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1428 Amish leader explains their life – happy but not evolving

G: Now, let’s see where we go from here. Now, I’m getting somebody here, who looks a bit like a younger version of Colonel Sanders from Kentucky fried chicken, lol. More of that era than anything else. And I think we’ve seen him once before. I got his head, first of all, and as I have made contact, he has moved forward so now I can see his head, shoulders and chest.


S: I’m sure you’ve mentioned that once before.


G: Mmm.  He says he comes from an older period. I’m not sure what he means by that. Because anybody who’s over there must be from an older period. And they say, no, not necessarily.


S: Not necessarily.


G: Yeah, there’s many that are far more advanced etc. Etc., so okay. Yeah, it’s probably like the early 1900’s. He’s got a brown suit, a moustache. He is showing me his family, and his family in those days were, you know, you wore a suit to come down for dinner, although you were not, you were like middle class. You weren’t wealthy but that’s just what you did.


S: So that was for…


G: Yeah, this seems to be in America. It seems to be quite religious. I can see his wife, who had a sort of white bonnet, which was part of their religion, a bit like an Amish.


S: Mmm. I was going to say.


G: Very much like Amish.


S: Cos they are always wearing suits and bonnets.


G: Yes, yes. That fits. (he is wanting me to stand and talk for some reason)

That’s because he has always spoken in front of a group of people. Now, when he was, when he was on this earth, and it wasn’t too long ago in time, he created a big following, around 200 people.


Spirit: And the 200 people listened to whatever I had to say. We believed in what we were doing, 100%. And what we’ve been taught was handed down from one generation to the next. And it didn’t change. Discipline was very important. We didn’t really understand that things had to change, they had to evolve. All we tried to do was keep the discipline, the perfection, the purity of our belief, and instill that in the next generation, in the next and so on.


When you have this sort of belief, what happens is you could have a very comfortable life, because what you believe is you don’t have to evolve, you don’t have to progress, you have it all here. You have all your answers, and if you listen to those answers, therefore you will have a very comfortable life.


Now, we did have illnesses, of course, and we had odd squabbles, but they weren’t to the degree that you have them today, simply because we suppressed them through religion.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: If, for example, you had a disagreement with your husband or your spouse, then we could say, well, the rules are this, and therefore you are wrong, or you are wrong, and therefore you must both forgive each other and progress and go back to happiness. That’s the way it was. And that’s what everybody expected.


Now, you can imagine being brought up to that lifestyle. What it meant to us was we were very comfortable; we were very happy. Outside, in the nearby cities and towns, we were often mocked for our lifestyle, but it was of no concern, because we were happy in what we were doing, and we believed we were walking down the right path. It was very good.


It was only when I eventually crossed over, and I met all my friends that had crossed before me, and they started to show me where we’d gone slightly off the rails. But yes and no. We’d gone off the rails to one degree, but we had found happiness in another degree.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: So we made the best of what we had. Now, when you look back on that, it’s very interesting, we had it right, but we didn’t leave room for improvement. What we should have done was said, the world is evolving, we must change with the world, and we must change, each new generation must change, and if we understood that, then we would have continued and had a much more content future.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: As it is now, the Armish are, basically it’s dying out. Now, it’s only staying because the people themselves are so, not stubborn, dogmatic in their views.


S: Yeah. That’s interesting, hey


Spirit: Looking back, it was very interesting. So the reason I’m here is to say, this is just one more aspect that I can show you, so that you understand a little bit more that progressing and evolving is not simply a matter of you thinking you changed from your generation to the next generation. There are so many different facets to this evolving state that you’re going through.


S: It’s also a great awareness for how to approach another religion. So does your religion make you happy? Yes. How? You discover how, and you say, well why don’t you teach others certain aspects? It doesn’t have to be your rules, regulations, your beliefs, but teach other people how to be happy.


Spirit: Yes.


S: And share the knowledge, share the tools.


Spirit: I understand exactly what you’re saying and you’re quite right, but the problem is that if we went to, for instance, a group of Seventh-day Adventists, and they were saying that ours is perfect because we have found our niche and our happiness and yours is wrong. This is what makes the discussion so meaningful. When you can understand them, that’s what I mean. You understand. Everybody has their own. And that’s what’s making it difficult to get through.


Now on the spiritual side, you’ve got exactly the same thing. And we, or you and Geoff, cannot say, this is what we believe. Well, you just say, this is what we believe, but you cannot say, this is the way to do it.


S: The right way, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. Because you have all these other different variations of the spiritual understanding and growth and so on. And they all believe that it’s right. Even your star seekers, your galactic people, and so on.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So, it’s a bit of a minefield to go through. But if you know what you’re doing, as you are learning very nicely right now, it’s great for you to go through. Because you can go through and understand exactly how everybody else feels.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And then you can understand what you have to get, what you have to say to them.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And you understand what energies they will need to change a little bit of their religion to a little bit of yours so that everybody benefits.


S: Yes.


Spirit: You have to decide what is right and what is wrong. As you’ve seen with the Armish religion, were we right or wrong?


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Is it right or wrong these days? So, very interesting times.


S: It is, yeah. Mmm.


Spirit: Absolutely. So, that’s all I wanted to say. It’s just one more piece of the puzzle for you to go through.


S: Thank you. That was great.


Spirit: Thank you very much for listening. And I hope I can come and talk again.


S: Yes, please. And thank you.



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