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1434 Crystals, Crystal bowls

G: Let’s see if we can get an answer for you about your crystals. (crystal bowls)


S: Mmm


Spirit: Crystals have their own vibration. You can get a variety of crystals all with the same identification, but some are far more condensed than others, the way they’ve been created. Some have been created in different places and so on. So you can’t all classify them all as the same. It’s a bit like classifying all trees exactly the same. They’re all different, they all grow up different and so on.


Now, your basic form of a crystal is all the same but it depends on how long it’s been compressed and also what energies were around at the time it was created. So if you can imagine a crystal that was created under Pompeii, where the volcano went off.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: or when the meteorites struck the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs, you’re going to have two different emotions, two different energies in the crystals. So what they do when they try and put the right sound into a crystal bowl is they try and get a frequency which they know is acceptable, which they know has worked before. High C, for example, shatters glass.


So, they know all these sounds and they try to get in a sound which is suitable to make it saleable, to do the job, that’s really what they want to do. But they can get several of them all sounding the same, but all have different, slightly different energies.


S: Energies yeah.


Spirit: Now what you must do is you must get a crystal bowl that resonates with you, exactly the same as you would with a crystal.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Because what it’s going to do is it’s going to vibrate with the molecules in your body, the water in your body, and this you know. And this, when you find your crystal bowl, you will know, this is mine.


S: Yeah. And I won’t be able to leave it.


Spirit: Yeah. Exactly the same as you found your two dogs, you knew.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So we’ll find you a crystal bowl and you’ll find the right one and you’ll be able to use it and you’ll be able to understand.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: But there’s far more than that for you to go through.


S: Yes.





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