Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1437 – Indian chief gives the energy to give to others with thought .

G:  In the background I have quite a few Indian chiefs. And they want to have their little say about how the earth is changing and so on. Now, they show me as themselves as Indian chiefs, but they’ve obviously evolved an awful lot more on the other side. Since then it was one of the periods they went through, but it was a very interesting period.


It was interesting because they had like the Amish people, peace tranquility, serenity, etc. And they had that for many, many years. And then it was only when the Western society came along and started to take their lands and interfere with their lifestyle, their way of life. They believed 100% in Mother Earth and everything came from nature and everyone was equal. And it was just a very beautiful period.


Now, what they are going to put into this mix is the energy, the history, the memories that they created. The good memories that were created from the generations and generations of all the different tribes has now sort of been put on one side. It’s like an ingredient they are about to put in the melting pot. And they want to put in all this beautiful experience because it was so beneficial, so serene, so comfortable working with nature. Everything was as it should be. And not just nature, it was everything surrounding them as well. And it was the stars as well, looking up at the stars which in those days were where they thought their ancestors were and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: But that being able to have complete belief that their ancestors were up there looking over them and helping them make decisions gave them great comfort. And that was all part of a mix which we don’t have in this particular generation. So they are going to put that into the melting pot and again they just want you to understand that that is there.


There will be times in the future when you will come across a group of people and you can either bring up this information or simply spread this information simply by giving the thought. Because you now have that ability just to think of that information in general and it will guide all the people that you are talking to. Even in the posts that you are doing you can put that information in. It is so much…


S: energy.


Spirit: Energy. That is so nice, so nice.


S: That is beautiful. Biggest thank you.


Spirit: There’s a little more. The wives, they lived a slightly different way with their children as well. They lived in the security and the comfort of the chiefs and the men. That is just the way it was in their particular days. So they didn’t have to worry or stress. They did the cooking or the cleaning or whatever they had to do.


The men looked after everything. They went out hunting. They decided where they were going to go. The tribal leaders would give the right advice and the women were just there to be comforting women. Comforting mothers as well.


So when the children were brought up, the children were brought up to view the father of the family as the main chief, the main person and look up to him with the greatest respect. What they had to do was go through their lives and then when they reached a similar age, the equivalent of your puberty, they would go out and they would be given tasks to do. To be able to hunt and track and seek animals and do things around the camp, the settlement that would benefit everybody.


And that was becoming part of a man. And there they had the greatest respect for their elders, the greatest respect for their elders. Far more discipline than virtually any other society since, which is so important. You could not disrespect. And if you did, you were simply kicked out of the tribe, in most cases. In most cases.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: But then they would qualify, they would pass all these tasks and they would have such pride. And that pride gave them an enormous amount of strength. When it came to becoming the next chief, there wasn’t any discussion or fighting for the title or whatever. It was automatic. Whoever everybody thought was the best was automatically said, he will be the next chief. And there was no discussion. And that was only their pride, their discipline, their organization that got them there. It was an automatic choice.


So in those days, there was never any envy, greed, jealousy. It was so comfortably disciplined, but with a much stronger discipline than the Amish people you were talking to just now.


S: Yeah.



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