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1405 – Drought in China creates energy

Spirit: Now if you go across to China, where the opposite has happened, where the rivers have actually dried up, and the main river, Yangtze, is dried up. And that is just unheard of. And it’s because there just haven’t been any rains. There haven’t been any rains, so all the crops have basically dried up.


So with China, of course, you’ve got a massive army, and they can move food around very quickly. They’ve got a huge air force, army, etc. So they can get to outlying areas, it’s not the same as when there was a flood, it’s simply a drought. The question is, are they going to bother to do that?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: They hear that there are problems, but China is very much controlled, they control the majority, and they don’t worry too much about outlying areas and the peasants, if you like.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And also, if it’s going to affect their economy, their economy is really in bad shape at the moment, and that’s simply going to make it a lot worse. They would choose to have more money rather than more people.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Very bad. And that’s going to create a different form of energy. It’s going to create a form of anger, which is going to end up as a group anger. So just that’s going to be the opposite of Pakistan.


Now, you’re going to start having food crisis, people starving, etc. But people there can move to other areas, and there’ll be a lot of migration going on. They’ll just leave their homes and go somewhere where they can find food, and there might be a few hundred miles, but they will go there and they’ll find food if the government abandons them.


Now, that creates a very nasty energy, but there’s been some very bad energy in China for a long time, because of the domination of the Communist Party. And that is simply going to build up and build up, and that will destroy, basically, the Communist Party, and turn it into a new way of thinking, they have to rethink, because they’ll be totally dominated by the people.

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