Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1421 – Atlantis and the fall of many societies due to imbalance

OK, now I’ve got something very weird and wonderful again. So, we’re just going to zap down to the bottom of the ocean, and at the bottom of the ocean we’re going to find a huge, imagine a shark without any teeth, whose lips have been sewed up. A huge, not a shark, a huge container. Yeah, just a huge container with an entrance sewn up.


That’s what they’re showing me. Now again, I think this is symbolic, and what I’m going to do is just open the mouth, and I think with this new generation change that’s happening, we’re going to find a lot more things in the sea, remember a lot more energy comes from the sea, a lot more creations.


I know there are a lot of things in the ocean which we haven’t touched on yet, which are automated processes and creations and so on. So, I’m just going to go inside it and see if I can see what it is. It’s a lot of very weird shapes. It’s a bit like Mayans, Incas and so on, where they had all these different symbols, stars and moons and diamonds and lightning and things like that, carved in the wall. And that’s what I’m seeing as I go through. It’s like a lost temple. It’s been sunk forever.


Now, Atlantis did exist many, many years ago, and I know because I had a life in Atlantis. And Atlantis went skewed, because there were too many rich, too little, too many poor. It defined it, so you got the very rich and the very poor.


Yeah, and they had all these different abilities, and what they could do was so amazing. But the guys in charge of it, it’s a bit like today, where you get these dictators and they want it all for themselves. They didn’t want to lose anything.  But one of the things they had there was healing chambers. And all that happened was, if you made a mistake, let’s say you robbed a bank, you were put into a healing chamber and your mind was slowly altered, so you understood that you shouldn’t rob banks. And what was put into your mind was from past memories, created and gleaned from people who had gone before.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So these were all saved. That was the level they were at. So healing became a very simple process. And it just grew, it just got better and better. And the poorer were sort of upgraded, but the richer were upgraded even further. Because they were the first to see these new changes, these improvements, etc. And they tended to keep it for themselves, they were afraid of losing it. They were afraid of losing this utopia that they had.


Now, in the end, Atlantis, as I’ve seen it, was part of the Bahamas, where you had Florida came down and then you had Cuba and Jamaica, and attached to that was Atlantis. And it broke away, it slid down, and so now it is off the northernmost tip of South America, probably a third of the way across to Africa. That’s where I’ve seen it in meditation.


Now I’m just trying to recall things that I saw there, and also what I did there. They created an awful lot of things with their mind. Because they worked out that thought is creation, as you know. And on our side, we can create all sorts of things, we can manifest things. But it hadn’t been, or they thought about doing it from an Earthly plain, and that’s exactly what they did.


They were able to use, harness this power that they had, and manifest any form of food they wanted. But they could also manifest gold, diamonds, whatever they wanted to do. And that sort of defeated the object, there was no point in progressing any further from there. But they had two sides to the society. They had the group at the top that could do all this creation, this manifesting, and they had the group at the bottom, which were basically the peasants, the workers, the slaves. And the separation, it just got bigger and bigger and bigger.


And the cleverer the people got at the top, the worse the people got at the bottom. So it became a society which was totally divided. And then the top half, the rich decided to segregate themselves from the poor, and basically leave the poor. It wasn’t a very pleasant period when it reached that stage. But if you think, they couldn’t evolve any further, without a lot of drama. And what they basically needed was the poor people to be able to evolve. So they could understand, and start helping the poor people, and find out what they wanted, instead of just concentrating on what they had themselves, and they created themselves.


So once they isolated the people on the lower level, they just stayed in their palaces, their utopia, with everything they wanted, and therefore there was no progression. They had no concern about the other. So the natural way of solving this problem, from our point of view, was just to start again. That’s basically what happened. A lot of this is myths that have been handed down for many, many centuries. But Atlantis was thousands of years ago. And it’s just the broken telephone that’s been handed down, and odd bits of information here and there, but it was around 20,000 years ago.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, as you’ve come to realize, there’s been a lot of different societies developed on Earth. Places like Atlantis, and many other places before that, and places which have been created by species from other planets, who have come here to try things out and just take some space up, where they could try and create.


Atlantis was, it got, it was too far, too lopsided to be able to start again. On one level, they got it absolutely right, but far too right, and they just left the opposite level, which they should never have done. And once you got,… they couldn’t sort of start over again, with that sort of understanding. Even if they were all incarnated again, it would simply happen again. So they wanted to go off in different directions. So it’s pointless in trying to recreate Atlantis.


There are many other groups that were formed, societies, I will call them, that were formed, that have since fallen away. You might look at the Sumerians, which were four, five, six thousand years ago, and they flourished, and then they disappeared. And then you get groups from Mesopotamia that flourished and disappeared.


And what’s happening now is, because you’re able to join up with all the different countries, you’re getting growth in any country mixed with societies from other countries. And that’s why everybody is eventually going to be slightly colored. It’s just the way it has to go. But you can imagine, going back a thousand years, where you had all these different countries and different societies growing in each country, and evolving in each country, and evolving in totally different ways.  Extreme ways, some of them.


And you can imagine when the English, for example, went across to South America, and they met a group of natives over there, totally different. The English went to North America and they met the Red Indians, and so on. So it’s all a mixture of these cultures, all growing up in totally different ways.


And you’ve seen what happened, the understanding, for example, of slavery, that was a terrible thing. But how can one country, one society, look at another society and think, you have to be slaves, you are lower class. You are not educated enough. Very strange. All a learning curve.




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