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1469 8th September 2022 The Queen’s death impacting the World

I am pretty certain it is the Queen, because what I have got across the sky it’s like a meteor has gone past and what is left is the colours of dark blue and with the yellow below, yellow being spiritual and the dark blue is basically the voice box, talking etc. I am not sure what that means but it seems like the Queen is up there and the next thing I got is a pond and it looks like it is full of, not crocodiles, but things like turtles all sort of pushing each other out the way. And this is how the different countries are trying to estimate, evaluate how England is going to react to the death of the Queen. And all the differences it is going to make. Because on one side you have a new monarchy and on the other side you have a new prime minister coming in. So it’s a good opportunity for the whole country to change its lifestyle. There are many people against the monarchy but the majority are for it, as it’s been a tradition for years. I can’t see the monarchy changing. But they may be able to change a few of the rules and regulations to make it more acceptable to the new generation and so on.


Now as we were looking at all the different countries yesterday they all had their different strengths and weaknesses and so on. And it is a matter of how they would see England and the People’s reactions to the new monarch. And it is not so much the Queen itself but of Prince Charles taking over and what Prince Charles is going to do, if anything. Because although the government still runs the country it’s done on behalf of King Charles. He can easily sway opinion and because he is so well-liked he could make some serious changes if he has the heart to do so. If you look back in history, 25 odd years ago when Princess Diana was married to Charles, that would have been an ideal time for the Queen to die and for Charles to take over, so Diana could make changes and she had the ability to do so. Unfortunately that did not work out as we hoped but now there is a second opportunity and we will see if changes are made. But there is not much change that needs to be made, there is nothing wrong with the country, it is just a matter of we can make a few little tweaks here and there which would simply make it better for everybody and as you know this has ongoing effect, not just with the people of England but the different countries around the world


S: Yes it radiates out.


Yes so it is a bit of a butterfly effect, once more. The first country we must have a look at of course is America and America are great allies to England and they will obviously go along with whatever. Obviously a big state funeral,  this that and the other. It is an opportunity for the spotlight to be taken off Ukraine and the war,  while this huge event is going on.


S: Yes and although it is a  death and a  passing  it will bring so much unity, togetherness. So although it is sorrow, all the energy will be uniting worldwide, so it is a collective energy that is being built up, although it is sorrowful, in a way it is not negative. It is not heavy and dark and anger and hate. It is sad but it is a collective energy.


Connective strength to the English people,


S: Yes strength.


 very much so, so that will certainly bring the English people together. The first thing they are also going to be wary of is Prince Charles, But Prince Charles’s reputation has been very good. He hasn’t really been in any trouble, not like the others have. But he has been for climate change and all the good things, so..


S: he can help change it.


Yes. And of course with Diana as well. so for the English people it will create a lot of strength and it will create a lot of Sorrow, harmony and it will smooth a lot of things out and make a lot of things a lot more neutral, so people can in a way, and will take a break and just take a second look at where they are at and maybe see things aren’t quite that bad, and so on.


S: Yes, I can see it will numb things down. So people can take perspective of everything. And it will bring people together.


Two things here you have people that will take advantage or countries that will take advantage, in a positive and negative way. With the war in Ukraine it is a chance for Putin to get up to anything while the spotlight is not on him. And I am certain he will do so. He will of course be watched by other countries who will understand that this is how things work and US, Germany etc, will be watch very carefully what happens there.

Now if you take, which other countries can we look at that will influence England?, there are all the colonies of England. All the common wealth of England and an awful lot of countries that began small, and they will all feel this togetherness. And it will help all of them. You only have to imagine that, let’s say the countries on a scale of 1 to 100 and they are all on 50, and it just became 51 or 52, it’s a small difference but it’s a big difference. So that will help all of these countries and the difference multiplied by 42 countries in the commonwealth will be felt and can be felt. Now who would be against this energy, who wouldn’t be happy with the Queen dying? Any countries?

None really. What will happen in Australia is they will consider breaking away and being completely on their own and they are a part of the Commonwealth. But they will want a little bit more. Apart from that it is just going to be a few weeks of tradition and a lull in the activity around the world. A chance for people to regroup  and rethink and maybe make some small changes as to how they will continue from here onwards.


S: Yes I can send the numbness that it causes. A little gap. And all the hectic energy.


Yes I don’t think it is a good time to talk to the Queen. Lol. We will give her a chance to settle in.

Ok let’s leave that there that is going to have quite an impact on the world.


S: It’s amazing how one person can impact the entire world.  and then you get those that are striving for food or whatever.

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