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1435 Mexico crystal cave over energized, created negative energy, closed up

Spirit: Now, let’s just have a look at some crystal caves for example. Crystal caves are done exactly the same way. Crystal caves are totally natural, but it depends on how those crystal caves were created, as to what sort of …


S: energy


Spirit: Energies they have.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And they can be a variety of different energies, a huge expanse of different energies. Now, you saw the energies, you saw the crystal caves that were created in Mexico, the ones that they covered up with huge crystals in.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Okay, now imagine putting too much energy into a crystal. What will happen?


S: Um..


Spirit: Lol. right.


S: Okay.


Spirit; Let’s say you’re cooking a chicken in the oven and you put too much heat in the oven.


S: It burns out, it shuts down.


Spirit: Yeah, it’s way too much. So when those crystals were created, it created a huge volume of energy. It was a volume of energy that was too much to be able to use. So if you went in there and tried to direct that sort of energy, it would be like trying to direct a nuclear bomb. It’s way too much for you to handle. It’s designed to be used, in that case, in this case, it can only be used by the Earth itself.


S: Yeah, I was going to say by nature.


Spirit: Yeah, by nature, by the Earth itself, but not by us. And that’s why we made them cover it up in the end. But what was fascinating to see next door to that, because of the amount of energy it was creating next door,  it was creating negative energy, and that negative energy was being contained in a cave right next to the crystal caves.


S: Direct opposite.


Spirit: Well, the crystals were creating a negative energy because they were too strong. It had to leak out somewhere. So, it was gathered in a cave next to the crystal caves, and it was enormous. But when scientists looked into that cave, they found something like 700,000 different, you would call it, energies, diseases, microbes, negative that they had never seen before. And they sealed it up very smartly.


S: Oh my word.


Spirit: Now, obviously, we let them see what we wanted them to see, and the first thing they did was they covered it up. This is far too dangerous; you can’t look at this.


S: Oh my word.


Spirit: Yeah. But even today, they don’t really understand it. But they did the right thing, or we got them to do the right thing. But that’s how much power, something like this. So, you can imagine, in the Earth’s mantle, there are many other crystals that size, but they’re much lower down. They rarely reach the surface.


S: Yeah, I must say, I’ve heard tremendous amounts of energy when I pull energy from the Earth.


Spirit: Now, what’s nice about the Earth is actually the volume. It’s the same as the sea. You have this massive volume, but it’s a very gentle energy. But the mass is behind it.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: It’s like having a gentle giant. Lol


S: Yes, yes.


Spirit: The biggest heart for that biggest mantle, too. So, it’s very nice to extract energy, pull energy from the Earth and from the sea.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: Both of them are very comfortable.


S: And the galaxy. I’m a bit greedy. Lol.


Spirit: Lol. Yes. Now, that takes a little bit of looking after. Right, so, are you happy with our answer about the crystal?


S: Yes, thank you.


Spirit: Good. Now we’ll see who would like to talk to you today.


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