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1443 Different countries and their states of happiness (Very good)

Spirit: Good. Right. Now, we’re going to look a little bit about separate countries and the state of their happiness, if you like, of the different countries. Because they’re all different. And we started with Oslo, which you’ve seen is a very happy country. Now, you know England,  so we’ll look at that next. England is… they’re looking towards contentment instead of happiness.


S: Yes


Spirit: And that is why when things don’t go too well, they get a little bit sour and grumpy and whiny and so on.


S: Yeah, there’s a lot of form and structure and control.


Spirit: Yes, very much so. And that form and structure is their security, and that’s what they look for. But they will never really be satisfied. They’re always looking for that a little bit more so. They have a lot of evolving to do, although they’ve come along very nicely in what they do with their culture, their etiquette, their discipline and so on.


S: Maintaining, yeah.


Spirit: Maintaining it, yes. They’re still making mistakes. They’re still being corrected, but they are listening and they are making those changes. But it’s not what you would consider a happy country.


Now, we look at Greece. Greece has had its trials and tribulations, and the people in Greece are very used to having, corruption is a very big thing over there. They’re used to having disasters. They’re used to being let down and so on. And what they do to get over that is they dance. They celebrate.


S: Music and dance. Yeah, they do. They always raise the vibration with that.


Spirit: That’s what they do, yeah. And again, they’ve been doing that for years. So, the point of this is we’re going to look at each country and see that this sort of attitude has been going on for many years. And that is where we are now.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s just Greek people, very good. Now, let’s look at the Australians. The Australians are a new country. It’s a developing country. And how it’s developed is they were the first sort of pioneers there. That’s the way they see it. Becoming pioneers. We know, of course, that there were people there before them.


I’m talking about the westernized Australians. And they see it as their country, their land. They’re the pioneers. They built it. They’re the tough guys and so on. So, they’re very proud of their Australia. And they have a good right to be. And the way they look at it is, I’ve staked my claim. This is my land and I will bring up my family here.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And you can see that it’s a certain amount of pride, stubbornness, and belligerence.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But that’s typical Australians. That’s the way that group has grown.


S: They do, they segregate themselves. And it’s very hard to get in here. And you will only be accepted if and when.


Spirit: That’s right. You’ve got to suit our parameters.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: Now, if you go across to New Zealand. New Zealand were basically controlled by the Maori’s a long time ago. And New Zealand has developed very slowly, but very comfortably. Again, you’ve got a lot of English influence there. You’ve got a lot of Maori influence. So, with English influence, you’ve got the, trying to settle the Maori’s down into a more disciplined state.


So, they want their contentment, their life at home and so on. Whereas the Maori’s want to see nature, development. What it’s got to these days is basically what is due to them. They’re a little bit miffed that they don’t own the islands anymore. It’s developed and they’ve been left behind. And they’ve been left behind because of their culture, their way of life and so on. But that’s just the way it is. But both sides aren’t developing comfortably. So, now you can see quite a clear picture in there.


Alright, now let’s have a look at America. America is just one huge mishmash of everything. You’ve got so many different areas in America where you’ve got different cultures, societies, beliefs, religions.


S: Every type of person.


Spirit: Absolutely. And it’s just all growing and it’s a huge melting pot. What that melting pot does is it keeps the flavor good. Because things change all the time and they can change very fast. Their politics is probably their worst part of it because it’s ended up as being two rivals. And instead of having two groups of politicians working together to create this beautiful state of America, or the United States. So that is a bit disappointing there.


It’s very separated with all the different states. Each state is having their own rules and regulations. And each state has its own basically group of people. You get your Mormons in one particular area. You get the Bible belt in another area. And then you get the moderns in California and so on. So they’re all different. It’s a huge mish mash.


And so, as society develops, as the whole country develops there, we’re quite happy for it to continue on that basis. Because they do come up with new ideas, new changes. So we can see a lot of things happening there and so on.


S: Yeah, it’s like constant movement, it’s like a soup. Constant energy changes, constant.


Spirit: Yes. It’s a very good way to put it.


S: Changing, changing, changing. And so much, because everyone is contributing there, it’s constantly moving, changing, moving, changing.


Spirit: Yes. It’s good for evolving.

Now, if we go upwards to Canada. Canada is very green. There’s a huge amount of nature in Canada. And the people that live there basically you’ve got the English influence and you’ve got the French influence. And both of them are very comfortable living in Canada. They’re very, they enjoy the nature, but they enjoy the size of the nation.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: They enjoy the huge country that they have.


S: Yeah, it’s much more peaceful, much calmer.


Spirit: Yeah. It’s very peaceful because there is so much land.


S: Yeah, and nature.


Spirit: Yes, an awful lot of nature. And you know the amount of energy that you get back off nature.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now, they’re living in amongst that and they’ve just accepted that as being quite natural. They don’t realize how close they are to nature and how much it balances them in their particular country.


S: Mmm. Shew that’s beautiful.


Spirit: Yeah, that’s very nice. Now Canada will keep on developing on a pretty stable basis. Again, they’ve got their governments which you nearly always get corruption in government, unfortunately. It’s just something that needs to be sorted out, but basically it’s very stable because the people themselves want the stability, they relish the stability. And that goes along very well with nature and the natural environment.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Let’s have a look at Germany. The German people are very aggressive. That’s their nature. They’ve had a few world wars. They want this domination, etc. And you have to remember that even with the wars it was the people that did approve the wars. Not like today in Russia and Ukraine where the people didn’t approve it. But the people voted in Hitler and so on. And they believed what’s happened, so, the Germans are very aggressive. They’re very strong. They’re…


S: hard, yeah


Spirit: Yes, hard working. They believe very much that they are a superior race. And they believe that they should be higher up the ladder than they are at the moment. That is because they feel that they were let down by the governments who got them into the last wars and basically got them a bad name.


But they’re a very proud nation, a very stubborn nation, a very hard-working nation. But their down time, their relaxing time is quite shallow. It’s quite short. They would rather work ten hours a day and play for one than do half and half.


S: They are serious.


Spirit: Yeah. Now the French.  The French are very they’re very they’re very comfortable ish with their life. They used to complain. They used to a lot of turmoil in their country even before the wars. There was always sort of turmoil, whoever was running the country, they could argue and fight and complain and change and that’s just the way they were. They have, out in the country you have all these beautiful farmhouses and villages and peaceful areas. But in the cities you’ve got just the opposite. In a way it’s similar to South Africa but on a much more modernized basis. In the cities you’ve got culture, that everyone wants, you’ve got the entertainment that everybody wants. And it’s a very sort of fast life. But if things don’t suit them they do tend to complain a little bit too much. They don’t really know when it’s a good time to say, oh this is ok, this is comfortable. There’s always something wrong, something going on.


S: Yeah That’s human nature.


Spirit: Mmm. Now, let’s look at Spain. The Spaniards are a very proud people and there’s been no real, apart from a few eras, there’s been no real desire to be a number one nation. They went through a period back about 500 years ago where they had a huge armor of ships and they tried conquering other countries and Christianity to other countries and so on. And that didn’t work out too well. They didn’t end up owning a lot of different countries. They had a few, but it wasn’t really successful.


And their religion that was obviously the Catholic religion where people were persecuted for hundreds of years for believing that if they’re anything but Catholic they were into, if they weren’t Catholic they were witches. It’s sort of that simple. They were into witchcraft. So the country grew up with a lot of fear. And that fear was just passed on from one generation to the next. It was fear of the church. And that really killed a lot of, you know with being unsuccessful overseas and having this horrible religion.


You can imagine when that religion sort of stopped, how people could breathe again. And so they’ve always been very weary. Now they’re sort of a more, how can you put it, relaxed nation. They’re not too into becoming a number one nation, a number one force. They’re quite content to just live and enjoy the day and go along with everybody else’s opinion. And just sort of go with the flow. That’s their attitude at the moment. Which is very nice.


Now, let’s have a quick look at the big ones. India. India is very similar to America. But on a much lower level.


S: Yes, on a different level. Far more poverty and bustle and bustle.


Spirit: Mmm. Yeah. It’s like a, well it’s not even similar to America as it used to be. Because of the way it started with so many different religions and beliefs and all their different Gods and all their different, you know when it first started you had all these different states and each state was an individual state and each state created its own Gods and its own religion.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And then as things expanded, they started to join together which created a bit of you know, my God is better than your God and let them all play together and we’ll accept all the Gods, the more the merrier. So it grew that way. And they had this caste system which they’ve never been able to get rid of. And that caste system started because somebody invented it right in the beginning and it just spread to the other areas.


S: Yeah. 


Spirit: And it was the people, the bloodline that expanded. So as that bloodline expanded throughout India, so this caste system expanded. And it’s still pretty much like that today. People of the lower castes can escape and become billionaires but it’s still accepted that if you’re born with a certain name you would be on that particular level. You’d be viewed as being on that particular level. It’s like in this country and if you’re a Van de Merwe you’re obviously an Afrikaner and son on.


So India is a very good nation for creating and developing new ideas. Because there’s such a vast difference, all the vast number of possibilities in India. There are changes all the time and there’s development all the time and what you have in India at the moment there’s a lot of very wealthy families but you’ve got a lot of educated Indians as well. You’ve got a lot of very poor Indians. India is clawing its way out of a very old-fashioned system. It’s going to take more generations to do that but they have the ability to do that, the desire to do that and it is going in that particular direction. So, that is actually more comfortable than people imagine.


S: Awesome.


Spirit: Now, let’s look at some of the Middle East , it’s a very very tricky area. I’ll start with the easier one, Israel first of all. Israel are very well you can imagine they had their country; they have been persecuted all their lives. They were given the country after the Second World War and told, this is now your home it’s all yours and they, many, many Israelis moved there, and they’ve had several generations of growth since.


Okay, so Israel started to grow from scratch. What the Israelis, what the Jews did when they moved around the world is they basically all worked together as we discussed the other day, their family is most important. The Jews went to Europe, some went to America, some went to the Far East and they started to develop. And they started to develop in those cultures, so you had your Jewish influence but in the cultures of Europe or America or whatever.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And then after the war, all those cultures moved to Israel, where you’ve suddenly got a whole mismatch of different ideas of what ideology should be or the way forward and that’s what they’re trying to sort out but what they do have is this is my land, we’re going to run it our way, we’re going to do our thing and we’re in control and they’ve got to learn to live with others not just for the gain of the country.


S: For their personal gain.


Spirit: Yeah they’ve got to be more relaxed, open, etc. They’ve got to change their ways a little bit. You can see the attitude towards Palestine next door and the basic attitude is you attacked us, we took your land you’re not getting it back and that’s all that’s happening there is creating this ongoing animosity and more and more people are dying every year when all Israel has to do is say, okay you’ve suffered enough, let’s make a deal we’ll give you half back and we’ll keep half, is that fair? And suddenly you’ve got a very happy community that’s going to grow that’s going to help Israel grow and help the Palestinians grow. So Israelis are very stubborn they’ve got to have things done their way so again, a big learning curve for them. A very successful nation but they’ve still got a lot to learn.


Pakistan, Bangladesh Myanmar, Vietnam all of these are newish communities. They’ve grown a fairly comfortable way but a very poor way. If you can imagine on average they’re farmers working in paddy fields and they don’t they don’t really understand government and control. Farmers in other words.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And they’ve started to develop and this being this takeover by the French took over Vietnam and suddenly they’re being disciplined at what they had to do it was just, like against their lifestyle. And Pakistan and, the same sort of thing, they need to sort themselves out, they need to grow a little bit more before they can start to develop as a country.


They’re developing slowly at the moment but they need more experience, more guidance more uniformity to find a comfortable way forward and to grow a little bit more. Vietnam is not so bad.  Pakistan they still have very old-fashioned ideas passed down from one generation to the next  and they’re finding it very hard to change to a more honest lifestyle, put it that way.


They’re used to trying to act with each other which has just turned to basically theft, corruption and so on. And they’re used to this sort of corrupt way of life and it does make for a very solid..


S: foundation.


Spirit: solid background, yeah.


China we discussed the other night. China is one huge country but it’s also a very new country. In the beginning, again the Chinese were farmers they were very comfortable, very relaxed they had a very comfortable lifestyle and when they sort of became communists they started to be disciplined and it was a bit like a dictator getting hold of a lot of school children saying right now I’m going to control everything for A to Z, from now on, and for your benefit, so you must do what you are told.


So that’s how the communist parties started to develop. In their minds it was communism is a utopia, it’s a perfect way to do things, we all share, we have this big government looking after everybody but again it’s a bit like in Hitler’s day when things start to go a bit wrong they want to fix what’s gone wrong so they can have a better society.


So, that’s why they created these jails, these concentration camps or weed training camps they call them and if you do things wrong they’ll just put the whole village in there, they will put the whole town in there. That sort of gets rid of that problem but it doesn’t get rid of the problem it just creates an awful lot of animosity hatred and so on which carries on from one generation to the next. So how it ends up,  is you’ve got your Hitler which is now your whole communist party or the head of a communist party which controls the whole of China which makes all the decisions which doesn’t allow for everybody to make a decision, everybody to have a vote.


It’s dictatorship. So, the people themselves are simply, they’re putting up with it, it’s their lot, they can’t complain too much because they’ll be thrown into these concentration camps or weed training camps. So when they get something good coming along they can buy a new house a new car etc. they will do that and they’ll say well life is a little bit better but overall they’re not developing the way they should be.


S: No.


Spirit: And what’s happening at the moment as you’ve been discussing with Geoff, is the economy of China is in a very bad way at the moment and what they’re trying to do is fix it through all the wrong methods. And they will come unstuck. They have all sorts of schemes which are going to change because once one head if you like, let’s say it’s a dozen people controlling the whole of China, once that gets changed and another dozen people get in, they’ll have different thoughts, different ideologies, different ways of doing things.


 And they want to improve so they change what wasn’t working. And so this is going to go on for quite some time before it will relax. So there’s going to be some major disasters there but also it will be a very good learning curve and what we’re hoping for is that the people will understand or realize that communism is not really working the same as happened in Russia when Russia gave up communism.


They’re going to look at Russia and say after communism was done away with in Russia, Russia grew very nicely and with lots of investment, lots of happiness, lots of growth and so on. And that could be the way to go for China. We will just have to wait and see what happens, so.


I think that’s all the major important countries. You can see where others fit in very similarly, etc., so. The Middle East is and let’s cover that on another night, that’s a very complicated issue. Mainly because of their beliefs, their religions, their traditions, what’s been passed down, etc.


And there’s going to be a lot of turmoil there before they actually settle down. They’re a very volatile nation.


S: They are strong minded people.


Spirit: Yeah. They’ve got this, they’ve got their attitudes. Well, we might as well cover it now. Lol. We’ve got halfway round the world. They’ve got their own methods and it stems from tribal days where you had these small tribes before they made money and they had this tribal way of doing things. And the tribe dominated this specific area and it’s basically you had your main people and you had the tribes people who a bit like the old England where you had the kings and you had the serfs and the peasants who brought money to the king and kept the community going.


It was a bit like that and then they started to make money mainly through oil and that changed things completely because you went from peasant status to billionaire status and they were unable to handle that. A lot of them did very nicely in the beginning by sharing it out amongst everybody but they didn’t really teach the people too much on how to use that New gained wealth.


They’re busy doing that and that would develop very nicely. I’m talking about Dubai for an example and so on. Around that area. They’re growing very nicely and it’s gone a bit of the opposite way where they’re saying well, we’re the strongest in the world because we’ve got the most money and you other western people don’t really live up to our expectations. They’ve put their religion in, which doesn’t go down too well. It does in their country but not with other people coming into the country. So that’s going to be a bit of a problem.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Then you’ve got Iran and of course you know Iran, they’ve had many many disputes with the western world especially with America and that simply won’t go away. It’s been inbred, ingrained into every generation. And they don’t even think anymore they’re just saying that America is the great Satan and so on.


And America has tried many times to try and pacify them, make friends and so on and it just doesn’t work because they’re so stubborn. Now what is the outcome of that going to be?


S: It’s a buildup of negativity.


Spirit: Absolutely. So, where we get this change happening in a few years’ time, imagine if they’re surrounded by let’s just say, happier countries, let’s just simplify it by saying all the countries around them are saying America are actually good guys and you should change and their attitude from other countries towards Iran is ok, now we understand you it’s ok, you can change you can relax your stance, you can be friends with America and the rest of us are all waiting to be your friend.


And it will slowly slowly, slowly sink in and they will change but it will take several generations to do that simply because it’s been ingrained.


S: Inbuilt, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. But as you know in every society every possible outcome, you need positive, negative and in the middle.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You’ve got the negative people there, very much so. The rest are very similar, so I think that’s it, that will do. Unless there is any other country you would like, lol.


S: No, I think that’s fine, thank you so much.


Spirit: Thank you I have enjoyed talking to you once again.


S: That was super awesome, I love the energies.


Spirit: Yeah, it gives you a good indication of the energy in each particular country. I can see that in your mind when we are doing it. 


S: Yeah. That was awesome, thank you.


Spirit: Thank you, and  good night.


S: Thank you and good night.




S: That just shows you how energy build up and how every single is connected. More so in each country.


G: We are all one.


S: We are all one. And when we are living,…. so it builds up because when you’re with somebody, you’re more like that person, you become more like that person. So then if you’re living in a community you’re all being like each other and that energy all builds up so in little communities or in countries as we like to call them, that energy will build up because of belief systems plus being like each other plus picking up each other’s energy.


So you’re creating more and more and more of that energy and yet we are all connected without realising it. We’ve all segregated each other, but still. And in your little communities you’re going to build that particular energy.


G: Quite agree.


S: Which is the same as in jobs. A wax room turned into a healing room, departure, arrivals whatever, all that energy as well. But in countries there’s a general energy build up.


G: Very much so.

S: Amazing.   

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