Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1452    How E is working with Sharon

G: Pink, what did we get the other day with lots of pink?


S: This morning when I meditated, all I got was pink.


G: Okay, I’m looking up now and there is pink above me. It’s like dandelion stalks, covered in pink, anyway. Let’s skip through that. Hmm, and they’re not letting me skip through it, so.


S: Lol.


G: Okay. Imagine dandelions, all pink, and they’re around 10 stories high. And I’m at the base. And as I started to walk through the base, these bubbles of pink came out. These big soft bubbles that I have to walk through, like a thick mist of pink bubbles. And I have your E at the end of the pink bubbles.


S: surprise, surprise.


G: What does E want me to do? Okay, she is showing me a slippery slope but instead of going down, it’s going upwards. So, I know it’s weird, but these things always are. So I’m going up it.


And now I’m on the outside of all this pink. I’ve got this huge pink bubble behind me, which is massive. And in front of me I’ve got these huge trees, valleys, etc. So, this is the work that you do. This is what you were saying earlier, where you spread pink throughout the world, etc.


And she says you must believe it. It’s very hard for you to believe what’s being done at the moment, through you etc, etc. But when you do things like this, we put it in your minds. In your mind you start to do it, you do it automatically. And then you think in the beginning, well it’s going to really be me. But as long as you accept it, it just sort of grows on you. The more you do it, you understand the more you accept it, the more it’s possible to happen and the more it does.


This is part of, let me try and liken it to a painter who goes in to paint a whole block of flats. He knows in the beginning he’s got to paint a primer on all the surfaces before he can paint the nice pretty colours that everybody wants.


And that’s pretty much the same as what you’re doing here. You’re putting in this mass of energy, because you can control energy that size. And you’re putting it in to basically prepare everybody for what is needed, for softening things up, for making it just look, for making the grounding, the basics the way they should be.


Once that is all done, at a later stage, we’ll teach you when necessary, what different colours to put in in different situations. You know a lot of them, but you know the majority, you’re not even going to know about. You’re just going to accept and we put the information through you and so on. ‘


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, E is basically in charge of teaching you all these different colours and you’ve been understanding what you’ve been getting so far. Now, Geoff over here doesn’t get the same as you do. What you’re being taught is something very special. It’s a special ability to be able to sense and send out this information. And that is basically because you’re going to be on this planet for a lot longer than Geoff is.


But also he has his role to play, which is totally different from yours, but works in conjunction with yours, so you’ll be working together. So that is why he doesn’t see exactly what you see. This will simply get better and better by the day and you’ll be seeing more and more. And just accept it, I know you do. I know it seems a little bit over the top at the moment, but you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, which is excellent.


S: Nothing is over the top; it all feels right.


Spirit: It feels good, yes. As you would say, feeling light and fluffy.


S: Yes. Lol.


Spirit: Okay, so E is a specialist in this department. That’s why she’s chosen to work with you and all these different colours. She’ll be sending you many, many more colours in the future. And you will have a very enjoyable relationship.


S: That’s exciting.




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