Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1463 Geoff, new communication center, awareness to project thought. Shan teaches to get rid of stress and past and live in the now so people can move forward

G: Now I’ve got something on the top of my head, and it feels like a heavy ball of energy on the top of my head. This has to do with abilities. There’s somebody there as well and he is basically going to talk.


Spirit: And what we’ve been doing so far is teaching you, Sharon, all the things that you will need for your next stage, your growth into the future of what you’ll be teaching and so on. And you’ve seen an amazing amount of information loading you with data and information. Of course you’ve got the E looking after you, and several others as well.


Massive amounts of information, because it was to help you get started to go along in the right direction. Now as far as this one is concerned; it’s going to be learning things which are totally different. It’s pointless having the two of you doing the same thing, when you both have abilities, so you do one thing and let him do another.


And what he’ll be doing is, there’s quite a few different things, but to do a lot with the understanding of the business world, how to get information out there, how to talk to people at those specific levels to get information out there, how to change their minds, how to put thoughts, energies into their mind, which is totally different from what he is used to.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now his lessons, if you like, will begin shortly. And as you progress, there will simply be more and more. Now this energy on the top of his head, that’s a form of awareness. If you like it, you can liken it to a meeting place of people. So it’s like a boardroom where you can all meet and discuss things, etc. Now I know he sees things as he channels and does whatever, but that’s doing it one way. This is doing it a totally different way. So it’ll be like having a second brain, if you like, or a second communication center is a better word.


So he’ll be able to communicate with a lot of different people at different times, while working on a different level. It’s an automated process based on the experience he’s had and what is going to be happening and developing and so on in the future. Now you can see, you’ve experienced the clarity in which he can now channel, and how that’s developed just in the last few months quite dramatically. So that’s going to develop a little bit more, but then it goes on to literally a matter of projecting thought.


Now it’ll be projecting thoughts to a lot of different people, different areas, different circumstances where it is needed, and instead of actually meeting the people, sending them energy, etc. It’ll just be a matter of project the thought into them. It’ll be the thought which we help devise and send through the same way as you’ve allowed us to send energy through you. He’s allowed us to send thought forms through him, and that will go directly to the people. And that will start influencing people the right way. Now I know he wishes he’d had that right at the moment, but that’s just a matter of time. It’s going to happen very shortly, but that’s exactly what it is.


S: Super cool.


Spirit: Very good.


S: Much needed, because there are old patterns of old ways that work, so to use these energies and to use all the new energy is much needed.


Spirit: Very much so. And you had it correct the other day when you said things that are in the past aren’t important anymore. Today is important. And our lives are based on the experiences that we’ve had in the past. That’s what’s created who we are, made us who we are.


S: But it matters not.


Spirit: It matters not, correct. Now, what you’ll be doing is basically getting rid of those past actions. They’re all simply lessons that you’ve learnt. They’re in the past. And people drag them on, and what you’ll be teaching, you’ll be talking about anxiety and stress and so on, is getting rid of them to dump their past and get rid of all of that.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And then suddenly you wake up, and you see a whole new world, because suddenly you’re capable. Suddenly you have 30, 40, 50 years’ experience that you’re not putting to good use. Because everything is holding you back.


So, both of you have a very nice, satisfying future to go into. And you have a lot of helpers, as you know. Especially one lady over here spends a lot of time jumping up and down and watching what’s going on. She very happy. She sends you, it’s been a long time, but you get a mwah. And I think that’s all you need for this evening. And I just wanted to clarify that so we know. I know things are dragging on, but they’re getting there, almost there. It’s just we have to fix all of this so we know exactly where we’re going.


S: Yeah, okay. Thank you.


Spirit: And once again, thank you and good night.


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