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1427  Healing – reconnecting a mind

G: I started off with a mountain inside a big cave, and there is a stone table, about the size of a dining table. It’s pretty much shaped like a dining table but it’s built into the mountain. The rest of the mountain is just normal cave, rough walls, rough floor, etc. But it’s very beautiful, table-like.


And then I went outside, I was trying to sort of get away from it, just to check whether it was real. I went outside, onto a bridge, and on the bridge, I looked to the left and there was like a slow, winter scene, etc. I was kind of pretty much told that. And I looked to the right. There’s a beautiful crystal-clear river, really beautifully clear. And it’s right along the side of the mountain, and these two things are connected, the river and the table inside the mountain.


Now I’ve gone into the river, it was sort of inviting me in, if you like, and I’ve gone down way below the surface. I could feel the cold water going above my head, and what I’m feeling, sensing, is a lot of clarity.


What they are trying to explain, I think, is a bit like Pixie’s brain, I think.


S: Mmm, yeah, it is. I put her brain on ice today, to clear it.


G: Okay. So as I go to the bottom of this river, and I just sit in a sort of meditative pose, my brain expands to cover all the water as far as I can see. So what it’s doing is expanding my brain, so my brain covers every bit of water I can see in this river.


S: Mmm.


G: So therefore it’s much easier to see where the damaged area is in Pixie’s brain. The table is a certain table for energy. Energy.


G: Okay, again, very symbolic. The mountain itself, the whole mountain is the body. The body physical comes along etc., but the whole of the physical, the whole of the mountain has to be run by the brain. So the table, now you see the water, the river would be the brain, the mountain is the body, and what is the table?


The table is connected to the physical, and so it could be memories, past life, all sorts of things. Let me just see if I can see what it is.


S: She went to some healer who said that she’s got very traumatic past lives, that she’s brought into this life, and is she willing to swap souls? And she went whoa and freaked out a bit.


G: Yeah. Okay. What’s coming into the river is a waterfall, it’s quite high, it’s not a big waterfall, it’s a small one but it’s coming in all the time, it’s filling up, and it’s slightly different water. I’m going to go across to it now and see if I can sense/feel what it is. Yeah, that’s the experience she’s had on this Earth so far.


So that’s not too serious. Let’s go back to the mountain, and I’m loath to get out the water. It’s here somewhere. I want to know what the connection is to the table.


The table is, when you come down, when you’re first born, you come down with all the memories, etc., the job you want to do. Everything is there on that table, that’s why it’s so solidly built into the body. So then you’ve got the brain, and it functions outside in this water. Now, hers is gone a little bit astray. Somehow, there’s a little bit of brain, which is not firing probably, or whatever.


So, if I go, I’ll take myself back inside, and I’ll lie on this table, as if it’s not really a table, and I’ll look up and see if anything stands out or whatever. Now, I’m looking into blackness, I’m looking into solid material. It’s like, there’s nothing really there, everything is in the river. Everything is in the river, okay.


Now, if the mountain were a little bit lower, the river would come in and connect to the table, so that’s the connection that’s missing. Now, why isn’t her brain connected to what she chose to do? Or, why isn’t it connected to this part of her body so that they can work together? Do you know when this started, was she born with it, or did it happen when her father died?


S: No, it was when her father died.


G: When her father died?


S: Yeah.


G: Excellent. Okay. That’s her trigger. Ah, good. Now, what we have to do is reconnect it. You need to take her back to her father; you need to take her back to her father. Take her back, put her on the table, tell her about her father, and the water will rise. And the connection will be made, and she’ll feel, it may be symbolic, she will feel cool in her head. No, it’s clarity, that’s what it is. She will get more clarity.


S: That’s all she’s asking for.


G: That’s what it is. Okay, somebody is coming to chat a little bit about that.

Spirit: Okay, it’s a bit of a, it’s like a defensive mechanism. Ah, what she’s done is disconnected herself from the trauma that she went through, so it’s a separate, something happening separate on the side, which makes her forget that her father died. So, now she can concentrate or remind herself…


S: To focus on that.


Spirit: .. to focus on that. Yes… and forget what happened to her father. What she needs to do is simply go back to the father. So, as Geoff was saying, you must take her back to the table, put her on the table, tell her exactly what’s happened, tell her exactly what you’ve got.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Put her back on the table, and tell her to connect with her father, because what’s going to happen is she’s going to take, reconnect, but she’s going to have a very happy traumatic moment.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, what she has been hiding, is a painful traumatic moment and she doesn’t want to face that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, now with all the years that have passed, etc, what the father is saying is, come and talk to me, I want to see you, I want to hold you, I want to love you, I want to make things better for you.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, come into me, come and talk to me, you can help her get there, and let her experience her father, and let her have tears, and let her have understanding, and then it will take a bit of time to get through, but if you can do it all at once, it’s going to be tremendous for her, and it may take three or four times, because it’s something which is quite new to her, but it will make a lot of sense, you’ll resonate with her, and when that happens, then the rest will just happen naturally.


She will start to, we don’t want her to have dramatic outcomes, thinking, wow, I’ve just lost so much weight. She’s going to have the outcome of, I’ve done something which I shouldn’t have done, but I can fix that, I know how to fix that, and I just gain a little bit of weight every day, and get comfortable again and then everybody around me will be happy again.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now, you will have, your nurse will help you, and also, who else, lol, of course, E. Your energy nurse E.

Your nurse and E will help you do this, and you will feel some very nice emotions as you do it with her, because you’re basically going to share the emotion that you feel with her, and that’s how you’re going to get her to connect to you, to connect with her father, and get comfortable, and she will experience her father. That’s what she’s got to do, let go and experience her father, and understand, and she will, you can talk to her, and tell her what the father is saying, and so on, and at this stage, it is quite acceptable, if you’re not quite sure, is to make up what you think is suitable for her. You know exactly what needs to be done.


S: Yeah, I sensed him there today anyway.


Spirit: Yeah, so it’s not going to be a matter of you’re going to get it verbally too, whatever, you know what has to be done, etc, and you can do this. You have all the tools, the abilities, not a problem, you can do that. So. Alright, that’s all very good. So, we will leave that, and I’ll leave that to you.


S: Thank you.



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