.


G: Absolutely huge, probably 5, 6, 10 meters high. And very mechanical. And walking through an area in between the houses. It’s not doing any damage, just walking along. It looks huge and scary. And this maybe is the opposite of what we’ve just seen. It’s huge and scary.


S: But it’s, yeah. So things aren’t always as big as they seem.


G: Yes, that’s well put. Not always as they seem. Mmm. The thing is, we go through life having experiences, and the experiences make us who we are today. And when we’re used to seeing specific things, we’re used to having a certain reaction. Now with something like this, it’s going to have to be a different reaction. It’s something pretty straightforward. Don’t always assume that things aren’t as they seem. But you can’t really help it, your mind will do that. You just assume, you see something, you assume it’s what you’ve experienced.


S: Yeah, so what they are saying is use your awareness.


G: Mmm. So maybe we will look at things, mainly you will look at things, with a different eye. Instead of being based on the experience you’ve had, it will be based on the senses that you have at the moment.


S: Exactly.


G: So you’ll be able to look at anything and pick up the good and the bad.


S: Yeah.


G: So, that is the lesson. There’s got to be more to this.


S: Not really, because its conclusions and judgments and expectations, that get in the way. So, not really.


G: Yeah, it’s just strange to come along and do a couple of short things like that.


S: Yeah.


G: Maybe they are just tidying up. Having an easy day, a casual day. Lol. Let’s see what else there is. .


OK, now they are showing me something the opposite. They are showing me a casino, and the same casino upside down on top. So, one’s inverted, one’s normal. Now, what would the point of that be?


Things can be the opposite of what they seem.


S: Yeah. And how everything you see is a reflection. Everything everyone sees is a reflection of what they perceive. Everyone sees everyone differently, and everyone sees everything differently. It’s just a reflection of them, their experience, their knowledge, therefore, things aren’t always exactly as they seem.



G: OK, now we have two ladies in white in a royal carriage. Getting weird as usual. So, a typical Queen of England carriage, going past a very royal building. And there’s two ladies sitting just in front. So… that bit should be pretty straight forward.


If you take the Queen of England for example, showing herself how she wanted to be seen, yet herself is a totally different person. So, each member of royalty is basically two people, who they portray themselves as, and who they really are. OK, went through that one very quickly.


Now I’ve got a garden. Well, sort of an Amphitheatre of a garden on a hill, and I’ve got a huge stone about to roll down it. A bit like a miller’s wheel. It’s just about to roll down to the Amphitheatre and down to… hmm. Your turn. Lol.


S: Lol.


G: When you see something which is about to happen, and it doesn’t. Anticipation.


S: Yeah.


G: Hmm, OK. Now, all of these, these four things we’ve seen, are pretty normal. They’re just things that happen normally. It’s not anything deeply spiritual. So, why are we being shown these?


S: It’s our everyday experiences. So, we have to reach people through those avenues.


G: Mm-hmm. That’s particularly straight forward. OK, now I’ve got a clown coming towards me. A very ornate clown. And there’s also a Mrs. Clown right behind him.


S: Humor.


G: Yeah. Behind them I’ve got a lot of cartoon characters.


S: Yeah, it’s humor, which raises the vibration level. 


G: Mm-hmm.


S: Which is what we are trying to do.


G: Now I’ve got a dog. Running forward at full speed. And a cow, doing the same thing. It just doesn’t seem to be what we normally do.


S: A comedian.


G: Hmm. Cowmedian.


S: Cow median, lol. Oh my gawd.


G: I’ve got something lying down, I’ve got a face. Something weird.


S: All the different things you going to have to….


G: I’m going to walk away from those. I’m just going to go a long way back and leave all of those away in front of me. In the busy-ness. I’m trying to figure out why we’ve been shown all of those things.


S: Yeah.


G: OK. lol.


S: All the different types of people we are going to deal with.


G: Let alone all the different paths. That’s what it is. Well, that took a lot of figuring out. Yeah, so we’ll be led along a lot of different paths. Where we’re going, we’ve got to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, etc. OK. Now the reason for that is, although we understand what is right, we understand what’s right as far as we know it. As far as we’ve experienced it. If we run into somebody who doesn’t believe what we do, or believes it a different way, or understands it differently, or whatever, we must talk to them and approach them in a different manner as well.


So there will be a whole variety of people that we’ll be talking to. And it was like you said earlier, it’s not just spiritual people talking, it’s the whole, everybody’s the whole gambit. So all these different people out there. Now, the reason for that is, from what we gather, around 20% of people are spiritual, and let’s say 80% are all these different religions.


S: Mmm.


G: And as we go into the new world, that has to be carried forward. So your job is to change the minds, put thoughts into people’s minds to get them all thinking in the right direction. Now, that is easy enough with the spiritual people. But what you have to do is, you now have the other 80% to deal with. I can’t see it being on a, well, let’s take you talking to a group of people. If you talk to a group of people that were spiritual and other, depending on the questions they’d ask, you’d have to answer them in a slightly different manner. You’d have to be very careful not to offend one particular group.


And what you said a couple of months ago about, how did you put it, when you talk to different people, you must talk to them as they expect to be. Tell them what they want to hear.


S: Yes. What they require to hear, what they’re willing to hear.


G: Yes, what they’re willing to hear. And what you’ve got to add on to that is, as much of the spiritual change as you can, as you think they will accept. So that’s why we’re giving you this ability to sense, to all these different levels of sensing that you will have, so that you’ll be able to understand exactly how to talk to all these people. So, this is why you had all those strange things. That is very good. And they’re all fading away very nicely. The end of that part. Okay, now let’s see what is next.


Now I’ve got a creature I can see, but I can’t sense him or feel him, I can simply see him. He looks a bit like a giant caterpillar with big black eyes. Like the giant panda eyes you had on your T-shirt the other day. This thing is huge, it’s probably about 10-20 feet long, twice as round as me. And he’s, it’s a bit like he comes from the movie where the Cheshire Cat is, the grinning Cheshire Cat. So he’s an image. An image for a reason though.


Now I’m not sure how these fits in yet, but that’s not unusual. When I see you seeing something, I see you looking forward, and you’re looking up and down at the same time, if you like. You’re looking forward, but you can see above and below at the same time. So it’s like a giant headlight looking forward. And then there’s hundreds of layers of colours all the way up. That’s how you see things. Now this is now, again, symbolic.


So you don’t see a specific person, you see all these possible layers and so on. It’s a bit like you see how you see colours in spirit. So, that’s what you’ll be seeing. Now, this character is basically a, it can be an energy, an alien, it could be all sorts of things. And it’s saying you’ll be able to see it when you look this way. So we need to find the point of that. Okay.


Right. You’re going to have to give this character a name. He’s called Caterpillar to start with, that’s very easy. He’s a giant caterpillar. And what he is, he’s a collection of the wrong thought forms. So let’s say you come across a seventh-day Adventist, who’s got the whole thing screwed up wrong. And what you can see is this caterpillar there, munching on all the wrong stuff. So that’s just his symbolic, so know, when you see the giant caterpillar, you know, they’re not thinking the right way and their thinking needs adjusting.


Now, let’s go back to what we saw a little bit earlier, where things aren’t always as they seem. So you might come across a person who isn’t quite what they seem, they’re talking very nicely, but then suddenly you see this caterpillar and you realize that they’re not talking to you on the right level. They’re thinking the wrong way. You must adjust the thinking. That’s when you can open up, dig a bit deeper and do whatever you’re supposed to be doing.


That’s interesting, so, that’s that fat caterpillar. He thinks that’s great. We’ve got a thumbs up from the caterpillar. And he’s happy with the name, Caterpillar. I think we’re going to print this Shan. Lol.


S: Lol.


G: Right. Okay. He’s off.


G: Next. I’ve got, I’m in a place like a wine cellar. And, where there would normally be a cubby hole full of bottles, about the size of a bathroom full of bottles, it’s just blank and there’s something stored in there. So this is some sort of storage area.


S: It’s a bit like our wine cellar at the moment. Lol.


G: Very much so, yeah. And I can have a look in each one. There seems to be a little bit in each one. There’s sort of one bottle in each one. I think, probably just to remind you what was in there. But I’m going to go inside one. And it feels… problems, wrong…


S: Perception or camouflage. Perceptions. Falsity.


G:Perceptions, yes. Quite right.


S: So they make themselves look as X,Y,Z. But that is not what they are portraying.


G: Quite right. So, now one may think, think in the right way, because you’ve got a caterpillar. So how do these fit in?


S: A wine cellar.


G: Oh, you put the people there, ok. In a way it sort of neutralizes them, puts them somewhere where they’re not going to do any damage. So let’s say you come across somebody who’s a… born again Christian for example. Thinks that you’re dealing with the devil. You’re never going to change their minds.


S: No.


G: Nothing you can do. Put them in a wine cellar. In a wine cellar, in amongst their own and they are happy. Make sense?


S: Yeah.


G: My gosh, it’s like pulling teeth tonight.


S: I suppose it’s going to be like that. There are so many different people on the planet.


G: There are, indeed. Now, have a young man going down under water and he’s holding his breath. He’s got a mask on. He’s holding his breath. And? What’s he doing holding his breath? It’s somebody not telling the truth?


S: Yeah.


G: No. Not letting everything out.


S: Well, yeah, this is how some people, majority of people are, in a religion, where they do, they feel literally like they’re drowning. They’re not being true to themselves. They’re not being true to others. They’re still lost, dazed and confused. And there’s many that are just not being true.


G: Yeah. Mmm.


Spirit: Okay. Now, these that we’ve been showing you have different, there’s a variety of different meanings that we’ve been showing you. But they can have different meanings to you at a time when you’re dealing with them.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: It’s just some symbols that we can, it’s going to remind your soul, your inner being, that this is where the problems lie and you will deal with accordingly. So, it’s just a little nudge in the right direction for you.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But you, you’ll get used to them. You don’t really, you’re not really going to notice them. You just going to be…


S: Be aware of them.


Spirit: You’ll just be aware of them, and you’ll realize that you just change things around them quite normally. So, that’s going to be very beneficial for you.


G: Now, I have one last one, which is a Church. And it’s a church made out of cement. Grey walls, no windows. It’s got a roof on, which is also made out of a sort of red cement and inside, as I walk inside, it’s also cement pews, cement alter. Everything is made out of grey, cold, cement. Now, how do you answer that one?


S: That’s when there is no religion or they’ve been let down.


Spirit: Yes. Right, yes. Quite right. So, false religion. Exactly right. So, when you see that, you know that they’ve had this false religion. They need changing, etc. And they need a bit of warming up, hearing the good stuff. You are sensing things so much better tonight. It’s good.

You want one more?


S: Yep.


Spirit: Let me see if I can find a difficult one for you. Lol. Ah. Right. Well, this is a bit like a sponge. A sponge that you get in the ocean. It’s a dark grapefruit colour. And it’s very squeaky. It’s behind something. And it’s about the size of, also about the size of a bathroom.


So, behind the person, you will have a sort of a fence or a wall. And behind that, you have this grapefruit colour sponge.


S: Is that the people who have been drawn into a specific group or energy or belief?


Spirit: Yes. Very much so. Soaking things up like a sponge. Believing everything they’ve been told. Quite right. So, again, when you see that, you know what path they’ve been on.


Okay. I think that is enough of those for one evening. lol. You sensed them very well.


S: I was having fun.


Spirit: Very good. Very good. I could find a better one. Right, let me find one more difficult one for you. And then we will move onto something else.


A straight pillar of white light behind somebody, going from behind them, at the back of their feet, straight up as far as you can go.


S: Spiritual?


Spirit: Close.


S: Or on a spiritual path.


Spirit: Yes.


S: But it’s not necessarily the right one.


Spirit: Correct, yeah. And the clue, of course, is that the white light normally goes from the crown chakra upwards.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And from the back of the feet you can see it’s on the wrong path.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But thinks the right way.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Very good. Can’t stop now, let’s do one more, one more. Lol.


S: Lol.


Spirit: Blue crystal. A Crystal with a very square face. Huge crystal. Almost half the size of a house. And I’ve been opaque, opaque and blue. So, it’s like a dirty blue. So, again, behind somebody, a dirty blue crystal.


S: Speaking non truths and spreading, yeah, non-truths.


Spirit: Mm-hmm. Absolutely right. Crystal should be clear.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Good. I think definitely one more. Just one more. Ah, right. Imagine a square. Imagine a walking stick made of gold. There’s four of them and they form a square. So behind the person you get a square of gold. And it’s probably between just behind their shoulders to above their head. It can be any of those levels. It’s only a thickness of a walking stick. Four of them together, so it forms a square.


S: Mmm. I can’t get rid of the words, hollow promises. So, um…


There are two differences. What you’re seeing is hollow promises. You’re quite right. But if you expanded that walking stick, so instead of having four walking sticks, you had four panes of gold in the same formation. So now it is a lot higher. So that would stretch from the shoulders to the top of the head. There’s like a gold square behind them. What would that be?


S: Um… Again, spiritual. Spiritual awareness.


Spirit: Mm-hmm. Now, go back to the beginning, the first thing you saw, was don’t assume.


S: Mm-hmm. So it’s an energy that’s putting people in… …like dangling gold in front of them. So putting people in with, that’s not the right word maybe, um.


Spirit: No, that’s a little bit naughty of me, because this simply works a different way. You’re assuming you’re looking for all the bad things.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: This is a good one. Lol.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So somebody with a square of gold behind them is thinking the right way.


S: Okay, okay.


Spirit: Lol. Mmm, yes, I think we’ll call that enough for the evening. But that was very good. Very good. Now, let’s just see if there’s anybody else.



G: Nope, everybody’s gone. Not even a good night. That was a strange evening.


S: it was, but that exactly what it’s going to be like.


G: Yeah. But these things, you won’t be seeing all these things. I’m seeing it as a quick sort of flash, so you understand.


S: Yeah, I’ll be perceiving it.


G: Yeah. But, yeah.   

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