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1426 Walk-ins, different levels

We were discussing walk-ins earlier on today. Walk-ins are something which can be done, we can use walk-ins whenever we need to. It’s very good to quickly change things. But as you saw with Blessing, we can see ahead and we can see the area, if you like, by putting in people who will help the next generation. And even with this new, this latest crop of children, you will get that they are much more evolved than they were 10, 20 years ago. But they are still at various levels because you must always have the levels from one to the other. So that selection of levels with everybody learning is just to be a higher selection than it was ever 20 years ago. And in amongst those you will get the diamonds that will progress and start to create and change the future.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Mmm. Now, I think that for one day you’ve had more than enough. I’ve watched what you’ve done today and I’m very excited to see what you’ve done, how you’ve done it, how you’ve controlled it. It makes me very happy that you are comfortable with what you’re doing and you accept and understand exactly what you’re doing. And of course, listening to us, and what we have to say every night. You’re taking a lot in, but you’re absorbing it all, you’re understanding it all, and it’s all as it should be.


S: Thank you. That means a lot.


Spirit: Thank you. And on that note, and before I go, I have a very special Mwah! Lol. (Varna) She puts her arms up again, Mwah!


S: Very special.


Spirit: She was watching today. Sends lots of love and she says she’s always there. So, thank you and we’ll chat again tomorrow. Good night.


S: Thank you and goodnight.


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