Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1441 Norway. Peaceful energy, softer, energy stored there

G: I’m pretty certain where I am is New York. I have this street going under a flyway.  Busy, full of people. Then I got a house, in a separate area, which seems to be the type of house like the Hamptons. It’s very big, luxurious, but quite old.


I used to have a guy there, Charles, who ran the Golden Circle, I’m assuming he’ll be dead now but that doesn’t really make a difference. Lol. Sorry Charles. Hmm. I think it means, actually resurrect that Golden Circle. That makes sense. The people I remember there were, Charles was in New York, we had Mamut, he was in Egypt.


And Mamut, when I spoke to Rita, said that’s the Arabic name for mother. Mamut was very powerful. And then we had a guy in Russia, Peter, and a couple of others, I’m not sure. Anyway,  what we did a couple of in those days, was basically like what we did the other day, was just  sending group energy to different areas.


S: Yeah.


G: I remember helping him with a rescue, a group rescue, which was very interesting. And, I think it was Mamut, that showed Vern and I that we once lived in Egypt, we were stoned to death because we were healers. And I can remember that area very well, it was a T-junction, just out of sand, just a sand road with a T-junction sort of in amongst the sand dunes and Verns and I were stoned to death right there.


We were driven out of somewhere for being, you know, like witchcraft, that sort of thing. We were actual healers. 


S: Bad people you.


G: Mmm. Yeah. There was also somebody else, and he, I think, was somewhere around, I don’t know, Iran. It’s not serious anyway. 


S: Stoned to death is horrible.


G: Yeah. But modern-day stone to death is when they bury you, and then you just have your head sticking out.


S: It’s just as horrible.


G: Yeah, we were…


S: It’s not that a torturous death is nice.


G: Okay, advantage of having a circle. Yeah, the advantage of having a circle now is because, and this is something I didn’t realise before, that you have a combination of people living and people on the other side.


S: Mmm.


G: I’d never thought about that, I just assumed. I know Charles was living, and his group. Mamut, I know, she was not.


S: Oh.


G: At least, I think so. But now they’ve just sort of shown me, they said it’s a big advantage,  because, you know, we got together 34 years ago, and now a lot of them would have crossed over in the group, they are on the other side, but we’ve still got the connection, we can still do things on a group basis.


S: Mmm.


G: Now, what is interesting there is, we can use, they, on the other side, can channel the energy through us, who are still on an Earthly basis. So, we’d have to find out if anybody’s still alive, or whether we have to make new contacts.


S: Someone would have taken over, to a specific position, certainly.


G: They would, yeah, because it’s a very, a very strong position. Anyway, let’s just wait and see what happens there. Norway, that was the other place. They’ve just shown me. Right, now I’m suddenly back in Norway, and this seems to be on something a little different,… the mountains and fjords of Norway, have different characteristics to mountains in the rest of the world. And, I presume it’s the energy that’s there.


S: Yeah.


G: Energy and possibly memories, I’m not sure. But at the moment I’m way up and I’m looking down on a fjord, and I can see these mountains. The mountains seem to be, like a cream colour. There’s still a dark energy inside there, sort of a cream colour.


Now, we’ve been down the inside of mountains, quite a bit in the last few days, so I’m going to go down and go into this mountain right in the center, and see what is there. Now, last time I did this, it was, remember, inside was like the palace and it was very ornate, and it was inside a cave.


S: Yeah.


G: In the center of a mountain. And, I think that was memories or something. Anyway, let’s wait and see what they show us. So I go down into the mountain, and I’m going through it, and there is no cave inside. There is, the mountain itself I’m going through, and it’s not as thick as normal mountains. It’s a much softer, it seems to be a softer energy. It feels like a softer stone, if you know what I mean. It’s a whitish stone. Now, I’m just trying to figure out what energy that would be, and why.


I’m now in a place I know which is Oslo, and it’s a huge city, it’s night time, the mountains in the background, etc. But the energy that’s coming off this particular area is very, very friendly, very sociable, very nice. It’s a very nice community. There’s not so much negativity and animosity and anger and so on. A very comfortable community. That I think is because they’ve been living a lifestyle for many years, which has been a very successful one as far as the economy goes, the economics.


S: Yeah.


G: They’ve got a very good reputation. Now I think what’s happened is because this community has had such a comfortable existence, the energy is being stored in the mountains. And it’s been like that for a long time. And there’s been no real wars there. There’s been no huge upheavals there.


S: You never hear of anything happening in Norway.


G: Yeah. And no sort of earthquakes or volcanoes or whatever. So it’s just a very nice, comfortable energy.


S: Yeah, let’s go. Lol.


G: Mmm. Lol. Okay. I’m just going to go from the outside… On the left is a very deep fjord, which I know I’ve been to.


S: The fjords themselves have a lot of energy and they are very peaceful. I mean, they alone, bring a lot of peace to that area because I remember when we floated in there and going up, and just seeing that the energy was just tranquil.


G: Tranquil.


S: Just so much peace. So that must be spread across there, which will help the people.


Spirit: Yeah. Very nice. So, again it’s just, we are telling you so that you know where there is stored energy.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And if you forget it tomorrow, it doesn’t make any difference, so. We know that you’ve seen it and we can get access to it. It’s quite amazing.


S: Yeah. It’s beautiful.


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