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1423 How the Change effects economy, Governments and Religions

G: I have a Middle East language, so it’s sort of Pakistani, Iranian writing, whatever. Instead of going across the screen, it’s going from bottom to top. It’s like a commentary but I don’t have a clue what it means. Iran, I think.


Spirit: What we’ve been discussing about, the world’s economy going to fall apart and so the huge changes about to happen. Everybody’s opinions are being posted on the media, that’s scaring the people even more. And each country is going to see things in a different way. And if you take Iran as an example, Iran has always had this hatred of America. What they could be thinking is, if the world is basically going to collapse, we could sort of get our revenge on America, or by whatever means, whatever method, it’s just the way they think. Every country is thinking a different way based on the experience that they’ve had in the past.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now all these presidents and prime ministers and so on, they share experiences with other countries. They share the majority of their experiences, but they still believe that their country is more correct than the other countries. The same as we believe our religion is better than all the other religions, so it’s what you believe in. So, it’s the same thing happens per country, each country thinks it’s got the right attitude, the right way of doing things.


Now, there are of course a few exceptions, which are further down the ladder, but they have excuses as to why they are down there. It was because of, I don’t know, because of America, because of a war, because of colonization, they have an excuse. But they believe that what they’re doing is the right thing and they’re progressing and evolving the right way.


So each of these obviously is going to change, and each of these will change in different ways based on what they know so far. But it’s how they interact which is going to create some fireworks very shortly. I don’t want to get into politics. I want to get into the way people are seeing the change and what’s about to happen.


What they’re going to do is they’re going to believe their religion, if you like. So if you take India as an example, where the main religion is Hindi, they will believe that the problem will be solved. Earth will change, they agree with that, but they think that the problem will be solved by the worshipping of their Gods and the following of their particular religion.


And Iran thinks the same way. And Iran’s thinking, what’s been drilled into them over the last few generations, is that America is the Great Satan. And this is going to cause a major problem, because the people follow the leader and the leader is saying America is the Great Satan. So when there is a weakness and one country tries to help the next, they won’t be keen on helping America or America’s allies. And that will create a division and that will create problems with Iran and what’s going to happen to Iran.


When you look at the outcomes of each particular country, as it goes into recession, depression, famine, whatever is going to happen to it, it’s going to, first of all, rely on its allies to help it. But when the allies are in the same boat, it’s got to look inward to its people to make a decision to do the best for the country that it can do. And that’s when it looks at the religion, the beliefs of the country, and how that will help.


So, what the government in charge will say is, our religion is this and our religion says this is the best thing to do. And they will tell the people, even knowing that it’s not really going to work, they will tell the people to get all the people on their side on mass.


Now, that does two things. First of all, the government itself is telling a lie, but for the good of the country, to hold all the people together. But the people themselves now join together and they get a group energy. And if the group energy is positive, they can pull together, they can create, they can help each other, and they can pull themselves out and change and progress and evolve.


But if that becomes negative, if the people say, well look, it’s the government’s fault, you put us in this situation, we’re going to just take over the government and we’re going to riot and so on. What happens is the whole thing falls apart. And then you get these mass demonstrations, you get mass actions, there’s no progress, no evolving. It’s everybody fighting for themselves and the whole thing will deteriorate and become a really desperate state.


Then it’s in a position where it can easily be taken over by another country. And a country like Russia, for example, would simply step in and say, right, we’ve got money, we’ll take over, we’ve got a military, just do what we say and we’ll look after you and they will do that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that is your danger. Now, in most cases, people do believe the right way. If you had to do away with all forms of politics and just say to the people, how do you feel about this and the other, they would pretty much feel the same way, the right way, what we do, doing the right thing, helping each other and so on. So in most cases the countries will survive and they will end up more helping each other to pull themselves out of this horrible situation that they’re going to be in.


The bad countries, and they will basically collapse and get absorbed by other countries, they’re going to be saying, well, why aren’t you helping us? You’re helping yourselves, why aren’t you helping us? We desperately need help, etc. But they’re all fighting with one another and that’s why they will gradually dissipate. But again, with the new generation, you still have to have a few of the negative countries.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But far fewer than you have now. Now, there will be wisdom coming back from.., your people like, we were talking about the Mawi’s, the Aborigines, the Red Indians, etc.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Those remaining races, there’s a certain amount of wisdom there and that will simply come back into play, because those people basically have been suppressed and then they’ve been allowed to enter the western civilisation, but they still have their own beliefs, which is very good.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So they will start to perk up again and they will start to help other people and show other people just how good they are. And they’ll be seen in a different light.


S: Awesome.


Spirit: Everybody joining together, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Mawi or an Aborigine or whatever, it’s us, we are all together.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: As you were saying, we are all one.


S: Mmm.





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