Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1455 The Change – how food will be effected

G: Now I am seeing a, it looks like meat, maybe it means food. But they are showing me meat with herbs on. I don’t really understand this, maybe there is going to be a shortage of food. Why are they showing me the herbs on the meat?


S: So you associate it with food, because otherwise you would just see a lump of meat. 


G: Yeah, true. That works. Okay, I know fertilizer is playing a huge part in food shortage. The way food production has developed around the world is that being able to add fertilizer, not always natural fertilizer, but to add fertilizer and grow the crops much faster. If that were to, if there were a shortage of fertilizer and you had to go back to growing crops naturally, it would take an awful lot longer.


That throws a cycle of harvesting and production out of the window and that will create a huge food shortage. And that is pretty much what is  going to happen. There is a shortage all around the world, which is even going to get worse with this Ukraine war. Yeah, that is going to throw everything out of whack. So suddenly there is going to be a huge food shortage because the next season’s crops are going to be probably 30 to 40% less than normal if they are grown without fertilizer.


Now that in itself is not a bad thing, because you are getting back to natural, the way things grow naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers and so on. So that side is good. It is just the situation of the shortage that will create.


S: It’s rushing. Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. It is not just the food shortage because of the fertilizer. That is only one side of it. What you have got on the other side is you have got all these huge amounts of floods. And the floods have wiped out entire seasons of the crop. Pakistan, Mongolia, parts of China. And we are not talking about small areas, we are talking about thousands and thousands of square kilometers, where it has just been totally wiped out and that is going to create a huge shortage for each of those particular countries. So they are going to start trying to buy from elsewhere.

That is going to just push prices up and create even more shortage.


Now on top of that you have got weather. So with next year’s crops, the shortage, because of the fertilizer, then you have got the weather which is getting out of whack. And with all this additional negativity which is happening during the war, that is going to make the weather far far worse. And that is going to make a food shortage as well.


So, it will get people back to being much more understanding about creating food. They have basically got lazy because it used to be where you would have a home and they would each have their own little garden and they would grow their own crops and they would shop and trade with each other and there was enough to go around.


It was only once it became commercialized a couple of hundred years ago, that major companies started taking control of it to make profits out of it etc. This laziness has started and now I am sure the two of you just rely on going to the supermarket. You don’t create any of your own crops. And that has just become a natural way of life for virtually everybody in the world, certainly in all the first world countries.


So, suddenly when that, there is a shortage there, what people should be doing is now creating and growing their own food. But first of all you have got all the seeds that you need to grow, there is going to be a shortage of those, but mainly you are going to have a shortage of land. Because the land has been used to build houses on, the houses have been built without these huge gardens which are needed to be able to feed the family. There is going to be a shortage there.


Now also going back another century or two, most of the houses in the villages and houses in those days, a few hundred years ago, had their own animals as well. So you would have cows for milk and you would have sheep and goats and pigs for bacon and so on. Everybody had their own chickens for eggs and so on. Or they would trade, they would have just chickens and they would trade with somebody else who had just pigs and so on. That is the way that was handled. And again what you need for that is room, you need land.


S: Space, yeah.


Spirit: All that is gone as well, so it is going to be very hard to get back to that sort of environment. So what are they going to do? They are going to turn to artificial. They are going to work out what a human body needs as far as nutrients, vitamins and so on. They are going to try and create it synthetically. Now, you can imagine what that will do to the body.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Yes, they are going to try. As far as your fish stocks are concerned, they have been horribly over-fished. As you get a food shortage, they are just going to be overfished more and more. And that is going to create major problems. Whereas if you just left it for two or three years, the whole ocean could regrow and come back to balance.


That is the whole thing. Everything is going out of balance. Now, there is another thing with meat and cattle. If you take the average farm, what is it going to be more beneficial for? To grow wheat and maize on a farm? Or would they have cattle. And obviously you can grow a lot more with wheat and maize than you can with one cattle. One animal will take up maybe 25 acres. Whereas you can grow an awful lot of wheat in a short space of time. Or cabbage, or carrots, or potatoes, or good basic food. So suddenly meat is going to become much more expensive because the land is going to be used. That land will become more expensive.


And so people’s diets will change. Now, are they going to change for the better? The answer is yes, because they are not basically meat eaters.


S: No.


Spirit: And so we get back to vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, etc.


S: Nature


Spirit: Yes, back to nature. And we get the bodies back to where they should be. So you can imagine the turmoil that is going to be created just through this shortage of food. And how it is all going to change.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: But with a new generation of children, the new generation that are being born right now, they are going to see and understand how, and they are going to have the natural abilities to be able to go into a nature farming environment instead of technology, universities and so on. Simply to be able to feed the world and to foresee the future and what is needed in the future.


Your energy, of course that is going to change as well. So, the children that are coming through at the moment, we talked about the technology people which are here at the moment, the technology children, they will be the inventors and they will come up with all sorts of new technologies. But it won’t just be for things like space travel and convenience, electric cars and so on.


A lot of it is going to change over to how to feed the people, how to create fish farms, replenish stocks, grow things. And naturally going back to nature, how to speed up nature, how to harvest and understand nature more. So that is going to be quite different. After that we needn’t really be concerned about anything after that.


That is as far as you will need to go in your lifetime. Lol. More than enough to contend with.  But we understand your frustration at the moment. It’s just almost there, you will be able to see it very shortly, so. Don’t be disheartened. It’s something which you’ve been used to these last few months. So a little bit more is not going to make any difference.


What else can I tell you?


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