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1442 Arctic – Library of memories, and energy of humor

G: Now, if we go north to the Arctic. I did a meditation many years ago in the Arctic and in the center of the Arctic, I mean it’s all ice and snow and so on. And what is in the center of the North Pole is a collection of memories. Now, it’s like a library of memories.


Now, it’s memories of the Earth, I think. I’ll have to go back to remember what it was. I remember it was a library. It was a library of… it wouldn’t be a library of people’s memories because they each have those. So it must be a library of memories of what’s happened in the Earth.


S: Yeah, that makes sense.


G: Yeah. That makes sense why we’ve gone from one to a very similar one.


S: Yeah, and how the Earth progressed.


G: Yeah.


S: Because it is an entity and a living being on its own.


G: Yeah. And what with the North Pole and the vast amount of ice is undisturbed.


S: Yes.


G: So nothing ever happens there. It’s a very safe place to keep these memories and this energy. Okay. Now I’m just going to go down into the North Pole because what I’ve seen there is a huge amount of light. And we’re going down into the center and there’s like a big, a huge wheel there. It’s round it’s like the face of a clock with many spokes on it. It’s huge. It’s very solid and it’s moving very slowly.


And in between the spokes of the clock, there’s a big circle. A big depression. Like a giant pot. This is huge. It’s like all brass color. Gold color, sorry. Gold and yellow. Yellow is obviously spiritual communication. The gold is very much building blocks and solid. Now, what is there as well is a lot of laughter. Now, they are showing me this because the energy is sort of held all over the world. There are all sorts of different energies that we’ve seen. All sorts of different colors, But you haven’t yet seen an energy of humor, of happiness, etc. And that’s because you don’t use that all that much. You use things to brighten people’s lives up. If it’s a disaster you give them upliftment and that sort of thing to bring them out of it. But you don’t normally give them laughter. So laughter is just one of the energies that they store here. The energy itself seems to be like top of the range energy. It’s made for the cherry on the top, the cream, the best bit.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So as the earth is redone, and rebuilt, etc, certain amounts of this laughter, humor, and happiness can be released to, as a prize, a …


S: celebration.


Spirit: Celebration, yes, of each particular area as they graduate. To put it another way. It’s a huge job. You can see all the different possibilities for all the different things that we have to do, etc. This, for us, is a simple part of it. It’s just a little bit more… I’m sure you can understand it as being simple. But it’s just a nice thing to finish it off, to bring out all that energy, laughter, happiness, and so on. And once that energy gets into a certain area, it will continue to grow.


Now we looked at Oslo just now, where you get a very happy area. And that’s a very good example of what’s happened. So when the Oslo people, the Norwegian people, and some Swedish as well, when they get depressed, they come down a little bit, but they soon come back up again. It’s not as bad as other areas where, when they get depressed, they stay depressed much longer. So that is a very good example.


Now, if we can change it, after we get everybody on that particular level, just imagine how much happier everybody is going to be.


S: And how much fun we going to have.


Spirit: Absolutely. So that’s nice.


S: That is so lovely.


Spirit: Now, I’m just looking at the wheel, and I was just trying to interpret the wheel. The wheel is very simple. It’s pointing in all directions. It’s like a clock, and it’s right at the top. And it’s got hands on every minute going outwards. That’s simply to send information out there. It continually goes round, in between each of the hands is a container of different energy. And again, this is just symbolic. So it goes round all the time slowly, and it lets out as much information as is needed.


Now, we’ve talked about automation before, and there’s one of these parts which is automated, there’s two definite parts. The basis is the one we’ve seen, the one we’re looking at. That’s completely automated. And that just sends out the right sort of energy where it’s needed. And above that is additional energy that we can control and use as when we think it’s necessary.


S: Oh okay.


Spirit: Now, automation is all very good, but it can never replace the actual… I’m going to say human touch. Lol.


S: Yes, yes, we relate to that. Lol. I was going to say it’s like massaging machines, yeah.



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