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1407 – New Governments are going to need clarity and Wisdom

Spirit: Now, where you get countries which have very strong governments, let’s just for instance take Germany, England, America, countries like that, where they have strong governments, the governments, as we all know, do cover things up, to put it politely. They cannot afford to go to the public and say, we have a disaster, because the public will panic. So, they believe they are doing the right thing by lying to the public, and so on. And the public will get… they think of this, they think that they are lying, but they can’t actually prove it, but they are pretty certain. But when they don’t get what they want, and when it does come out that they did lie, and that is going to cause serious eruptions. And they are going to be against the government.


Now they can kick out the government, they can revolt and they can have a coup, and they can kick the government out, but who are they going to put in? And that is something they don’t think about, they just think about getting rid of what is the problem. And then what happens? They’ve got to find the right people to be able to take over, and then form a government, and then solve the problem, which is going to take years.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So what the big governments need now is wisdom. They must think ahead, and they must think very carefully before they take the next steps. And this is what we were discussing yesterday, where you need clarity. They need clarity. And when they get the clarity, then they can, with the right sort of people, make the right decisions. But it’s going to mean major changes. Parties are going to have to work together. They are going to have to put aside their differences and work together. They won’t be able to claim the credit for making the right decisions anymore, they have to work together for the good of everybody.


When that does happen, a lot of, in the beginning, one party is going to let the cat out of the bag, of what the other party has been doing, and so on, and there will be a lot of bad mouthing going on. Until eventually they must realize, this is not going to get us anywhere. We have to work together, we have to make the right decisions, we have to rebuild a country.


Now, where countries are in a poor state at the moment, it’s simply going to make things worse. And you’ve seen a lot of this going on, South America, the Middle East. You had the Arab Spring a few years ago, where a lot of the countries, they removed the governments, they had uprising. And they’ve got new governments in now, but it’s taken years to actually settle down. Because again, they didn’t know who to put into power. They had a couple of people, everybody followed like sheep and said, right, let’s get those people in. But the people being put into power take over an area which has been pretty much devastated financially, and they now have to produce the results to keep the people happy. And that results in more lying, unfortunately. They have to keep the people passive while they do what they believe is the right thing. Because they just can’t go to the people and say, it’s going to be years before we get anywhere.


S: Yeah


Spirit; But the right sort of people will have to say that in the end, and they will get the respect of the people. And there you start to build very strong groups, very strong parties, and then very strong countries. So where they have, where countries have the most faith in their governments, who believe their governments are doing the right thing, they will be the ones that will survive. Yeah, they will be the ones that will survive. Because they believe in the government. If the government is doing the right thing…


S: If the government is doing the right thing, yes.


Spirit: So, very strong countries. They will be doing the right thing.


S: Yeah, absolutely.


Spirit: Now, throughout the Far East, China, Middle East, all these countries are pretty weak. And a lot of them have dictators in. A lot of them are getting just more and more problems every day with financial problems, food problems and so on. And they are going to suffer. When there is no one else to help them, what can they do?


S: Reach to each other.


Spirit: That’s all they can do. So they will help each other, a lot will die, a lot will suffer badly, but it will create a great strength, which will start to rebuild that economy, rebuild that country in a far better way.


Now, this war with Ukraine and Russia, has really been the catalyst to bring on the major changes about to happen, because it has affected so many other countries. And it has affected food, which has affected oil and gas and so on. But what’s happened is people are becoming frightened of the stories. It’s the unknown really.


S: The unknown which brings fear.


Spirit: Yes, it’s all been exaggerated by the media, by the different countries. And they are trying to achieve a result by exaggerating. But it’s not helping, it’s just making the world a lot more unsafe, because it’s the broken telephone situation again. As the information gets passed on, it gets worse and worse, and then people start to hoard and people start to do all sorts of things. Like you say, it’s fear. Fear is created. Fear becomes a group energy, a group fear, which doesn’t do anybody any good.


So, it’s not going to happen in the next few days, it’s going to take a while to happen, but you can see what is ahead and you can see how it’s going to pan out. There will be a lot more to it, but you have a basic understanding now, of what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, and what the outcomes will be.


There will be another aspect to this, and that is how it will affect your religions. Because in one case you have people with a belief in their religion, and they are saying, I have faith etc. etc., but the other half of people are saying, why me Lord? This religion isn’t working, let’s change. So that’s going to shake up religions quite a lot. But the religions are used to that, so that is not too much of a problem.


So I think that’s all we need for this one for now. There will be a lot more to this as it starts to unfold. And we’ll try and keep you informed as to what is about to happen, just so that you can see the bigger picture, you can actually witness it happening. Maybe not much you can do about it, but it’s very good to experience. I will leave you there, and let’s see if you have another speaker.


S: Thank you


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