Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1419 New energy replacing the negative energy for the change ~ countries and nature

G: Right, I have the side of a big hill, not a mountain. And then a short field surrounded by trees. It’s all covered in snow. It’s a very very steep hill. It’s steep within 45 degrees. And when I sit in the middle of this hill and look down on this farm or field and look at all the trees. I can see three things, basically. And I’m being shown the basics of these three things. I can see wood, which is the trees, white is snow, and earth below. But there is no energy there, it’s just the three basic colours.


Now, we know in the earth there’s lots of different energies and action and all sorts of things. I’m seeing it as just a nice (?black) earth, nothing else. The trees are basically, looking inside the tree, they’re just a very dark brown, there’s no rings or knots or birds’ nests or squirrels or anything. It’s barren.


Spirit: This is the beginning of the change. This of course is symbolic. But that’s sort of how you start. You can’t change to what you want. It’s a bit like when you buy a new car. You can’t just upgrade your old car; you have to buy a new one. It’s the same thing here. We have to create a new earth, but it has new people, new vibrations, new emotions, new everything. And as you’ve learned over the last few months, there’s just millions and millions of different things which are there.


Now, they need to be changed. So, if you can imagine a hill going upwards for the next ten years, and the hill is two hills, side by side and identical. One is the old one, one is the new one. So, what happens is, when an event takes place, it’s switched over from the old to the new. Now, obviously you can’t do that. I’m just showing you to give you an idea of how it must be done.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, what we need to do is remove a lot of old negativities. And we need the memories which are there, which you know where they are kept, etc. But what we need to do is remove the negativity, because now the earth is going to go back into sync. Now, what you’ve learned so far is, with all the different energies, they all look after each other, they all circulate, and negativity becomes positive, and so on, and the balance is there.


Now it’s getting horribly out of balance, and the balance is going to get much, much more. So, what’s going to happen if we just let this go right to the end, is the negativity would build up, and you’d have no positivity left, theoretically. So, that’s why we have to change. We have to put in a brand-new format, and let everybody play right from the beginning. And this is what’s happening during this change. Now, why so many people have been helped with this change, and it’s not just the work that the both of you are doing, it’s people who are being born thinking different ways, for example, that the new generation coming forward, coming forward with new ideas. All those new ideas, right from now, from the change happening, is going to go into the new world. And so, the new world will grow and prosper, and the old will basically fade away.


So, the balance right from the beginning is correct. So, the old negativity, the old world, will have to basically wear itself out. The people who are running the negative, or who are negative, etc., will eventually change, fade, whatever happens to them. So, you have this completely new world. So, very interesting for you to see that.


S: Yeah


Spirit: Okay, now in a field, in the field we have three people, and it has to start somewhere. You cannot start it with one person, because you have to have opposites. The three basically is symbolic of high, low and in the middle.


S: Yes, we have to start somewhere.


Spirit: We have to start somewhere. So. And that’s how that grows there. Now, who goes in the middle to start with is very important, because if you can imagine, who is there in the beginning will gain the most knowledge theoretically. Right, people may arrive a few seconds later, but whoever is there in the beginning will basically lead the pack, lead the way, and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You know how things generate from one person to the next, and the next, and therefore affect millions.


S: Yeah


Spirit: It’s the same sort of thing. So we need leaders who will be put there, and will just start the ball rolling. And it’s not just in the one area, there will be leaders put in all the different areas. So that each can grow their own culture and their original traditions and so on. So you will still have your different religions and you will still have your different cultures.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So these we put in place, they will start the ball rolling, and then more information is fed into them. And that’s how it will expand. Now, how do you think it will work with animals?


S: Animals will just sense it.


Spirit: Say it again?


S: Animals will sense it. And will make the adaptable changes naturally.


Spirit: Yes. Very simple. Quite right. So the animals will just naturally cross over. Very simple, very straightforward. Nature spirits, how will they react?


S: Again, they will just adapt. And they will help to change, to make the changes, and help with the changes that the humans are making, to support the Earth, the nature, the changes that we, as we progress, they will help with that.


Spirit: And the reason you don’t put in new nature spirits?


S: Is because they know the existing energy and they can see the changes.


Spirit: Correct.


S: So they know what is required.


Spirit: Yes. Quite right.


S: And if they do need new, then they will, they will see and know what changes need to be made, so they’ll be able to do it as a group energy.


Spirit: Yes, quite right. And they don’t have negativity.


S: No. Or points of view, like us. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. Excellent. Very good.

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