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1406 – Drought and problems in Europe create energy

Europe is a first world country that is suffering very badly with drought. What’s happening there? You’ve got three things. You’ve got the drought on one hand, which is causing crop failure, so there’s no crops for the next season. So, again, they are going to have to worry about food. You’ve got the gas and oil pipelines of Russia, which is causing major problems, and you’ve got the economy, which is causing problems. Now, being a first world country, they will try to fix it by various means, by loans, by getting assistance from other countries and so on, but a lot of other countries are going to be pretty much in the same boat. Well, they’re definitely going that way, so there won’t be so much support as they thought. Even when they do get loans from the IMF, or wherever these loans come from, they’ve now got to be able to buy the goods, and you can’t just buy food to feed two or three hundred million people every day. It’s got to come from somewhere, and where there is food, they want to keep it for themselves more than they would normally, because of the state the world is getting into.


So, everybody is going to tighten their belts, and everybody is going to suffer, and this will create more and more different types of group energy, and as we’ve discussed before, you’ll see all these different types, but it all has to be. And then they will start sorting themselves out, the good get stronger, the negative get weaker and so on. So, that’s going to be quite a crisis.


S: Shew.

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