Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1445 Rescue of a miner

G: I seem to have somebody behind me. He was very wary about coming forward. Could be a rescue or a beginner. It’s somebody who is very, very disturbed. I’ve told him, it’s safe, he can talk.


S: You can talk. We will not hurt you. We will not harm you. We will only love you. It’s perfectly safe. No judgements. No nasty. just love. And you are so safe.


Spirit: Who are you?


S: We are just two little beings that like to help people. And enjoy meditation. And like to help people. And who might you be?


Spirit: I don’t know. And I can’t see.


S: That’s okay.


Spirit: I can only feel.


S: Okay. Do you know what happened to you?


Spirit: No. No. I…


S: That’s okay. It’s a safe space. Just feel the comfort.


Spirit: I… just don’t know anything. I don’t know where I am, who I am, what’s happened.


S: Okay.


Spirit: I’m just… something.


S: Okay. We have lots of beautiful loving people that can help you. And they can give you pure clarity. And they can answer everything.


Spirit: Okay. I… I think of… things to say… but then don’t know enough to say. Then I think of things but don’t know how to say it. And then I think of… what… what is, who I am, what’s happening, and… nothing. Nothing makes sense.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Yes.


S: And maybe a bit of brain confusion?


Spirit: Oh, very much so confused. But it will… I assume… get clearer?


S: It will. See…


Spirit: So do you know who I am? What I am?


S: I don’t know personally who you are. But let’s see if you can start seeing or sensing some other energies around us because we have lots of energies around us. So, sit quietly. And see if you can sense some other energies around us. And those energies.


Spirit: I can see you as… blue, dark blue. And I can see by your foot a little green head.


S: Lol. That’s my little green friend.


Spirit: Friend, okay. So what do we do?


S: So you do see… You can see.


Spirit: I can… I can see… It’s like being in a… in a bubble. I can see… in front there’s you. You’re blue. This little green head.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And this side is blackness.


S: Okay. And if you look up?


Spirit: Mm-hmm.


S: What do you see?


Spirit: Sky.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And I can see me, talking. So I can see me, but…. It’s not, it’s not real, it’s like a dream.

I can see me. But I’m not… not here.


S: And you don’t remember anything of where you are from?


Spirit: No. I can see a… man with a beard. I can see you as a mother.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Things are getting bigger. I’ve been in… I can move. Lol.


S: You can move. You can move. Yeah. I’m moving the energy around you so you get a little bit of space.


Spirit: Yes.


S: Something’s happening to you.


S: Yes, I’m getting more. I’ve been this big for a long time. And just nothing, nothing there. I can… This is getting bigger and lighter.


S: Yeah. You’ve been in a very congested space. So you’ve been feeling very little and I don’t know how long it’s been. What I’m doing is just shifting the energy around you a little bit so you can feel the space because you are actually energy. Everyone is energy. That’s why you can see us as colours. We are all just energy beings. So I’m just creating a little bit of space around you to shift all that energy so you can feel that space again. More of you.


Spirit: Mmm.


S: And then things will start getting clearer. And if you start looking around now you’ll see things differently as well. And you’ll sense things differently.


Spirit: I can see more.


S: Yes.


Spirit: This is… this is where I was. It’s a mine. It’s a mine. Wow. I’ve been here before. There are others here.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Others. They are in there.


S: With you.


Spirit: I… Can I go?


S: You can. Where are you going?


Spirit: There. There are the people I was with. There are other miners.


S: Okay. Do you want to…


Spirit: I can go and join them?


S: You can go and join them or you can call them so we can help all of them? All of you?


Spirit: Okay.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Okay. They are all coming.


S: Okay, that’s fantastic.


Spirit: We can… um, they’re telling me… lol…. we are all dead.


S: Yes. Lol. Well. Well, do we die?


Spirit: lol. We are all dead.


S: Well. You’re all your normal beings now.


Spirit: They’re waiting for me. They.. there’s a lot who were like me, who all died. And this group of friends, they’re coming to collect us all.


S: Okay. Okay.


Spirit: And are you dead?


S: No. No. We are still in this reality. And we help those that have turned into the energy beings in a natural form to go to the higher vibration.


Spirit: So I will go to God?


S: You will go to the higher vibration where you, you already are a part of God, my darling. But you will raise to a higher vibration where you will be that energy again.  And be that love and connect with God and all those beautiful light beings that help us here on this physical planet.


Spirit: Yeah. Hmm. I understand. I understand a lot. But I must go with them now because they’re going to take me to the surface.


S: Okay.


Spirit: To meet God.


S: To be you. Yes. To meet God and all your friends.


Spirit: And they are all friends that I know.


S: Yes. Yes.


Spirit: Okay.


S: Yes. They’re all just on a higher vibration. So you raise your vibration and you’ll be there and you’ll be so expansive and you will. You will connect with God and all light beings. And it’s magical up there.


Spirit: Mmm. Okay.  And I must go.


S: You must. Bless you. God bless you.


Spirit: Thank you.


S: And enjoy that journey. And enjoy that space.




G: Well, that was different.


S: Mm-hmm. He was saying I want to go to my friend’s and I’m like no, don’t go back down there. Tell your friends to come here. I’m thinking they’re all locked down there. I’m thinking we’re doing a mass rescue. Meanwhile, he’s talking about his friends up there. I’m like, dude. You’re talking like you’re down there. And then I’m like, no. He’s like. And then I’m realizing. Oh, they’re all up there. Saying, come dude. I’m like, yes.  Go. Lol.


G: Yeah, they were.


S: All there to say, come dude.


G: It was like spirits that were rescuing him. That’s what it was like.


S: Yes, I know. But he’s saying I want to go back to them. I’m like, no dude. You’re not going back down there. Tell them to come here.


G: Oh, that was different. So, he died in a moment.


S: Yeah, he was so compacted. Oh, God. That’s why he didn’t know. He couldn’t see. He couldn’t whatever. So at first I thought it’s an old man with dementia.


G: Okay. Lol


S: And E’s like, no. So she starts coming, which is all energy, right? Yeah. So she starts playing with all the energy and moving and moving. And I’m like, oh, we’re moving the energy. Yeah, okay. So my arms are going like this.


G: Okay.


S: And we’re flicking all the energy away. And he goes, oh, I feel like I sense all that. And I could feel all the energy changing. Like as if I could feel him. And then I said, what do you see now? And he saw completely differently. And that’s why he couldn’t see because he’s in the cave. And he was like all contracted like this.


G: Yeah.


S: And E comes along, moves all the energy. My arms are going like this.


G: Yeah.


S: And then suddenly he could see. Then he says, no, I’m going back to them. I’m like, no you’re not. This is my mindset. You’re not going back in the fucking mine.


G: I could see the wall of the mine, all over there. And then down there were loads of other miners. All of them, I presume, died. And they were all in the process of being rescued.


S: Yeah, they were simple questions of are you dead? No. I don’t know. I’m trying to explain that one. And I think, I don’t know how religious he is. I don’t know what to say. Like if he’s a Muslim, I go like, oh my god. So now I just spat it out. No, we’re here on a physical plane. Oh my gosh. But I recognise I’m going to see God. Yes, you’re going to see God. Bye.


G: Yeah.


S: Oh my word. Well, that’ll do for tonight.


S: But that was so funny because my main thing was like, oh my god, he mustn’t go back down.      

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