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1425 The change for the media – Negative and positive influence

Now I’m getting, it looks like a plane flying very fast from like America to Africa. I’m seeing the globe with these black lines going across, it’s like planes streaking around going all different directions. I’m just trying to figure out what that is, and it’s word, word. Communication, that’s the correct word.


So, now let’s look at your media. Your media has been the cause of so many problems that have been created on this earth so far, but your media can also be of great assistance to get you out of it.


S: Yep.


Spirit: Now, people don’t really believe the media anymore, but when they can believe the media, when you get a Nelson Mandela in charge of a media station or whatever, then they can be believed and that will start that growing the same way, exactly the same as one person in one African community. So, the media is going to have to change.


If you take all the drama that’s about to happen, that’s just one fun time for the media. They’re going to love that, because there’s so much to talk about and so on. But what it’s going to do is it’s going to create so much negativity, and all they’ll be able to report every day is the negativity, the disasters, the economy going down, the starving people, horrible things day after day.


And then somebody comes along with something much brighter, some good news, that we have a recovery in one of the countries and this is how it was done and there’s hope for us. And suddenly they can change the whole thing. And what they will do is they will grab on to that and they will exaggerate that. And for once the media can exaggerate, we don’t mind, but it will get the information out there and that’s just communication. It will get out there and it will start to change things.


Now, communication these days is so much better than after the Second World War. It was still in the Second World War, very few people visited other countries. It was way across the sea. Now it’s standard, you fly anywhere in the world, not a problem. But also now you’ve got the internet and you’ve got communication, phone lines in different countries, open all the time. Interviews with other countries is very simple, it’s all one big country at the moment. So it’s very simple for the media to get out there and the media, because there’s this network of media around the world, one good bit of information can get out there and it can go around the world in literally a matter of minutes.


S: Yeah, that’s right.


Spirit: That is going to be the savior for your media side. So what the people are going to want, what we have to do is let the disaster continue. So the disaster is at such a point where everybody needs to change. Now, along the way a lot of people will have changed already, but the majority won’t. And the majority will be in this disaster zone, this depression, recession and so on, starvation. And eventually when the majority are there, then you can start to change things around, change things and make it positive.


And it’s like you and Geoff were in this situation six months ago where everything was taken away. Now the small things you have look so much better. And so, it’s going to be exactly the same with the majority of people on this earth. Those that have houses, cars, boats, planes, jobs are going to have all that taken away.


They’re going to understand that people are so far more important, family is far more important than any of the assets they have. And they’re going to see this change and they’re going to say, right, now we know which way to go, now we can change things. And they’ll start helping others, they’ll start helping others along the path, improving their life, giving them hope to go forward. And that will generate the new generation, create the new generation.

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