Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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G: I remember, I did a few meditations, and I, you know, I was made to stand up. And this guide talked about all these different things. And the most significant one was that we were going to go through this very dark patch.


And what I saw was, we were going down this gravel road, ordinary road, with a forest either side, nice sort of walking path, and we go through a very dark tunnel. The dark tunnel went on for as far as I could see, that was a very bleak patch, which is what we’ve just been through.


Now they’ve shown me the other side, we are out the other side. And we’re coming to another tunnel, and this one is totally different, it’s black. It’s not a round tunnel, it’s sort of, if you took a segment of an orange and chopped the bottom off so it’s flat, it looks like that. So round at the bottom, and pointing at the top, it’s very black, it’s sort of on the side of a mountain, but it’s not a bad tunnel.


Okay, symbolic, so… In we go to that one, and that one is inside a mountain full of all the goodies,… all the nice stuff, the information and all the stuff that we’ve been getting. So although we  haven’t made a fortune, we’ve been given all these gifts and so on.


Now we’re getting to the other side, and we’re just about to go through to the other side, and it’s like a, I don’t know, there’s maybe three weeks of blackness, but not nasty blackness. Because when we step outside, when we step outside, the whole area is blue, and it’s summer, and nice valley blue skies, birds chirping, all sort of happiness. And the road ends, and it doesn’t mean we’re going to die, it means that we’ve go to this huge playground.


S: Mmm.


G: We can walk around this playground, there’s going on to the next stage, expansion and whatever it is. We’ve got this huge playground and that’s where we are basically going to work from for the rest of our lives.


Doing all these different things, there’s lots of different options that we can do, whatever, etc. Anyway, what they are saying is ‘that is just to make you very happy’.


S: Mmm.


G: And they said, they just wanted to tell you, that although it feels like you are still struggling, you are almost there.  You’ve just got a couple of weeks to go. Everything is sorting of coming in, everything is happening, you’ve got the information you need.  You are about to be launched.


We’ve just got a few things to be in place, because when this happens, there is a lot of other things that are going to happen with it. Things are all sort of linked up, how you will meet other people, how you will get invitations to do things. How things happen. It’s all pretty much preprogrammed. You are just a couple of weeks away from that.


So what we are saying is just, enjoy the break while you can. Get ready but don’t worry about a thing. It’s all okay. It’s all damn good. And when you get through and you do all this, then you will enjoy and progress and so on, from there.


S: Mmm. Okay.


G: Now, I look around, there’s no more mountains, that’s good. Lol.


S: Lol.


G: And looking over this huge expanse in front of us, it’s all fields and valleys full of flowers and cows and pretty things and birds singing and all that just, all very nice. But they are all slightly different energies. They are memories, they make up of lots of things and I’ve seen this before. They are made up of  … We did something the other day with an energy and behind the energy was a group of colours, or on top of the energy. That was all past memories attached to that particular energy.


S: Yeah, yeah.


G: And that’s what I’m seeing here. So all these fields have this massive


S: Memories.


G: Yeah, colours, memories, etc. Now, when you get going, it’s going to be, you’ve got to sort of find your sort of, which way to go. You have been doing that these the last few months and that will start to happen and progress the right way but there are all these additional things that will happen.


So you are not going to rush into it, you are going to start changing things and whatever you do. It doesn’t matter how much you research, you start and things change. They will all be very nice things, but… the nice part, especially for the two of you, is you are going to meet a lot of very nice people. And it’s the right sort of people that will support you and help you on your way and you will be able to help them and they will understand completely what you are doing. And it won’t be matter of trying to get into the market place and make sales and so on, it’s not that at all. It’s just being comfortable, being yourselves and just being, that’s of course the way you’ll be teaching, just being yourselves.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, we’ve shown you helpers you have over here. Lots and lots of different helpers, and there’s helpers for all sorts of things because everyone here is of course learning on different levels as well.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: They haven’t experienced this before, most of the people, so they just want to learn and watch how you do it, see what happens and see the results. So you’ve got lots of people at different levels watching and you’ve got lots of .. you’ve got access to an awful lot of information, far more than you need, basically.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: but it’s so that we can get done, exactly what we want to do. We’ve got to make this successful, we’ve got to make our garden grow. The main sort of garden is the particular thing that you are doing.


S: Mmm


Spirit:  So, we want to make sure you have all the support you need. All the backup and all the answers you need.


S: That is super awesome. No pressure hey. Lol


Spirit: Now, no, no, you can ride through it. Lol. Now, what you will be getting is instant sensing.


S; Yeah.


Spirit: You are getting it at the moment, where you actually see things and you think, ah, you sort of understand that straight away. 


S: yeah


Spirit: and it’s going to be the same. You will get into situations where; Lauren is a very good example for you. You sort of figured that all out right way. And just, by your past history first of all, but also with your new knowingness and your sensing, etc. you are able to  see exactly what needed doing there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, one thing, don’t forget, it doesn’t matter what successes or failures you have. We can’t let you have all successes, because everybody needs to learn on different levels, etc, so you will have your failures as well.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: We can’t, for example, just make everybody well because obviously it simply wouldn’t work, so, you understand that and you are quite happy to go with that as well.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, what else do we have for you? Lots of people watching. Lots of your family members and so on, are going to watch what is happening.  We said one day we will get everybody together, and we will definitely do that. We are sort of planning that for some time. We will get there, it’s not a problem.


S: Yeah. There is no rush.


Spirit: Yeah, no rush. And of course when we do things, time is different as well, so..


S: Yes. Exactly.


Spirit: We come down here and we try and fit in with your time and  we are getting totally different things, we can work for 50 years up here and come back here and 10 minutes have gone. That’s the difference, the time thing. But it’s easily adjustable for us.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Your little green friend, he is going to be with you for a long time.


S: I love it.


Spirit: And you will find out what he is all about at a later stage. Lol. Very interesting.


S: Lol.


Spirit: Now, do you have any questions?


S: No, I just need your light energy tonight, cos it’s just it’s just been grrrr.


Spirit: It has been quite a day for you. Yeah, it’s very nice energy, so.


S: Yeah, so no questions, thank you.


Spirit: got it. Now let me see if I can find somebody that can give  you a little bit of upliftment and very simple and enjoyable to finish off your evening.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: And before your coffee gets too cold.


S: Lol. Thank you.


Spirit: Thank you and we will chat again very soon.


S: Thank you. And goodnight.


Spirit: goodnight, lol.


S: Even that guy last night saw him.


G: Mmm.


S: Yeah, he was like little green man, Mmm.



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