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1459 Space and clarity between planets

Now, this next part is just a little bit of, a little bit more for you to understand how we function, and it’s to do with space. The space between each of the planets is an enormous distance. We’re talking about 10, 20, 30, 50 light years. It would take you your lifetime to travel to the nearest suitable planet, for example. Now, the reason for that is pretty simple.


It’s so that we can have different planets evolve in different ways, and one does not interfere with the other. As they get more advanced, of course, they can interfere, they can travel, and so on. But what you get, or what we see, is … Geoff was in space just now, and what he saw was absolute clarity. So, in space, between two planets, there is no energy. It’s absolutely clean, clear.


And the reason we have that is, when we travel from one planet to another, we travel from one group of energy to another group of energy, it’s simply a matter of transfer. It’s not too difficult for us to do. But if we look at a planet, if we look at your planet now, we see it as a group of moving colours, thousands and millions of colours, all moving all the time, activity, etc., with a giant aura.


But the space between where we are and your planet is absolutely clear, crystal clear. There’s nothing there at all. There is no air, there is space, it’s basically a vacuum. And we don’t allow energy, any energies to penetrate there, because we don’t want energies to overlap from one planet to another planet.


Now, there are different dimensions. Now, the dimensions, where there are different dimensions, you won’t get an overlapping energy, because they are in a different dimension. You can have those in a similar place, but it’s basically a duplicate of space in a different dimension, and there’s many of them.


S: Shew.


Spirit: That’s also getting a little bit complicated. It’s just to answer the question that I had just now, about why there is this absolute clarity around here.


S: That makes a lot of sense.


Spirit: Mmm. Okay. I think that’s all we have time for this evening.


S: That was beautiful, I could sense that. So lovely.


Spirit: So, a pleasant evening for you.


S: Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Spirit: Thank you, and of course, good night.


S: Good night.   

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