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1449 How happy people evolve (Dorset)

G: This is something I never thought of. Once again, it’s energies, they’re saying, we’ve always been looking at the people who have problems, people on different levels and people that need to learn, and so on.


S: Mmm.


G: But Verna says, have a look at the happy people, there are people out there who are just happy, they’re content, they’ve just found it.


S: Yeah, and there are, there’s tons of them around.


G: And she’s saying they’ve got to evolve as well, and so how they evolve is just by being happy where they are.


S: So they don’t fall so hard when anything crumbles?


G: Well, no, it’s not that so much, that is part of it, but the point is, that we’ve only been looking at the unhappy people, people who need to change themselves.


S: Helping people, helping people.


G: Yes, helping people, and there are loads of happy people out there, people who are just happy as a pig in brown stuff. Happy with their lot, and they just go through life being happy, but they have to evolve as well, and the way they evolve is to get more satisfaction by helping other people, so that’s how they move up their level. So they help people on a higher level. That’s, I’ve never thought of that. A very simple one.  


Okay, I’m back at the place where we were before Verns and I went into this long dark tunnel. Before it began. And the place I’m seeing now, now that I can spend some time and sort of look around, I know where this place is.


It’s a place I’ve told you about in Woodlands, where there’s this house in the middle of, right in the middle of the woods. Where we used to go when it was spring when there were all these plums and apples and god know what.


S: That’s right.


G: That house must have been built, I don’t know, 2-3-400 years ago.  A very long time ago. This is probably supposed to be miles from XXX?.


Okay, I’ve got this very old house, which is crumbling, and if you go back to Woodlands, there was two houses opposite where we were, which were in the same state. They’re very old, and I’m guessing they were beginning 17th or 18th century, or maybe even longer.


Because they were just made of…. The walls were alI.. There was no brick. This is something I just realized for the first time. Its maybe much older. The only other thing that’s old is the Horton castle which I’ve told you about, which is next door to Haythorn.


So maybe these are all, I don’t know, maybe there’s a group of people that lived there in this particular area, that we are meant to contact. I don’t know, but what I’m going to do is, I’m going to go in the house which is now on my left. I’m going to go into that house, to see if I can see who was originally there.


Mmm, there’s somebody coming, they are right in me. It’s great.

It’s an old lady. The old lady who lived in this house was more, she was like a, I  can’t say if she was a healer or a type of witch.  No, she was a healer. that’s why she had this orchard. She used to make an awful lot of wines, which was a thing in those days, but she was able to put in the wines a lot of healing herbs and concoctions. And a lot of it would be just for the general wellbeing of the people.


The people in her day were very, very poor. The fact that she had a house, meant she was not upper market, but somebody must be looking after her. It was as if it was like a house on a farm. But there were no farms close by, it was all woods. So, yeah, it belonged to a woodsman. Let me try and get this a bit clearer.


Okay, she used to look after some group or another. It was either a group of either upmarket people or a group of army people, I can’t really differentiate at the moment. And she lived in this house and she was given this house to work in. She used to make all these different potions. She used to do a lot of washing. And so she looked after, I still can’t see the difference but that’s irrelevant.


But she used to make up these potions, add them to her wines, and sell the wines. And she did it, surely because she’d reached a certain level where there was nothing else really for her to do, except try and, … no, that’s not right. It is a very complicated one.


Okay, got it. Horton Castle used to be very busy, lots of soldiers there and so on. Haythorn used to be a little village where they would go and buy all their provisions. She lived in the country and she used to provide her provisions to the village, which then sold to all the soldiers. So she got protection there.


She was given this house in the middle of the woods because it belonged to a woodsman, which was her husband, and he worked for the soldiers of the day. And so he did that. He looked after the woods and she made all these concoctions. She would make the wine, which was her big thing. They supplied the fort with an awful lot of wine, which is why she had such a big orchard, and she could do all these different things. But what she did unbeknown to most, unbeknown to everybody really, is she put different things into the wine to make the soldiers more relaxed, passive, comfortable, not so aggressive, peaceful. Peaceful, that’s the word.


Okay, yeah, she was a healer. Now, she shows herself as a sort of big, fat old granny with an apron with pockets in and all these different herbs and bits and pieces in the pockets. There was a washing line and red pans and stoves going and stills going and all sorts of things. And so she had quite a very busy life. She learnt an awful lot of different things. So she was saying, in that particular area, there was a lot, in those days, there was a lot of untouched herbs and berries and fruits and so on that she could use to make up what she wanted. And it was a lot more natural than it is today because there was no chemicals and no fertilizers and so on.


It was all very, very natural. And it was, for her, it was a very good learning curve, a very nice life that she had there. And she could sort of hone her skills and make all these beautiful things that she made. And what she left in that particular area was a very good energy. And that’s why, you know, when we went there as kids, we could feel this nice energy. It wasn’t like an old haunted house like the others were.


The era was really old. I can see the soldiers as being a bit like red coats with bayonets and muskets. So that must have been 17th, 18th century somewhere around there. Horton Castle was built before that. That was a lookout point. And all around, I can see now what we were looking at yesterday. It was all this beautiful nice area.


I can see over there, there was Cranbourne and over there, there was Dorchester. Dorchester was a main center where there was a lot of magistrates and courts and the galleries and a major town and then over here is Salisbury.


And Salisbury wasn’t such a nice area. The energy that built up around Salisbury just wasn’t that good, so that is not too important, what’s over there. This is the most important part, Dorchester. And going down to Weymouth, Poole Harbor, all that area. It was a very nice area.


Now, what we were talking about a couple of days ago was we were looking at the county. And one county being either good or bad, we could sense what the counties were. Now prior to those counties becoming classified, if you like, here what you can see is a very natural, a very good energy, but of a much, much bigger area. Because the area must be part of two or three counties put together. I’m just guessing. And all that was really nice. Back over here, all that was going the other way. So, we’re on the right track where we saw it yesterday. Because we went to Haythorn and then we saw it.


And what we saw from Haythorn was seeing it at a later date. So, in that second house, it was a memory rod that’s what they were trying to show us. It was a memory rod to see what was there. And what was there was a little village, a little village that supplied the forts and the soldiers and so on.


Now, there’s no particular reason for her to show us this. It’s just to show us one thing that happened centuries ago that they can show us now that we can relate to. And again, it’s all about, you know, all time is now, that sort of thing. This is not something new. This is centuries ago. And how she can come back as she was in those days, obviously now she’s much more advanced, and just chat and show us about the energy of the complete area.


Now, okay, this is the additional bit to it, which is really mind-blowing. I had a brilliant upbringing as a kid. I moved there when I was six and, I moved to Stapehill when I was 12. So I spent all my time in this very nice area, Haythorn, Woodlands and so on. And remember I’ve told you that I used to run to Haythorn, go play with friends and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: That was half an hour running there, and just come back when it gets dark and make shortcuts to the woods. I used to go to this old house and go there in spring and collect all the fruit and go there by myself and so on. And so I picked up a lot of this basic energy in it. The same way when you’re born, you pick up the energy from the stars. I picked up the energy from this particular area around me.


S: Shew.


G: Okay, so that was good beneficial energy for me. And then I moved on, went to different places, et cetera, et cetera. You, on the other hand, you have moved on to lots of different places and picked up lots of different energy. I would say which is very beneficial for you. But now you look at somebody who stayed in one area all the time and they stayed in one area and they’ve picked up the same energy and it’s just repeated over and over again.


And they haven’t evolved as much as somebody who picks up all the different energies which they get through basically traveling, going to different places.


S: Yeah, experience.


G: That makes sense.


S: Yes, yeah, big time.


G: That’s very good.


S: And we used to think that was normal. No. Lol.


G:  Yeah, so now we think of my sister, for example. She’s been in one place, which is a nice enough place, but since she was 20. So she’s been there 50 years.


S: Yoh, now see, I would get claustrophobic.


G: Yeah, and it’s renting one place on a farm and nothing’s ever changed. Now, she’s content to go through that life. When you think about it, she’s a Mormon. She’s been a Mormon all her life. And she’s going to die Mormon. So she hasn’t developed all that much. So it’s just something else we can add into our understanding that the more people travel, move around, the more…


S: adaptable they become and the more they grow and the more they experience and grow and progress.


G: Yes, that’s exactly right.


S: It makes sense. It’s like staying in the same house all the time and never going outside.


G: Yeah. Your little green man is cute.


S: I will learn all about him soon.


G: mmm. So, now we know what the Haythorn story is.


S: So then you think about the energy that kids or people experience and grow up with, everything’s about learning, growing.


G: Yeah, but especially kids when you think about it. ….. Mmm, and they gone. That’s all there was.


S: Bye.


G: So they definitely giving us a break.


S: Yeah. I had E all over my face and my eyes. All over my face and my actual eyes. And I felt so working all over my body today. She’s just all over. She’s fixing things and she’s doing things. She’s just doing her thing. I can feel her. She’s an amazing energy.


G: Yeah.

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