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1457 Building of Pyramids and leaving things behind

G: Now, I’ve got a Pharaoh here. Interesting. I think his name is Miru. He is showing me a square in the middle of a village. It looks like, if you can imagine a square house, it’s the beginning of the foundations, and they’re only two or three feet high. So you’ve got these square bricks two or three feet high. But it’s not bricks, it’s made out of stuff, very much like your singing bowls you were talking about.


S: Okay.


G: And he is saying the reason that we used that material was to… Miru was part of the aims and that era, what they were building and so on. Now this particular square is an energy source. I’m not sure if it’s energy for the city or for communications at the moment. I can see that in the background there’s a plane, and it’s sort of hovering.


Spirit: Okay, it’s an energy source. He’s saying, we had a lot to do in this particular time, although we were down here for many many many years, and it was a very long exercise. It wasn’t a matter of we would start a generation, a society, and let them grow and evolve. It was in a way, but we wanted to start them with additional benefits and powers, which is what we thought would be good for them to develop into.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And what we brought down was this particular type of energy. The nearest I could explain would be a thought energy. So when you think of something, you create it. Now you know the story about thought is creation, etc. An extension of that is having an energy source. So when you do think of something, you can use that energy source to create what is needed.


We used that to build the pyramids. They were built through levitation, just through energy from this source and a few others. And it could communicate with aircraft, which is why you were shown in the background, to space travel, and to a lot of other memories and energies and things that we needed in this particular era.


Now why we chose the Egyptian era, was because they developed to a stage where we went wrong when we developed, evolved. And so if I go back to that particular time in history, and in bringing back the advanced ideas and machinery that we had, we thought it would be an ideal way to grow and use society itself.  It was a very interesting experiment. Unfortunately it didn’t work exactly the way we wanted, but we did learn an awful lot.


When we left, we left behind a few things of interest to future races, so that they could be discovered at a later stage, and they would understand them once they had developed to that particular point where they could. And it was just our way of sort of leaving something behind to help the future generation. As you know, the people all just reverted back to where they were, and it was just nothing that actually happened.


We were there for way over a thousand years. Time, of course, is totally different. Now the things that you see there, this energy source, we obviously took that with us, that was too powerful to leave behind. But there are a lot of other small gadgets, you’d call them smaller, similar to light switches. So let’s say we’ve taken the generator away, but we’ve left the light switches.


And so your generation will look at these and have no idea what they’re for. Because they’re not actually physical and stand out, etc. They’re energy based, so you’d look at a flat piece of rock, for example, on the side of the pyramid, and we know that that has a certain switch in it to simplify it. And we could activate that switch through thought, or it could be automated.


Now of course, your generation are now looking around the pyramids. They look and they look but they don’t think of something that advanced. So it’ll be a long time in the future when they do actually be told how to use that. And then they will actually be able to use it to a little benefit. So those sorts of things we didn’t need to take back with us.


S: But you might find that what you did would come into play at the right time.


Spirit: Yes, it’s going to be a long time before your Earth develops to the stage that we are at, at the moment.


S: Oh Yeah.


Spirit: But again, time doesn’t make any difference. If it’s a few thousand years, then it’s fine. It can be any time in the future. And if you think how long the pyramids have been there, it’s been three or four thousand years.


S: And a beautiful energy, I must say.


Spirit: Yes, of course you’ve been there. There are various other pyramids and temples and places like this dotted around the world. There are different groups of us that have come down and experimented, if you like, on an Earthly plane. But yes, Egypt does have a very nice energy about it. A lot of it, of course, is what we left there. We helped to create the energy in the Earth itself, the rivers, the nature itself. Of course we have to leave it on the planet. We couldn’t revert that back to anything. Because that would be a bit too disastrous.


But changing people’s minds was not a problem. Their thoughts, yeah, not a problem.


S:I never understood why I never wanted to leave there. But I couldn’t tolerate the people and the energy, the hooting, you can’t count to one without a hooter. And yet, I never wanted to leave there.


Spirit: Yes, it’s very frustrating. But that is a prime example. You have to have a positive and negative so you can see the middle.


S: Yes, yeah.


Spirit: And you’ve got the most beautiful energy. And if people would only take their time and relax and enjoy it, it would be quite something. On the other hand, you’ve got these people who are such… It’s something which has been going on from one generation to the next. They’re getting very short-tempered. It’s just become a way of life. Even when they’re not short-tempered anymore, it’s simply become a way of life. This should change.


There’s of course a lot of poverty in Egypt as well, at the moment. Governments aren’t particularly good. But they have a very good basis there, which is nature and so on. So that’s what they should be actually working on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: We did have a few unusual animals there, which we had to take with us. Lol. They did not mind leaving. Simply because they are far more practical. And we’d like,  take shortcuts, because we go there with the best of intentions. This is how it’s going to roll and this is how it’s going to start. And it would be very, very intricate. But then you’ll find that you need one small thing. It’s like opening a restaurant and you’ve forgot the knives and forks.


S: Lol.


Spirit: So we quickly add that in. And that’s why we had these additional animals. So, very enjoyable. But you’ll find that all around the world, not just your planet, there are many others, a lot of this experimentation goes on. It’s just the obvious way to do it. As we get so much better at creating societies and evolving and so on.


We practice more, we produce more. And we just get better and better. So, the whole world is evolving very nicely in our world.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So it’s just in your individual worlds that you have a lot of headaches.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, In your world at the moment you have a lot of headaches coming up. And you’ll find that the people themselves have a very negative outlook. Simply because of how your society has developed. There’s been a complete lack of trust in your society. And there’s been a lot of grabbing for assets, money, greed. Which you don’t really need. But they have to go through it and they have gone through it. And that’s what’s created this massive distrust. And this is just getting worse and worse.


And as you know, wars are simply when somebody has something that somebody else wants. That’s why war is created. But there should be no reason for war.


S: Yeah. It’s like a child. I want that toy.


Spirit: Very much so.


S: It’s pathetic. I’ve never seen the… I’ve never justified the reasoning behind war and killing other people for land.


Spirit: Now, if you could go back to the beginning. And if you put Putin and the head of Ukraine together and said, instead of a war which is going to kill X amount of people and destroy billions in trade and make many people starving and so on. Instead of that, let’s just agree to do whatever. Anything. Any agreement will be far better than going to war. That’s what they still have to learn. They are learning after the Second World War. You formed a couple of groups. NATO, for example. And they were formed to police the world. And then of course, America became the dominant power. And luckily, America has been very stable. Although it’s financially not in the best of shape. It’s very stable and it’s very controlled.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But again, you must see opposites. And that’s why every now and again you get these dictators popping up which are just the opposite of the good people. So you can see the difference and prepare for the future. So that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. And there’s quite a few countries at the moment where you have… There’s a lot of rioting and…


S: Disruptions.


Spirit: Yes, destructions. Going against governments in powers and so on. Again, it’s just a power struggle. There’s no point in it. But it’s something that everybody has to learn. And as they learn it, they will simply understand, there is no need.


Look at what you’ve gone through. Wouldn’t it have been much easier for you to settle for things with things that have happened in your past? Instead of fighting one another, and so on.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So they are all good learning curves. Now, there are some others who would like to talk to you, who do similar work to what you do. So I’m going to leave them to come through. It’ll be a little bit more difficult for them to get through and to understand you. But, not for long. Lol.


S: Lol.


Spirit: And I say, Thank you very much for listening. It’s been my pleasure.


S: Thank you. It’s been wonderful. Thank you.


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