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1431 A Rabbi explains his religion

G: We have a rabbi. A very religious night tonight.


S: Yes it is. I was wondering when a rabbi would come and talk though.


G: Okay. The Jewish religion goes back a lot further than Christianity. Jesus was Jewish, but it started a long time before that. And we had various rules, regulations in place, etc. Jesus came along and he was accepted as a Jew, of course. And he followed the Jewish religion, it was only years later that the connection was made with other groups and Christianity was formed and so on.


But still, when Christianity was formed, there was still Christianity on one side, the Roman Catholics, and there was still the Jewish on the other side. And again, the Jewish religion has developed different ways. Our Bible is basically called the Torah. It’s very similar, it’s just writings from that era. And we believe in pretty much the same things, but again, over the years it’s been translated different ways.


And we have celebrations for various things, and these celebrations have also changed one generation to the next. How a generation is, what they’re supposed to be celebrating. So these change along the way, but we’re very steadfast in what we do and the big thing about our religion is that we looked upon ourselves as being one big family.


Now we know in one big family we’re going to have a few bad apples here and there, but that is understandable. Because we understand we must have positive, negative for evolving.  But you see, we don’t evolve all that much. We stick together, we try to keep our religion as being as solid as possible.


What we don’t want to do is say, oh, maybe we’ve changed it, you know, the Word of God has now changed. Because that makes it a weakness. The problem is, as rabbis, we have to give advice, and we can see how things are changing. But it wouldn’t be the right thing for me to give advice when other rabbis, and there are thousands of them, would not be giving the same advice.


If we all gave slightly different advice, we do, but nothing major, so anything major we have to discuss, and then all put our views forward and so on. And there you get exactly the same problems you were discussing just now, with all the different religions, having what they believe is the correct version. So you might get a thousand or whatever, sort of thinking slightly different, so what do you do?


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Mmm. You just sort of leave it and carry on and hope it doesn’t come up again. And that’s the way our religion is, just carry on. It’s been very successful, mainly because of the family aspect. Everybody helps everybody else. The flaw, I think, is that we all help ourselves, because we all help the Jewish people, but we don’t help the people outside of our religion all that much, which should be done. And so we’re often seen as being individualists, and not the best people at times.


From many, many generations, we’ve been seen like this, simply because we are successful. Because we look after each other, and not just in a personal aspect, but in a business-wise as well. We help each other in business, so therefore our businesses are more successful. As our children grow, we open a business for them, but we get the rest of the community involved as well to support them. And that works very well, it gets the business into profit much quicker, much quicker than you can in a normal environment.


S: Yeah, on your own.


Spirit: Yeah. But the traditions have changed quite a bit. And there’s also a fair amount of envy in the Jewish community, because of status, prestige, ego, etc. And this has been created by everybody helping one another, and some businesses have been far more successful than others. So when it comes to, for instance, your son going into his next business, who do you want to support him? The more successful Jewish businessmen, or the medium successful Jewish businessmen, the more successful, but he gets more and more of the action, if you like.

And that creates a little bit of animosity, and a little bit of jealousy and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But that’s just a side effect. That’s just the way we are.


S: Shew.


Spirit: But, very successful, so. A very simple speech, so.


S: Thank you.



G: Everybody is gone


S: Yeah, and my brain is fried.


G: That was unreal. That was just fast.


S: Yeah, it was super cool though, because you see how they’ve gone into their own, it works, what they’re doing, it works. It’s got its small pros and cons. but it works and they’re happy.


G: Yes.


S: But they’re in their own world.


G: That’s right.


S: In this world. And that’s where, and there’s no evolution with that.


G: Yeah, and that just gives us a greater and greater understanding of what we’re dealing with.


S: Yeah. It’s everyone.


G: So, it’s getting more and more like, our very conspiracy is not perfection, it’s just the main thrust. And they’ve got all these other bits and pieces on the side.


S: Yeah.


G: That was cool.       

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