Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1462 Sharon and Geoff

I’ve got the lotus flower first of all, with all the different colours, and all sorts of bubbles going upwards, energy bubbles going upwards in this lotus flower. Again, seems a bit symbolic. But not quite, because right behind this lotus flower is suddenly a huge hole opened up. So what they’re saying is, don’t go that way. I’m just going to look in the hole, and it’s definitely not pretty down there. So, the idea of the lotus flower was that people would tell their friends, and they would tell their best friends and so on.


S: Yeah, I think in Grade one, they don’t know what a lotus flower is.


G: Yeah, also, again, we used to assume that we would teach at a specific level, and they would understand all of this. What we don’t want at the moment is the people we teach teaching level one, who teach level four, who teach level five, I would spread it on to their friends. All the friends are going to be at different levels. That’s why that won’t particularly work. So that’s why we’ve got to go with the flow and leave it up to them to find us the right groups and so on, to talk to.


S: Yeah.


G: Okay. If we take a standard business model, a natural business model, what would happen is you would teach one particular group or theme or whatever, and if it’s successful, word of mouth will spread it and you get more people at the same level.


S: Yes. Exactly.


G: Okay, that works well.


S: That’s why they tell people that they know it on their level?


G: Yeah, that’s right. So, that will simplify a lot of things.


S: Yeah


G: Good.



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