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1420  Crystals have the memories of Earths development.

S: Ah, I just put some diva energy into my crystals.


Spirit: Mmm.


S: Yeah. Geez, my hands feel like they are light bulbs.


Spirit: That’s excellent. You actually have a very good guide with energy.


S: Mmm. I try to put all the energy into the crystals, and our students tomorrow can walk away with all the energies. Galaxies, Earth, Nature.


Spirit: Quite right. Now, a few days ago, we looked at crystals, where they came from, inside the Earth, and being pushed to the top of the Earth. And because they contain the memories of the development and so on.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So that is so changes can be made, etc. Have you thought of a rock, that was, let’s say a huge rock the size of a house, which existed 300 million years ago, and it’s still here. What do you think is on the inside?


S: shew. Wow. So much.  Crystals, energy, memories.


Spirit: Mmm. I mean, I should have said apart from the crystals. So, you’ve got two types. You’ve got the crystals, and you’ve just got solid rock.


S: There’s so much memory in there


Spirit: There is, and this is long-term memory. And as we were discussing with humans, we don’t need to recreate the caveman days.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that can be left behind.


S: That’s right.


Spirit: And it’s the same thing with the rock. There are some amazing things in the rocks that would probably never be discovered.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But in general, they’re solid. They sit there and they just have a past history.


S: That’s why we have a saying, as solid as a rock.


Spirit: Absolutely. Very true. Okay, let’s look at one last thing. How do you think the planets will influence this change?


S: Well, as we adapt and we change, that energy might influence the planets.


Spirit: Well, what energy comes from all these planets? Good, bad, indifferent? Positive, negative, what sort of energy comes?


S: Positive


Spirit: And… constant.


S: Positive, constant, yeah.


Spirit: Very little change.


S: A little change, but surely as we adapt and we progress, and I’m talking futuristically here, then the planetary, the energy would adapt accordingly, just as to what’s required.


Spirit: It’s basic building blocks, which come from the other planets.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now, over time, and we’re talking millions of years, the planets will evolve, if you like. They will change and learn and so on, because there are just huge galaxies and dimensions and so on, but they will change, it’s a much slower motion.


S: But there will be constant energy exchange.


Spirit: Yeah. So, it’s a constant energy to start building again.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Depending on what level.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Once you have those building blocks, then you have all different energies coming from the earth, air, water, etc. And that’s what changes more and helps to create the new environment.


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