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1401 – Peoples health will improve alongside nature

G: Right. What we are going to look at now is health. Part of this change has a lot to do with health and getting people back onto a healthy lifestyle. And less reliant on western medication, or reliant on natural food, natural healing and so on. What the change will do is take the pressure off a lot of people. In the beginning, it’s going to be pretty much for them, the same as it is for you. You’ve just been through a very hard financial period, as well as being very hard emotionally, physically and so on. So, a hard financial period, and then you come out of it, and the smallest thing that you’re looking for is very comfortable to you, comfortable for your existence, whereas a year ago you would find a very small, a small existence.


S: Meaningless. Yeah.


Spirit: Meaningless, yeah. So, a lot of people, the majority will be going through the same thing. They’re going to see a huge change in the world, with a lot of poverty, a lot of people losing their jobs, no income, cannot look after their families. There’s going to be a lot more suicides as things get sorted out. People won’t be able to afford the heavy medication that they’re used to being on. That’s going to change, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. You’ve got floods , devastation, all sorts of things are going to happen over the next few years, and what’s going to happen is people are going to feel deflated, depressed and so on, but this is what’s going to bring them all together. Because they get pushed down, and then the right sort of people will stand up and say, right, what we need to do is this. You two get together, you three get together, you group get together, and they’ll organize and get people thinking right away. Everybody starts helping each other instead of pushing each other away. And when this happens, the health of the people suddenly changes.


Now, if you think of how your health is right now, the health of the average person, because they’re being suppressed, because they’re worried and stressed and so on, it allows all the negativity to come out of their body, and this creates all these horrible illnesses. And there’s no natural way to cure those illnesses anymore. You’ve got your pharmaceutical companies helping in some cases, but doing a lot of damage in others. So, the body is nowhere near as strong as it should be.

So, what will happen is people will…


S: Feed off each other.


Spirit: Yes, feed off each other, they’ll feed off a new energy, they’ll feel so much lighter and they’ll suddenly understand that there’s a much healthier way to do this, and mainly because they don’t have the money or the medication and so on. They’ll be growing their own food far more, and realising how much better it is, how much cheaper it is to do. People will be supporting each other with food, just with home-grown food, very simply. 


And over the next generation, everybody’s health will improve quite dramatically. And then people are going to see the difference between natural food, natural healing, and false created healing. And so, they’re going to go back to a lot of where they were a century ago, where they were producing natural medication from the lands, because it is there.


Basically, there’s a cure for all diseases out there, naturally. Everything else has been created, and again, you need to see the creation, to see both sides of the coin and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, as far as your health goes for both of you, what you both have is a very strong belief in that your body can look after itself, which is quite true. The body believes, and you were discussing this today with your son Aiden, the body can look after itself, and when it’s told specific things, it will listen and so on. You know this very well. And that’s why your belief and why you are so healthy, your belief, is that your body can look after itself, and therefore you don’t worry about it, and therefore your body doesn’t get the negativity that other people do. So, don’t be too concerned about your body. You’ll get normal getting older, aches, pains, bits and pieces, etc., which you’ll sort out very quickly. So, there’s no major drama that’s going to be popping up over the next few years. That’s very comfortable.


As people become healthier, there is less negativity and less pressure on them. This allows the nature around you to improve even more.


S: To thrive. Yes


Spirit: That’s right, thrive. It’s getting better and better energy, because it’s getting energy from thousands and millions of people. And you know how the whole thing looks after itself. We’ve been through this process. And so suddenly, nature is a lot better. So, people see nature as being so much nicer.


S: And they’re happier.


Spirit: Even if that little bit nicer. Yes. They’re happier, nature’s happier. And so, everything turns in a more positive direction. Then you get the animals, the birds, the insects, and everything together starts to turn as well. And then what happens to the climate? That improves as well. So, everything starts to get back on track. So, we’re not talking here just about the human race evolving a little bit more. We’re talking about the whole planet, the whole scenario, everything getting back on track.


S: all energy changing, yeah.


Spirit: Yes, well and truly. Now, along the way, there’ll be many new ideas generated. Understanding of nature, how it works. Your scientists have the ability to understand nature far more, and they will concentrate far more on finding solutions for problems than creating them synthetically. They will look at nature to solve problems instead of making money for the shareholders. So, that’s going to change quite dramatically as well. Now, as this happens as well, your major companies will start to falter. Many will close. And they will start to understand as well the big difference. They’ll be able to see the big difference between the attitude of the people, what they’re used to, and what they’re getting now. So, that starts to change as well.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, the whole world starts to change, evolve, and improve. And this is going to be over, obviously, a fair period, but mainly the next ten years are the most important. So, it gets pushed down, and already things are turning, they’re starting to change. And for some, change will be today. Some change was last year already, and others, the change will only happen in another year or two’s time. So, it cannot all happen at once. But overall, this is moving in that direction.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: I think that covers just about everything you need to know there. Do you have any questions?


S: I was just trying to think of any, but I don’t think I have any.


Spirit: It’s not unusual. Lol. I’ll leave that one there, and we’ll see who the next speaker is. Thank you for that.


S: Thank you.


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