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1429 How to get past the religious barriers

S: I just got this big picture of all these religious barriers up, not barriers, but these religious walls up and how they’re just beliefs. And they’ve just been programmed.


G: Absolutely.


S: So, we can use energy. Energy.


G: But one thing I think you need is the common denominator. Find a common denominator for all of them and then you’ll have something to talk to each one of them about.


S: Biggest thing that I say to people, which is the be all and end all in the end.  You have a room full of babies. One’s Buddhist. One’s Muslim. One’s Jewish. One’s this. One’s that. You walk in. You don’t go, oh, you little shit. You’re Jewish. No. He’s brought up. He grows up. He becomes Jewish. Everything’s imposed on him and now you have a judgment against him.


G: Yeah.


S: It’s that.  It goes down to babies. We’re all energy. We’re all just these tiny little molecules. Just thinking we are right about this. We are right about that.


Spirit: And what you will find is all of these religions, that each one of them are looking for the nirvana, the peace, the happiness, et cetera. And although they believe strongly or fairly in what their religion is at the moment, they know that there is something that can be improved, can be better, et cetera. Even, for instance, your Catholic religion, there’s so many complaints against it. There are so many people for it. If they had another, let’s say, a pope, for example, who could change a few of the things to what they would believe in, they’d be quite happy to do that and continue with that particular religion.


So each of these religions, they have got their similarities, and they want to go in the right direction. But remember, we’re going to have to end up with still a variety of different religions.


S: Absolutely


Spirit: They’ll just be narrowed down. But what you’ll be doing is taking the best out of each religion, the best person, if you like, the best soul, and putting them together in the best way forward.


S: Little do they know, if they stopped looking externally, they would find what they were looking for.


Spirit: Lol. One of your favorite comments. That’s quite right.


S: It’s lovely watching someone’s brain twist. Change.


Spirit: You talking about Pixie?


S: No, energy. Spiritually, energy.


Spirit: Oh, right.


S: When you throw someone a question, and their brain turns around and processes it. The penny drops.


Spirit: Yes, because the first thing they do is they look at their experience. They answer that way. Then when they start to think about it, that’s when things will change.



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