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1400 Ginger haired man has info for G and S

G: I’ve got with me, my ginger haired man, I haven’t spoken for years. He is the one that used to carry my briefcase. He still carries my briefcase, he’s the one who sorts out the money thing for me, which is pretty good.


So, let’s see what he has to say, he’s walking around overseas, nowhere in particular, just means overseas, which I think means we look at income from overseas, so it’s nice to start from over there, will sort of be our saving grace. He was sent along by Mom, or Mom asked him to come along, because we were worried about money, etc. And, why she wants him to talk is because I got it wrong two months ago, when I said finance is going to be sorted out in x amount of time, etc. And he said that wasn’t quite right, but it wasn’t worth trying to correct it then.


Spirit: Because time is different, and all this sort of thing. But as we’ve said before, don’t worry about the money side of it. You’ll have a few small hiccups like you’ve had so far, and we’ll just get over these, it’s just a matter of being able to, you’ve got to start things the right way. And once it gets started, then you start to generate an income, and it will be a very comfortable income, and something which you can just carry on doing, because what we want is for you to be stable. While you’re doing all this work for us, you’ve got to be stable and comfortable. And if we can put that on one side, then you’ll be much freer to concentrate.


With the situation that you’ve been in these last few months, when you’ve been literally stripped of everything, then when you have a small amount of money, it’s going to be very comfortable to you. And then they’re going to give you a little bit more than that, or when you earn it a little bit more than that, I should say, then it’s going to seem more like a luxury to you.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, you’re going to be much more comfortable. And as you said a few months ago, all you would like is your one little house and a garden and a fence and so on. As you can see right now, how desirable that is for you. So, we’ll organize that as quickly as possible. Things are just getting into shape. Because of all this turmoil that you’ve been through, it should have stretched over a period of five or six years, and instead it’s been pushed into two, two and a half years, half the time. And that’s simply because the changes of the world is a bit late, and things didn’t go quiet according to plan, because of free will and so on. That’s just the way it’s turned out.


But you see, from our point of view, we see that as not being a problem. For your point of view, where your finance is important to you on your Earth, you see it as more important than we do. So, for that, we can only apologize, but it’s not serious. So please don’t worry. Things will come up very shortly. Very shortly. No worries at all. Income you will be getting from overseas. The work that you’ll be doing, the products that you’ll be selling, will be selling overseas. Because your website is seen as being an international one. It’s not seen as being a South Africa one, which it really is.


S: Mmm


Spirit: So, as things develop, just more and more money will come in, you get more comfortable, and you will eventually move on to where you’re supposed to be. So, I will be in the background, and I’ll just be doing what I usually do, trying to push this man in the right direction, and I’ll do whatever is needed. He can be very stubborn where that is concerned.


S: Lol. Absolutely. Lol.


Spirit: Not through lack of trying. But stubborn nonetheless. So, I will leave you with that, and let you get on with your evening.


S: Thank you so much.


Spirit: Thank you.


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