Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1436 Amish to learn everything I have learnt to date, so next generation will progress

G: I have the Amish gentleman here again. But he is standing to one side. And I think what he wants is for us to talk to his community. Okay, I have to stand again.


Spirit: The Armish community is very connected. And although we have families in different parts of the world, we’re all connected because we all believe in exactly the same thing. And we are connected in a way through energies similar to what you will do, but not quite. We just have this connection because we think the right way.


Now, it’s been going on for generations. It’s still going on. And it will carry on for many generations more. But what I would like and respectfully ask is if our whole community can connect with yourself, Sharon.


S: Yes, of course.


Spirit: and learn from you what you have experienced to date. And to carry on learning. So, it will be a little bit of information automatically just siphoned off, which will be spread amongst the whole Amish community. And the reason for this is because we need to evolve.


We have this beautiful understanding, this serenity. There are several of the younger, of course, that want to venture out and that’s fine. They will always do that. But overall, we need this information to spread amongst all of us. Now, one thing you probably don’t know about our community is that we believe in the guides or in God’s benevolence that he looks after us. And from what I have found now, we are linked to our guides. And our guides talk to us, assist us as a group as well as individually.


And it’s this group that needs more information so that the whole community can be influenced to change direction a little and to evolve and progress.


S: Yes. Absolutely.


Spirit: They said you’d be more than willing and I am very happy. It was just a matter of a respectfully requesting.


S: No problem.


Spirit: Thank you for that.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: It will make our transition into the next generation or two so much simpler and so much nicer. And I thank you for that.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: And I would just like to add that our children, when they are brought up, they are brought up in a slightly different way than your children, they are disciplined more to our community standards than yours are. So it’s more Bible orientated, family orientated and less disciplined until they reach an age of 14 when it is a more severe discipline.


S: Okay.


Spirit: They reach that age. At that age we say you are now adult, now you must follow the rules. Up until then you’ve been learning and it’s been acceptable for you to make mistakes but they’re all forgiven, it’s not a problem. That’s how you learn.


S: So interesting.


Spirit: Thank you again.


S: Thank you.





S: That’s one time I can feel all sorts of things flying out of my head. It’s like my head being tapped into. You can still feel it around my head.


G: That’s brilliant. You just made that connection.


S: But, I was just like sending all everything, you know. Just take all the knowledge I know. Oh, my lion is here now. Just take all the knowledge. I was so open and I could feel all the energy around my head.


G: And why they’re taking it from you and not from me is because you’re learning at a different level than I learnt.


S: Yeah.


G: You’re learning from the new generation and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: Good. That was nice. That was really nice.


S: Just this morning I’m out in the balcony saying, I’ve got so much to just share and teach people. How can I just get it out there? And then, boom, we get that in meditation. I’m like ok, thank you.


G: Lol. Okay. Solves that problem.


S: Just like that. Mmm.



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