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1453 How the Pyramids were built

G: Now let’s see what we’re going to do this evening. I’ve gone back to the pyramids. And I’ve gone back to when a mummy or something was being put in the pyramids. And there’s a lot of people bringing along a mummy. I’m assuming it’s a mummy anyway.


S: There is a mummy in one of the pyramids.


G: They are bringing it in to put it there. And inside the chamber, where they’re going to put it, it’s very dark. It seems to be as if the walls were magnetic. Or have an energy, which most people can’t see. 


S: That makes more sense, yeah.


G:; Now, I’m seeing outside when these pyramids were being built. We assumed, when we did this meditation many years ago, that the Egyptian people were slaves. And we knew there was an extraterrestrial race there. And we knew that they were Egyptians. The Egyptians became slaves and helped build the pyramids, etc. But what I’m seeing at the moment is not slaves as we thought of them. You know, in loincloths, a sort of headgear, bare chested and sandals, that sort of thing. They’re not like that.


They seem to be advanced. I think what’s happened is these extraterrestrials have come down. And although they took control of the Egyptians and they isolated the whole area, so nobody else could come into it, and they changed their minds and so on. This is a hugely advanced stuff. What they did with the local people was give them advanced knowledge. So they made them, if you like, a bit like robots.


S: Yeah.


G: So they had all this incredible information. But they still had their original physical bodies. And that was so that they could experiment. They’ve set up this sort of communication center. The pyramids link up to the stars, to a certain series of stars. And that’s why they’re built in that particular shape, so it can be seen. There is a tunnel that goes from the pyramids up to the stars, which is a bit like a time travel tunnel, you might call it. A bit like what you were talking about earlier on tonight, quantum mechanics. Something happens on one, it happens on the other.


S: Yeah.


G: Good grief. Okay.


S: Yeah, no one can explain that. And they don’t like that.


G: No, but what I’ve seen, of course, is, as I saw yesterday, where the crystal is going down into the Earth, and it’s like an ice cream cone upside down on the Earth, and the top of the ice cream cone is the pyramids, and it’s reversed up in the stars in the heavens.


S: Yeah, If it’s pointed up, it’s directing the energy that way. 


Spirit: Yeah, so the ice cream cone is pointing downwards, and the one down here is pointing upwards. So that’s what makes the communication center. So, piecing it together, the extraterrestrials that came down here, they went through this experiment, if you like, to try and let this society start.


So when they came down, they isolated the area, they put in everybody’s mind an identical thought, an identical brain, if you like. So they all thought the same, that was the experiment. So they all thought the same, and they thought, all realized this is what they had to do, they had to build this communication center, and they built the pyramids through levitation, not through hauling blocks up sand roads, as people thought. Now you know that levitation is quite possible.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And with an extraterrestrial species, levitation is no problem at all. It also assisted with cutting the huge blocks, which weigh 40, 50, 60, 80 tons each, some of them, and transporting them as well, because you can imagine the amount of time that would be needed to cut them and bring them and so on.


S: And put them meticulously in the structure.


Spirit: Absolutely. And so, that was quite a work of art. Now, it’s been several thousand years since they were created, and they have deteriorated quite a bit. But what’s on the inside is still there, and they will still be there for many thousands of years in the future.


So why did they do this? What they wanted to do was try and create a certain race that they could control and manipulate, to try and shortcut evolving different species. So their species is very advanced. They set up this communication center so they could see, in the pyramids, the pyramids were built, that was part of the communication center, but they also built around that, various experiments, if you like.


They had, as we saw the other day, their ships, which were spaceships, which would hover above water, or could travel on water. They had a lot of advanced theories, understanding and so on. They didn’t have to evolve and go through all the basics of understanding life, which in those days was very, very primitive. So it was very much an advanced society that was created to see if they could start a society at that particular level, and let it be successful.


Now, the communication was simply so that they could monitor it. It was a very simple exercise. It’s a bit like, these days you send a rover to Mars, or to the moon, to get information. It’s the same thing, but on a much more advanced level. The interesting part was that they could actually cut this off from the rest of the country, and it was very simple. When people started to go in that direction, they just sensed they wouldn’t have to go in that direction anymore, and they turned around and they went elsewhere.


When they eventually abandoned the idea, or they finished with the experiment, etc., they allowed the minds to go back to where they should have been with all the people, and everything else changed. Even their living quarters, their furniture, their books, all the bits and pieces suddenly changed. It’s not too difficult from an advanced level to change a particular era. It’s like going from the 19th century to the 18th, everything changes in one shot.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So, when that happened, then people were able to travel to the actual area, and as they passed through the outer limits of the pyramids, they would automatically pick up the memories that the pyramids had been there for years, and they’d been there before, and so on. It was a known thing.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So, very simple for an alien race to do.


S: Yeah. That’s crazy.


Spirit: So, that was the experiment.


S: That’s Harry Potter style. Lol.


Spirit: Absolutely lol. So, what happened then was that they decided this wasn’t going to work all that well, but they might as well monitor what’s happening on the Earth, because they’ve got everything set-up there as well. And what they did for future generations is they took all that information and they buried it in the center of one of the pyramids.


Now, again, you don’t need primitive technology to burrow your way into the center of a pyramid. They simply used their minds, for example, to just create holes, to dig holes, to send information through to the center where it was sealed, and they were sealed with a special form of steel, which, I know that it’s been discovered. In the center, there’s one room which has this unknown steel, surrounded by all the walls, but there’s nothing in the room, and that’s because what is in the room is not physical. It’s energy and it’s mental.


So, any of the alien extraterrestrials that came now could easily tap into that. Understand, of course, we can see nothing at all. So, that’s how it’s been kept, and it’s been like that ever since. So, that’s been several thousand years. So, the experiment was a failure. They ended up being able to monitor what was going on in that particular area.


S: They would have learnt something though.


Spirit: Yes, they learnt something through doing that. But then, from there onwards, the last few thousand years, they’d already experienced that many, many years ago. So, they didn’t actually learn a lot new. They just saw it being done in a different way.


Now, if you think about the area in the Middle East, it was all influenced by, let’s say, Middle Eastern influence. On the European side, it’s very Westernized. On the Far East, it’s all very Chinese, Japanese, Asian. And then you’ve got the Middle East, and that was all basically Egyptian, Roman, and so on.


Well, I’m glad we solved that problem. And the oneness was what they were trying to create. That’s the blue stone you saw last night, the oneness. That was, the energy was all there, all in one. And that was this beautiful energy, etc. And that’s what they wanted to recreate. They couldn’t go straight there and create a oneness. In fact, they had to evolve into it. And they thought that by creating everybody equally, and allowing everybody to evolve together, it would be a far more rapid evolvement, and therefore they could reach this nirvana, which of course, as you know, just simply didn’t happen.


S: Yeah, everybody can do it at the same time. Not everyone can do it at the same time.


Spirit: Yes, quite right.


S: I think it is a very peaceful place. I mean, it’s just beautiful, and it’s a huge attraction for Egypt. And it became a financial reality for them.


Spirit: Yes, that’s very true.


S: Come visit the pyramids, and it created so much for Egypt.


Spirit: It did indeed, but how have the people evolved?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: They have slowed compared to Western countries.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: Mmm. But the energy, there’s some very nice energy there.


S: Oh it’s beautiful. I climbed one of them. Beautiful energy.


Spirit: Interesting.


S: I wanted to stay in Egypt. I didn’t like the people and the people energy. I didn’t like their energy. I liked the energy of Egypt. I loved it. And I didn’t want to leave there. It was the pyramids and the Nile. And I just loved it.


Spirit: Yes, you would, because of the way you are sensitive. And you were discussing the other evening in meditation, looking at different countries and getting a feeling for each country, and you specifically more than anyone else, because you’re so sensitive in that department. So you would feel very comfortable in Egypt. In fact, if you look at all the travels that you’ve had, you can probably assess each particular country just through thought.


S: Absolutely.



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