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1456 How the change will affect Pets, food, animals and war

The other thing which will have to be controlled quite well in the future is pets. Now you are going to have a lot more farm land. So you are able to get a lot more farm animals if you like. But there are only a few animals per farm. If you take the amount of housing and how many pets there are, virtually every home has either a cat or a dog or something similar. Those will be curtailed simply because they have to be fed as well.


When there is a shortage of food, the first people that are affected are the animals. As much as you love your dogs, you would make sure they were fed before you, but for a lot of other people, animals are just, or the pets are just something else.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: And they are treated as animals rather than members of the family, if you like. And also it would mainly be people won’t be getting pets because they will see the pets as being a burden on the household food. So that is actually a good thing. So you can have less and less animals. Yeah, you will get more back to, more controllable scenario.


With the change, going back to farmland, you are going to get a lot more farm animals if you like. Animals which have started to lose their habitats because of residential properties. So a lot of these will come back. Squirrels, for example, and weasels and small things like that. But they all help the environment. They help the balance of nature. They help in the fields. And so a lot of that will come back.


You will find that your communities will change more to,  instead of claiming more and more land to build more and more homes, they are going to build higher. So it makes sense that you have high rise buildings instead of taking up land with small holdings. Because more food has got to be created.


It is not just a matter of now that you have 6 billion people. What is going to happen in 15 years’ time when you have got 7 billion people there? Now suddenly, you have got a shortage of food but you also have to feed another billion people. They are going to have to take serious looks at the environment and plan ahead for the future. That means creating cities and buildings with more high rises and allowing more land for agriculture.


There are other areas where it is completely uninhabitable for animals and for growing agriculture and so on. As an example, deserts. Deserts are needed but you can start taking over the outskirts of the deserts where they are connected to normal land and you can start converting the sand to make it more arable to grow more.


You also have your solar power, your wind power and so on. Those can be all changed to the deserts. They can be changed to offshore. Lots of that will happen as well. Birds will come back. A lot more birds. What else is there?


The nice part is that it is going to create more natural habitats for fish. If you take the canals and rivers in most countries, they are very polluted. And over the next ten years or so, everybody is going to get a lot wiser about the damage that pollution has caused. What has been caused so far through just oil spills and plastics, is horrific. They have no idea how much damage it has caused.


Once they see that, see those results, they will start reversing things. And your rivers will be much more controlled,  so far less pollution will go into the rivers. They make them more flowing rivers. So you get cleaner water in the rivers and you get fish in the rivers. And again that starts to look after your nature so much better.


I’m just having a look at the African areas here. African areas will be much more controllable, much more controlled, sorry. So there are many areas at the moment, but they are not looked after very well. Mainly they are for tourists, not so much the animals, although for a few groups, there’s nowhere near enough.


And because of food shortage, because the weather will change, these parks and large areas will be much more controlled, to allow the animals to grow naturally, to be culled on a regular basis. And that will provide a certain amount of meat, but that is not the main idea. The main idea is to have a well-controlled nature, which helps to make the balance of the Earth so much better.


S: Balance, yeah.


Spirit; Your air pollution, that is going to be vastly controlled as well. And again, once people see it, it’s all through this change and all the negativity. Now, if I could just go back to what we were talking about just now, about the media making exaggerated claims and so on. When they start talking about air pollution, it is going to be exactly the same thing. The pollution is caused through coal burning businesses, oil burning businesses. And people will be able to see the pollution, see all the damage that it’s caused.


But what they are going to see more of is this shortage of food, this disruption of the earth. And then they will start blaming the environment, the climate change, and then they will start blaming the fossil fuels, and then they will get more action. Only then will they get more action. That is typical of the human race. If they can all get together just in one day and make some decisions, and move in the right direction, this whole thing could happen in a few years.


Because everybody is so, well they are basically all learning. So they are all going in different directions. And all maybe, all looking after themselves far more than they would look after a group. So therefore it is taking a lot longer.


Now, one last thing, let’s have a look at the wars. There are many wars in the world at the moment, obviously creating a huge amount of negativity. But in each of the countries where there are these wars, there is now going to be a shortage of food and resources and so on. And suddenly the wars will become, they have to be sorted out much quicker. Either the shortage of food and resources is going to replace the wars, or it will accelerate the wars. So the people warring on either side will try and grab resources from the other. So they will be brought to a head much quicker. Once they are brought to a head, that negativity can be changed and it will become positive. And that is another way that change is going to happen.


So wars are all over the world at the moment. More than 50% of your countries have wars. And that just, it should never be that high. So you can imagine the negativity that is being created. And now if you look at the overall picture from our point of view, you have got the last 30, 40, 50, 70 years, where you have had this huge leap in technology, where everybody has been looking at making money. Your corporations have been getting bigger and stronger and basically ignoring the people. The food shortage is getting worse. Suddenly wars are getting worse. Everything is being brought to a head. Everything has just developed too fast.


Now again you understand it has got to be two extremes. So it goes from one extreme to the other. So you can see the middle. That is basically what is happening here. You have seen this tremendous growth through technology. And it’s not been a well-controlled growth. And that is why now you end up with this drama, this problem where everything has to change again.


And it is just a matter of taking a few steps back and then developing a safer, better way. But again the end story is that once everybody can look after everybody else, then you don’t get these problems. At the moment everybody is looking after, not everybody, but the majority are looking after themselves. It is just the way the world has developed.


So on that happy note I am going to leave you.



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