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1458 – Chat with an Advanced group of positivity with one mind.    

I have a group here. It’s a very advanced group where they’ve all linked together and they all basically talk as one mind, although they’re all individual. They all converse with one mind or listen to all conversations together. And they do this so that nothing can be kept secret. It’s the ultimate of honesty and openness etc.


S: Shew.


G: Because even at this level where everything is 100% honesty and so on, you still get the problems cropping up where the tiniest error can be seen as something of a serious matter.


S: Can they spread some of that energy over the world? Lol


Spirit: Lol. Well, it doesn’t actually work as well as we hoped it would. Lol.

I just want to go back into our history a little bit. So, when we were developing, we have a very good understanding now, a very good understanding, and we developed to a stage where we are just one particular group. But we are all experiencing hundreds of different things all the time together through thought is creation.


So, we’re much further advanced than you can really understand at this stage. I just want to tell you a little bit about when we were experimenting, if you like, as Nira was, the last speaker. And what we decided to do was just the opposite. We decided to dominate. And to simply, if we dominated, we would simply eradicate all negativity. And we would dominate and say, this is the way to do everything. And if you don’t follow this rule, then obviously you don’t become one of us, if you like.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: And we had this huge domination. We started several societies with this domination. And what we didn’t expect, what we assumed would happen, is that you get a lot of resistance in the beginning, and then those that resist would get smaller and smaller, the group would get smaller and smaller, and then that group would realize that the majority of us were very happy because we had this discipline, and we didn’t have anything untoward going on. There was no crime, there was no negativity,  there was just this strong policing, is a better word. And we thought that they would suddenly see this and accept it, oh, this is the way to go, and they would change it.


And it was just the opposite, and the more we tried to dominate, the more they rebelled, and they rebelled to a huge degree, very similar to what Hitler went through, as you were discussing last night.  So, with all this rebellion, what do you do when it reaches that stage? You’ve got a majority of people, probably 85 to 90% of society, all working together, and all believing they’re 100% right because they’ve got this strong policing. And then you’ve got 15% who are just so anti it.


S: The rebels, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, the 15%, what they were anti was, there was no freedom, there was no way…


S: I was just going to say, where is the choice.


Spirit: Yes, there’s no way to evolve. And of course, when you looked at us, the 85%, we had all this power, we couldn’t evolve either because we couldn’t change the 15%.


S: That’s right.


Spirit: So, what we had to do was say, well, that was a failure. And we looked at that in several different ways. And we came to the conclusion that, and this you will understand very clearly, we came to the conclusion that people must just evolve themselves in different ways on different planets with different societies and different religions and different forms and different everything.


S: Yes. With no judgment and no nothing and no wrongness.


Spirit: Absolutely.


S: Yeah. So just evolve, learn, evolve, grow, learn, make mistakes, okay, learn, fall, get up, dust yourself off, carry on.


Spirit: Exactly.


S: And just keep going. And you know, you feel what it, you felt what it felt like to have that peace and that’s everything everyone yearns for is that peace, that love, that joy, all the positivity. So we try and  create that in other people’s worlds and we can’t because they’re on a different level.


Spirit: Yes, you’re quite right. But also you can’t have a world with just perfection.


S: No, you can’t. Nothing’s perfect.


Spirit: Yes. So what you need is this mismatch of people. If you just look at a main city that you have here,  let’s take New York for example, you’ve got all your extremes there, all your different colours, all your different religions, your different peoples, your different levels of education and they all work together and that creates a synergy that works. And that is what evolving is all about.


S: That’s right, that’s what creates the energy there, the vibration, the energy, the life, it’s all the different things, if we’re all the same, gosh, life would be boring.


Spirit: Hmm. But you need that mixture to be able to evolve. So,.. and that is, that’s where everybody can, you don’t want everybody to go through life having a very comfortable, happy life. You’ve got to go through life having these hardships to be able to understand the things that you haven’t understood so far. So it’s a constant progress, a constant evolvement. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


S: That’s right.


Spirit: So when you get to the end of your days on this earth and you cross over, you go back to your higher self and you look back and you think, oh, it wasn’t so bad.


S: Hmm. Meanwhile, it was everything to you, i.e. you made it everything.


Spirit: Yeah. So, you can see, we’ve shown you levels far beyond what you can, I’m sure far beyond what you imagined just a few months ago.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But that is how, how enormous this universe, how enormous life is. And of course, you know about all time being now. Lol.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: All different possibilities, all time is now, it’s just everything. So, if you want to take some advice, enjoy the moment. Lol.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: I know you’ve had that saying on your phone for a while. But that’s quite right, you enjoy the moment, you enjoy every day. You tend to stress about all sorts of things.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And rightly so.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Because those problems have been created in your society.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And if you didn’t have this greed and you didn’t have…


S: Power and greed, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, if you didn’t have landlords, for example, and you had people with more understanding, if you didn’t have money, you had exchanges, then you wouldn’t get to the stage where you can’t afford this and you can’t get that and you need to borrow money for this. Money is a very, it’s a very negative energy in your society, very much so. And that your society is now built around money.


S: It’s abuse, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, very much so. So, if you could simply have a form of trading or a form if barter, or if you had a creation of money, and money was created according to the population.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, when one person died, you lost that amount of money, and that amount of money would be taken from society. And when born, that money would be put back into society. Then you’d have an even amount of money circulating all the time.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But you wouldn’t get high loans, you wouldn’t get high interest rates, you wouldn’t need banks, you wouldn’t need investment companies, mortgages, all this sort of thing. You just have the money, and the money then becomes pretty insignificant.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: When you want something, you put your hand in your pocket, you take some coins, and you pay for it.


S: It’s just an energy. Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So, that again, is a lot for your society to learn all about money.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Right, I think I will head back now.


S: That was amazing. Thank you.


Spirit: Well, it was my pleasure. And the same to you. A very good night. Thank you, I’ll hand you back now.


S: Thank you.



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