Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1422 Old memories need natural catastrophes to remove negativity so we can start again

G: Right. Now I think the last thing they are showing me is, it seems to be like a volcano. Not so much a volcano, but like a slit in the ground, it’s got this red-hot lava shooting out of it. Or just the gases from this red-hot lava. I can see if I touched it, it would be this huge temperature. And everything around is totally black.


Now again, this is the beginning. So again, it’s symbolic. So what they’re saying is, all your earth, all your rocks and so on, your structure. Now it’s going to start with new memories. Because all the old memories are kept down in the earth and so on, and a lot of them, really old ones, aren’t needed anymore.


But what you need now, on the top of the earth, is to start again with this next generation. So, very simply, what happens is the memories on the top of the earth, it’s like, we draw a line around, or put a cover around the earth and say, right, we’re starting again. Everything from here upwards is the new generation. And so, your whole earth, the way it’s going, the volcanoes, the tsunamis and so on, basically get reset to zero. Because, don’t forget, you’ve got an enormous climate change coming up.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And it’s really getting terribly out of balance.


S: And it will be natural.


Spirit: Yeah. How that will finish off is with a natural catastrophe. And that will get rid of all the negative energy, the whole thing will flatten out, level, and then you will start again. Now I can’t tell you how that is going to happen, but as you know, it will happen.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: As you were discussing earlier on today, both of you, the problems in the different countries that you have now, all you’re seeing is basically the beginning of it. It’s been happening for many years and people have seen it coming along, but they don’t do anything about it. It’s something which maybe will happen later.


S: It’ll go away.


Spirit: Yeah, and what to them is more important is the economy and looking after the people and not the climate. Now if they could just go back a hundred years and start again, they would see that agriculture is the way to go. Not so much industrialization, although that does help, but first of all let’s look at agriculture. Let’s make sure everybody gets fed, everybody’s comfortable, everybody’s housed and eating and so on. And then we can start creating new things and developing, but we all develop together in a comfortable environment. And that way you won’t have any of these recessions and dramas and people starving and so on. Now, it’s all a way of learning as we know, but that would be the ideal way to do it. And that’s basically what we try and do, to make people learn the correct way. But they have to go through all these changes because, as you know, that’s the way they have to learn.


S: I think the worst invention is money.


Spirit: Yes, money is… it’s not money, it’s interest. It’s the interest on money. If money just circulated, it would be very simple. What creates the problem is the interest.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Imagine buying whatever you want to buy and you go to your local bank and you borrow money. That’s the only money you’d have to pay back. And then it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, eventually all the money circulates during the time.


S: Yes. It’s interest that kills.


Spirit: Yes, it’s interest that kills. And interest is killing the world’s economy. It’s not just the people, it’s bad for everybody. And that’s why governments are getting hugely into debt. You were talking today about China, over a trillion dollars.


S: Shew


Spirit: A trillion is a thousand billion dollars. It’s just a ridiculous amount of money.


S: Insane.


Spirit: And that is just one of their projects. But something has to happen. The bubble has to burst. Things have to change; they have to learn.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Then you’ve got all the wars. Of course, but you know how they’re going to end. They get sorted out. Everything will get back to normal. So, I think that was enough for one evening. I’m not going to bring you any eyes this evening, any additional visitors.


S: But they fun. Lol


Spirit: Lol. I’m sure we can get some shortly. We’ll bring some again.


S: That was awesome, thank you. 


Spirit: Good. Thank you for listening and once more, good evening.


S: Good night.



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