Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

946 Feb 2022 Nature, Divas and Red Indians

G: Let’s work our way to a forest. And on the edge of the forest is a river and a waterfall and it is total peace. Let’s take a seat there.

S: I feel like they are putting an energy into my head.

G: Good, go to that place in the forest. And see if you can see more at that particular place. Sit down, comfortably, see the river, the waterfall, the trees, and then focus on each individual tree, then look at the grasses, the edge of the river bank, the stones in the river, then you look up at the trees, at the sky, at the top of the waterfall. Look at all these things and start to build that particular area. This will help you be able to see who appears there. Start building it and as you build it, maybe not tonight, tomorrow or the next day, but somebody will appear there or you will get a sense of somebody there. It could be something very small or a person, or whatever. But just stay there, start building it and then if you start to see something, talk about it. Just relax and enjoy.

S: I can sense an energy.

G: Sense the energy flowing down the waterfall and along the river. Then I want you to notice what is directly in front of you. The edge of the river, the grasses and the reeds where you are sitting. And sense the tranquillity and the peace of the scenery in front of you. Nothing else matters. Then I want you to sense behind you, this huge forest and the forest is nature, but there is an enormous amount of strength there. That strength, you will also use in the future. Then I want you to sense the earth beneath your feet, going down just a short way, sense how dark and comfortable the earth is and what is growing there and moving, all a part of life. Just go into it and take the energy out. Then look to the base of the waterfall, and part way up you will see stones and boulders. And then you look on the other side of the river bank, which we will go to later. Just enjoy all those senses and we will talk again in a moment.   

And now I want you to describe to me, what you are sensing there.

S: an incredible amount of energy from behind and peace in front of me.

G: Tell me about the river and the waterfall.

S: the waterfall, I can see the crystals and stones behind it. When it gets to the bottom, it ripples through pebbles and rocks, it’s very tranquil. It streams past. It’s very clean water.

G: yes, and the water flowing along the river from the waterfall, what do you feel from that?  What sort of energy is it? Sit on the bank, put your feet and hands in it.

S: It is charged, it is cleansing and washes everything away. It’s pure, clean energy.

G: yes, at the stage it is at, here, there is no negativity put into it. It is absolutely pure. So, when you want to get rid of any problems that you have, or any lingering thoughts, or whatever, you can come and sit here, put your feet it, climb into the water, and all that will be taken away. How do you feel about all the energy behind you, the strong energy, how does that make you feel?

S: Super charged, safe, awesome, comfortable, stable, protected.

G: the last thing I want you to do, is to look for any forms of life in that area. Let it just appear.

S: Butterflies.

G: Why would we start with butterflies?

S: To lighten the energy.

G: Absolutely. Now one last thing before you come back from there. You know about the divas in the forest. I want you to invite them into your area, and they will come out of the forest and they will surround you, where you are.

S: I can feel them all around my arms.

G: and you can talk to them as a group mind. You will get a response.

Ok, let’s leave there now, and come back. That place is your peace centre. Only you can go there, nobody will go there without you inviting them in. You can go there any time, totally relax, cleanse, be comfortable, draw energy, your thoughts will be much clearer when you have decisions to make. You have all the energies surrounding you on what you would like, with your way forward, that peace and tranquillity. That is what you want to put into your future. Whatever you do to have that amount of tranquillity. So you can go there at any stage and draw any energy required. When you are ready to meet people, then you invite them in there, nobody will come in without your invitation. And you can meet people very comfortably, take your time and do whatever you have to do. It’s a beautiful area.

G: there is a woman here now. There’s like a totem pole in the middle of a forest. At the top of the totem pole is a woman’s head, a very pleasant head. We were talking yesterday about the two different ways to evolve, one on a human level, one on a nature level. They do mix, but in general you have the 2 levels and they each do their own thing. On the human level, one of the things you can learn is all about nature, so they have to go into the other side and learn that side. All about the trees and the flowers and what we were talking about yesterday. Once you have learnt it and understand it, there is not too much more to learn there, but people have to look after that particular section. So, because you experience everything during your lives, somebody has to teach at each level. So, when you go into the woods and you experience different things, somebody has to teach you what happens there. So, some of the guides that have chosen not to progress any further yet, just at this stage have chosen to go into the woods, to experience nature, understand it and so on. This is why we’ve got the symbol of the totem pole and the forest. The totem pole, as you know, was made by Indians; and the reason they have a totem pole, is so – it is supposed to be their ancestors. And a lot of their ancestors, you would notice, are birds and animals and so on.  So that’s nature, … his head would be at the top but the rest is made up of animals. Because they could communicate very well with animals, as they lived in their habitat. So, they got to know them and the animals sensed their energy. And they sensed the animals. So they had this community living, if you like, where they lived peacefully together. Although they had to hunt, because, again, they had to learn, about killing, not killing and how to kill. So, they would hunt certain animals, and not others. So they got to commune with nature, for want of a better word. A mutual respect.

So, when you want to learn this, there will be certain guides who will take you into that, and you will be able to learn so much about it. And then carry on with your development.


Would the red Indians go to a spiritual place like we have just been to? A sanctuary of peace. No, the one you went to is a spiritual creation of all the best parts of all the energies put together, so you have your tranquil space. In real life, what the Indians used to do, was they would go to specific areas, which they viewed as being a very safe, comfortable or beautiful area. And the same as we would go away for a camping weekend, they would go there, and spend some time, just being in the area, just communing with nature. And at the same time they would hunt for food, and just be a part of the whole energy.

S: because they lived in nature they didn’t need all those energies all at once, they would simply know what they needed or required.

G: yes, quite right. Now, you’ve been told how they lived and how there was no ego and no status amongst the tribes. When you introduce money for example, then you start to create jealousy and ego and possession. This is the way the world has developed, by all these new possessions. So, this is what the world has to learn. And if you think of the overall picture, the earth has enough for everybody. So why isn’t everybody happy? Because everybody has to learn. The whole earth society has to learn. The society has to progress, develop and move on to the next stage. And they can’t do that until they have experienced these sorts of lessons.

He says he likes what you did in your area, (my garden at 13 Lake Chad Palm Lakes), and you can go back there. Go back in astral. (your astral body and your spirit obviously understand what your physical and mental are going through. They are all combined. So they connect, going there…. Let’s try and get more understanding……… You astral every night, you go over to the other side, you carry on learning on the other side, but what your astral body is learning, is far more advanced that what your spiritual soul and physical are learning on this earth at the moment. So, for them to go to a place like that, is something which you have created, and they can go there, they can enjoy it, they can improve it and they can do all sorts of things. We will get more of an understanding of how all the bodies fit together, at a later stage.

S: I can feel chin tickles and face tickles.

G: they are letting you know that they are there, and it won’t be long before you let them in, to start channelling and talking etc. Just a nice natural progression.   

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